Mormon Church Doesn’t Want to Explain Why They Spent So Much Time Disliking Black People

by / March 8, 2012 Black News 6 Comments

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The Mormon Church has long been known as a place that wasn’t exactly friendly to black people.  The church held a ban on black priests that lasted up until 1978, claiming that a revelation that is now in their scriptures says that only “worthy male members” of the church can be ordained to become priests.  This led to a ban on black people either holding the priesthood or being sealed for eternity to their spouses in Mormon temples.

Randy Bott, a religion professor at the heavily Mormon Brigham Young University said that black men are blessed by God in not receiving the priesthood until their race was ready for that kind of responsibility.

Thankfully, the church has  condemned Bott’s comments, as well as”any and all past racism by individuals both inside and outside the Church.”

But while the church condemned the professor’s comments, it has not given an explanation or an apology for the ban that lasted up until 1978.

“but … it ended decades ago,” said the church’s statement. “Some have attempted to explain the reason for this restriction but these attempts should be viewed as speculation and opinion, not doctrine.”

Mormon writer Joanna Brooks said that thinking like Professor Bott is not uncommon in the church.

“Professor Bott is no outlier,” she says.  “Especially among older Mormons, racist rationale for the priesthood ban-linking it to Old Testament pretexts, or to moral infirmity in a pre-earthly life by the souls of Africans and African-Americans, and other racist apologetic mental gymnastics exemplified in Bott’s statement to the Post -persist and circulate, generally unquestioned and unchallenged.”



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  1. I have just posted as follows: “I am asking White women, Black women, women of other races, please don’t vote for Romney. Your freedoms will be gone. Please don’t make 2010 mistake voting republican again­. You have cried enough. As Mormon, Romney believes women belong to the kitchen as baby-facto­ries – no make-up, no caffeinate­d soda, no dancing, and no pants – only long skirts. Note what his family wears at rallies-al­l in uniforms. The whole family is radicalize­d to treat women and Blacks as inferior. As Mormon, Romney treats Blacks and racial minorities as cursed humans from Cain (Adam and Eve son). Did you hear what he said lately – the very poor is their problem. I was neighbor with a Mormon, an English professor. This guy didn’t want his children talk to me because I was black. They told me he would kill them if he saw them talking to me. America, as whole, don’t trust Romney. Romney is one of CEOs who shipped their money to Swiss business people to hire Swiss people. That left Americans here jobless. Now he is saying he wants to create jobs. Liar. If you’re senior – you will lose Medicare. Romney endorsed Ryan-Care that puts cap for $5,000 on seniors – thus allows doctors let seniors die. Romney wants corporatio­ns be unelected government­s. “Corporati­ons are people, my friend.” Mitt said. That’s why we have OWS and other Occupiers picketing against Romney. America – watch out this Mormon. Your freedoms will be gone. Let’s vote for President Obama in November.”

  2. Look you can not demonize one church, you have to talk about them all even the black church and the holy bible as well. None is perfect. I don’t go to church because i did my research and read about the history on all churches. What I found out is this, the Bible as a whole is scripted from ancient writtings and have been edited many times and have been used in the past as a insturment of hate too. What I do know is this , their is a God that I do have faith in. I believe math and science is the answer to our solving some our problems. Everybody have the right to worship what they want to praise. I’m here in Utah. I have to be honest to you. I learn alot from these people. Some are good and some are bad but you have bad apples in every race. My neighbors don’t harass or threating me. Thanks to the brotha Martin Luther King, my kids play with their kids with no problems. Everybody have the freedom to have their own views and opinions. These people have problems here just like every other state. Nobody is perfect. Look, what you know about Mormans is kind of true and kind of false. You have to be here to learn. In closing don’t judge a book by it’s cover. And before judging a group of people we have to judge ourselves first. Ask the question to ourselves are we as a group are any good too? We the only group that is not in control of our own buisnesses, music, media and t.v. outlets (B.E.T) and etc. We bring to this economy at least over 7 billion a year and we got nothing to show for. Ask our selves do we really need those big houses, expensive cars, expensive clothes, Weaves(expensive hair products) jewlery and etc. We are all free to get passports and travel outside the country. We are not slaves anymore! Nobody is stoping us. You want to know where the job market is a boom? Yes, outside of the country. That is where the jobs is at. Our people need to start learning how to speak at least three different langauges (english, african or other). I’m learning how to speak 6. Our people need to know about our gift from God that is math and science. We created that! Our history did not start from slavery or the bible. The world did not start 2000 years ago. Am I being any clear? Do the research people! We all know the past history of this Mormon church but if you talk about them you have to talk about the past of all churches too. But let me tell you what I do see the progress of the Mormon Church and their activities. They have their own schools, colleges, distribution outlets, buisnesses, their own movie outlet for them to have their own movies so they can enjoy. What we got ? B.E.T. , our people in almost every profession working for other people instead of making something for oursleves. And do we have a right to complain? Yes we do. Because we did not create this environment. But at the same time if we put all our resources like these Mormons did, somethings in our community will be better for us. Question to all? How come their is a China Town in almost every city or country around the world? Because they work hard for it. How come their is no little Harlems around the world?

