Expert Advice: How to Get Married and Stay that Way (Video)

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In the video below, Dr. Boyce Watkins speaks with George James, a relationship counselor.  James describes the steps to finding and keeping a healthy marriage.




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  1. Good information… it is unfortunate war us as men and women, especially married has waged on ourselves. It is almost impossible to survive the 1st year of a marriage, let alone 85 years if we continue to look past our individual uniqueness and the things that made us attracted to one another in the beginning.

  2. There was some good information within this video, especially where communication is concerned. The nu,ber one reason for most divorces is a lack of communication, not children, money, or sex. However, all of these are affected when there is not healthy communication. Where communication is concerned there is a sender and a receiver, but most of us spend more time sending then receiving. The act of receiving is what is known as “active listening” which simply means that the listener must stop, listen, and now allow an answer to form in their minds without all of the information. One must also place themselves in the senders shoes in order to better understand what is being expressed or felt. One note to Doctor Boyce, please stop hating on Steve or any other person that has become successful. We also are able to give advice and counsel from our own personal experiences, whether those experiences were good or bad.

  3. I applaud your video. The situation between black men and women has become beyond ridiculous and you guys obviously care.

    However, no video or instruction will remedy a lack of morals, values, and character.

    Today’s dating and marriage scene has created bad men and even worse women. Many people should not even get married because their extreme immaturity and selfishness will only harm those around them (ie. innocent children).

    Just look at the armies of single people (especially women) who commute to work, to church, and elsewhere. Most are sad, lonely, and depressed because they are prisoners of their own karma (ie. superficial and totally consumed with themselves).

  4. I did NOT read the article because I have a generation of parents and grandparents who have remained married AND SLEPT IN THE SAME BED until death did they part. (my parents are still living). My dad and grand fathers CHEATED on their wives and REMAINED married. I’m not sure if my great grandfather cheated on my great grandmother (she may have cheated on him). but these couples fought and called each other out of their names and even cheated and REMAINED MARRIED. Unfortunately, I have been divorced TWICE and I’m living with my boyfriend now over a year. I never believed in living together until now…and that is for me. It was difficult when I got divorced the first time because of the marriage legacy I came from. My current boyfriend and I argue but NEVER FIST FIGHT. He always says I tell him the right things. This dude is 17 years older than myself a Vietnam veteran. We plan to marry this year I want the house BUILT and my business to pull in STEADY income…not when everyone thinks we should marry.

  5. You have brought up a very superb points, appreciate it for the post.

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