Dr. Boyce & Yvette: 5-Yrs Prison for Sending Your Child to the Wrong School?

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In the video below, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Yvette Carnell discuss the case of Tonya McDowell, a woman who was sentenced to 5 years in prison for sending her child to a school outside his district.

The video is below and the conversation begins after a brief advertisement.



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  1. The promise of a good American education depending on where you live the American Dream another B.S. concept because if you live in a poor area, and try or attempt for your children to go to a better school you go to jail for 5 years. The American Dream is Bull Shit.

    • Louis Murphy, instead of trying to send your children to another district, why not work to make the schools in your district better. Here, I tried to get the parents to work on improving their school district. The state said they would issue voucher for children from a poor district to go to a better district. My argument was that if they had money to send children out of the neighborhood, then they have money to fix up the poor districts.

  2. I agree with Ms. Carnell that this is a two-fold issue.”
    One I don’t agree with, the other I do. It is difficult for me
    to understand how “legally” she can be sent to jal for sending her son to a better school. I would think that the jail time was for dealing drugs .

  3. I am a single mom and I understand the point you two are trying to drive. We cannot justify her actions with being a GOOD MOM (because she wanted him to get good education) if she was a GOOD MOM she wouldn’t be selling drugs. No baby and bath water scenario. She was NO WHERE a good mom. Like all of us our decisions affect us good or bad. Don’t think he hadn’t crossed Tonya’s mind that she could go to jail for selling drugs and not be able to raise the child she loved so much. It’s just like the news reports—“he was stopped for having a tail light out and they found drugs in the trunk.” They knew she was a drug dealer and they wanted to get her off the streets case in point and now her child is suffering.

  4. After they get done with Pookie they are going to come after yo Black ass, Priceless!

  5. We need our own schools and we need every parent to get involved and make sure that they are watching the school and demanding the proper curriculum for their children. This is nothing but punishment because they felt that she did wrong and now they are going to teach her a lesson. No only are they teaching her a lesson, they are sending a message to all the rest and that message is Don’t try to educate your kids in our school system.

    WE have to quit chasing them and make it better where we are at because all they are going to do is find away to bar you or get away from you.

  6. While I believe quality education should be accessible to everyone, quality of schools depends on the neighborhoods and parent involved in the schools. The rules to require districting of school attendance is based on the neighborhoods and the supporters of that school. When parents falsify records so that their children can attend “better” schools, it is a crime. Although this has been done for a very long time, it is still a crime. Two things should happen here, the mother should have to pay a fine and maybe probation for this offense but second, the rules for school assignments should be looked at. Public schools should have the same curriculum, the same lessons and the same caliber of teachers. No one is “trapped” anywhere. You make a choice to leave or a choice to stay. You make a choice to educate yourself so you can get a better job and give your children better opportunities or not. Chang4 the rules or comply with them. If you break the rules, there are repercussions. I, for one, do not wish to support my local schools by paying 8K in property taxes when I have no children benefiting and I have renters across the street who pay no property taxes and have 5 children going to that school. That is another subject and issue altogether. Is this mother being sentenced for the crime she committed or the crimes that they allege she is getting away with. Again, I feel a fine and possible probation is required not jail time.,

  7. I strongly feel this is tunnel vision issue here. The way one live his/her life can have a domino effect. The interest of the child comes first. DR BOYCE the whole picture needs to be reviewed. Look what happen in the case with JENNIFER HUDSON. Even though PUBLIC SCHOOLS is like drinking water all water is not fit to drink. It is the parents responsibility to make sure your child is in a safe place. School/college is no longer that place. Certain parents are not safe parents. Look at PENN STATE, SYRACUSE, and CITDEL. SYRACUSE is up for grabs again with drug issues. Visit the FLIP SIDE OFTHE CHART and take a look at another side that this BLOG DOES NOT ADDRESS. SWING by http://nldrecognition.wordpress.com. READ AND CONTINUE to LEARN. NLD MOM/cancer survivor

  8. The worse that should have happened concering the school issue is for the mother to be made to take the child from the school that the authorities said he did not belong and to put him into the bridgeport school system. Of course even that would have been heartless. It is even more important for Black parents to take heed of what Carter G. Woodson wrote in 1934 or so, in his book the mis-education of the Negro, that we need our own school curriculum fit for the Black child.

  9. I hope you will address the issue of judges being paid for sending
    people to prison! Check Google.

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