    Just be honest. In closing I know many people will disagree with me or agree and I will not respond if you leave a comment. I just want people to know that we have alot of work to do for our people. Peace.

  3. @Thatbrothafred Why don’t we have a right to inquire? The nation raked Obama through the coals becuase of out of context snippets taken from his prior Pastor’s sermons. His church was demonized and he was accused of being a member of a cult, not being a Christian, not being one of “them,” and so on. I am not content with being ignorant. We should ask questions about Morman practices and beliefs that have possibly shaped Romney’s perspective. It is foolish for us not to. It’s a shame that you want to quash legitimate inquiry and investigation, which really has nothing to do with where you feel we should be as a people. You’re comparing apples to oranges and you sound very foolish.

  4. March 20, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    The 1978 Mormon priesthood revelation said that men of all races can be ordained to the priesthood. It did not say blacks are unworthy. Worthiness is a personal thing based on whether you as an individual live the 10 commandments, etc. The worthiness requirement applies to everyone and is not some kind of racial codeword.

    “…all worthy male members of the Church may be ordained to the priesthood without regard for race or color…” http://www.lds.org/scriptures/dc-testament/od/2?lang=eng

  5. March 21, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    Gerald, you are 100% correct that from 1850 – 1978 African American men were not ordained to the Mormon priesthood. And I also confess and apologize that there are individual Mormons who are racist. There is no justification for racism. (You might check out this page and links from the Mormon Church website about race relations. http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/topic/race-relations)

    Maybe I misunderstood him, but it seemed like in James’s March 8th article in blacklikemoi.com he was saying that after 1978 black men are still not being ordained because they are not considered “worthy” because they are black. James said:

    “…a revelation that is now in their scriptures says that only ‘worthy male members’ of the church can be ordained to become priests. This led to a ban on black people either holding the priesthood…”

    James is correct in saying that you have to be worthy to be ordained to the priesthood. But he is also disingenuously implying that if you are black you are automatically considered unworthy. Not true. The requirement to be “worthy” has NOT resulted in black men not holding the priesthood. Everybody who is ordained to the priesthood has to be worthy. The term “worthy” is not a racial codeword. There are black men in leadership positions (Bishops and Stake Presidents) in predominantly white congregations.

    To be worthy basically means that you live the 10 commandments, don’t use drugs, alcohol, tobacco, pornography, etc., are kind and loving to your wife and kids, are honest in your dealings with people, “love your neighbor as yourself”, and basically just do your best to be a good Christian.

    Is any of that racist?

  6. Organized religions have really been the initial force behind all of the world’s most vile ills, sexism, racism, elitism, wars, God-complexes, social stratification of all kinds, all over the world.

    No one in America or the West have access to any original religious texts anyway. Most religious text have been edited and modified in order to fit into the context of the culture and believe systems of those in power at the time.

    Just read history and see what “religion” either sanctioned or turned a blind eye to.

    Look around the world and see what religion is responsible for happening to millions of people through out the globe, especially in Africa, even today.

    Organized (and unorganized) religion is responsible for nearly all the devastation that people have and are suffering in the world today and in the past, i.e., rationale for slavery, colonization, destruction of the Native American and their land, enslavement of and “colonization” of Africans . . .

    What were the “Crusades”?

    Why are Muslims murdering Black Africans in North Africa?

    Why are Black African selling other Africans into slavery in the name of Islam?

    Why are women so oppressed in nearly every country in the world, except America and some other Western countries (Now at least).

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