New York Pushes for Ban of Saggy Pants

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If you thought lawmakers in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina were the only ones looking to ban the sight of men’s underwear showing on the street, think again.

New York State Senator Eric Adams is pushing for a ban of young men showing their behinds on the streets of New York.

Adams says his Brooklyn district is “ground zero” for the sagging epidemic and has heard from many who are tired of seeing the style.

“It is symbolic of the erosion of basic, normal decency,” he writes.  “People shouldn’t be displaying their pubic hairs. That is not normal, acceptable behavior in young people that we are grooming to be in a professional environment. You can’t dress the same on the corner as you can in corporate America — you’ll be unemployed.”



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  2. When I was active in the educational arena I had to choose between a sense of duty and desire. I had a duty to perform as an educator, protecting the Civil Rights of all students–more especially the 14th Ammendment; and I had a desire to let every young man exercise his own God-given free-will, which carries with it the power of choice. As the Principal of the school, I took the lesser of two evils: I taught “code-switching” as the means to an acceptable end.

    “Bagging and sagging with a dip in his hip when he walks, whether we like it or not, is cultural and transcendent.”

    That said, when I was active in the public school arena I dealt with the problem thusly. I taught them “Code-switching.”

    I selected some of the young men who functioned as leaders of various groups, and endeavored to impress upon their minds the need to know when to “switch.” There are times when you dress like your peers and there are times when you dress to impress. I got very little resistance and a lot of adherence when it came to “bagging and sagging.”

    When most of my young men saw me coming–black, white and brown–they would check themselves and tighten their belts. Remember, I said this was the lesser of two evils. Like everything else, “this too will pass.” My hope is, rather than constantly criticize them, they learned something by “code switching.”

    • Dr. Carter what is wrong with you? Cultural in the prison system. Transcendent – seriously, I can think of other ways to go beyond ordinary limits. This is going beyond stupidity in my opinion. I saw a guy on campus the other day, with dolphins on his underwear and seriously, why do we have a need to see the print or color of someone’s underwear. Saggin is just what it says spelled backward for niggas and not black men or women. Geez!

  3. Every state, city, county, district or whatever should have a ban on baggy saggy pants. I get so sick and tired of seeing guys walking and running and trying to hold up their pants. It does not make any sense for a person to want someone else to see the crack in their butt. Pass the law because if these guys can’t make a rightful decision on their own to pull up their pants then there is only one other solution and that is make them and if they continue to wear them down after the law has been passed, I hope that there will be a stiff penalty for disobedience. Sorry but it must be done.

  4. Please, please on my knees DO BAN this absolutely disgusting style! BAN it in ALL 50 States and overseas too – please!!!!

  5. You can’t do it fast enough for me. We have to get back to the nation building mentally. And totally eradicate this Prison Cutural Mentally. These miseducated Young people have no clue as to the history of the Saggin origin.

    • William Stokes, you said it all, and succinctly. Thank you!

  6. I saw in one of Tyler Perry’s movies where one of his characters call this look “swag”. You look like a fool, for what, just so that someone can make millions off of their stupid butts. What ever the crowd do some of these fools will follow them. Why can’t we have more leaders in the fashion world for our sons and daughters, why do we have to pay for this trash and send our kid out looking like the common tramp. This is why the white people are quick to judge Blacks because of what they are wearing.

    Please BAN this and put whom ever came up with this idea out of business. Who wants to see someone’s underware?

  7. I would absolutely support this ban. When you see grown-a** 30-year-old men doing this, you know something’s seriously wrong.

  8. I hate this! When my children were coming up, their friends knew that they could not come to my house with their pants sagging and their radio’s on full blast. Before turning the corner they turned their radios down and put a belt on. Today, when I see it in the stores or on the street, I yell, “Young Man, pull your pants up!” They usually pull them up but I’m sure they drop them as soon as I’m gone. I refuse to allow someone with their pants drooping to serve me in a restaurant or wait on me in a store. In fact, I ask for the manager and complain! We have to speak out! All states/cities should ban this!

  9. I’m glad Dr Carter’s no longer in the educational system. I pray noone takes on the switch code of ridiculousness. I’m not intrested in your swag, sag unhygienic behind crack. You represent disrespect for yourself, family an young women. I’m over it an glad laws are being passed.

  10. We also need to address the females who publicly display the cleavage of their butts.

  11. Really? Of all the needs that exist in our community the Senator has time to push for a law to regulate dress? Come on! Let’s be serious. I think sagging is ridiculous and unpleasant looking but we need a law to ban it? And what do we do to those who disobey? We will really support punishing our young men for how they dress? As if they don’t have enough challenges to contend with. I think Dr. Carter’s solution was brilliant. Teaching young people to be aware of appropriateness of demeanor based on the situation.

    Mr. Senator, I suggest that you try to get the companies who are making millions doing work in our neighborhoods without offering employment to any of these young men to begin hiring from the neighborhoods from which the taxes come. This, I believe would go much further in helping our young peing to regulate how they dress.

    I grew up in a country where dread locks were so disgusting that young men were hunted, beaten, jailed and even shot to death for wearing dread locks. Let us be careful with each other’s freedom. Please!

  12. Wearing your pants halfway down your *ss is stupid and ignorant, whoever you are and wherever you are! I am truly amazed that we too often attempt to intellectualize whatever stupid or idiotic thing our young people do! It seems that there has been a tendency for our young people to “develop” some stupid or idiotic behavior ever so many years, and instead of the elders and men of the community being there to be a barrier to such idiocy or stupidity we excuse ourselves from providing wisdom and leadership by intellectualizing the stupidity and idiocy. My six sons, who are grown men, know clearly that I would not even at this point in their life accept such stupidity or idiocy! Our young men, and even some stupid and ignorant young women, walk around with such acute boldness because we are not there, and have not been there, to provide the important guidance and leadership. Do not let these stupid and ignorant people come to your house for any reason! They cannot be intelligent and not know how ignorant and stupid it is to wear your pants halfway down your *ss!

    • That is exactly the point I am making. We can regulate the behavior in our homes and with our children, even in our schools. But the last thing we need is some senator thinking that we elect him to pass laws to address such issues when there are so many more important and pressing issues

    • Amen, say it again and again!

  13. America. The land of the free??? Lmao!!

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