Amazing Video on Black Female Media Images – a Must See

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This video shows how black women have been historically portrayed in the media.



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  1. I have two trains of thought on this one.The black woman is the most sexual,sensual ,female species on Gods earth.Just her presence provokes that attention.She is imitated by every other
    race on earth.However the exploitation of anyone is sad and a
    step backwards as far as our growth as humans is concerned.

  2. Same old stuff different channel, i wonder when will our Black women wake up from their stupor of misguided thoughts and start thinking outside the proverbial “Brainwashed” box. IF the reverend didn’t tell them the sky isn’t blue , so many don’t seem to have the assertion and curiosity to investigate for themselves. The mentality of the lowly sheep , so dumb it couldn’t figure out what the slaughterhouse was for. I cant even get my girlfriend to turn the TV of and pick up a book and read , go figure. So i had to dissolve the relationship. I couldn’t get my ex-girlfriend to even read a book about the OLMECS OR THE CREATION OF RELIGION ,because it was Blasphemous. thats why part of the reason she became my Ex. The only thing left for me now is a white woman , but I’d rather jump off a bridge before i do such a thing. After all i know my history too well to piss on the graves of those who came before me , especially the pregnant slaves , who at nine months were tied to 2 horses going in opposite directions at the crack of the whip , ripping her body in half as the infant baby falls out of her stomach alive . To serve as a terroristically horrifying example to what will happen to them if they tries to escape or disobey.

    Reading is not just fundamental, it is the breath to who you are and what you can become.

    PS : Share this with your friends and family interested in creating wealth for themselves or for their family


  3. Black women choose to play those roles so there’s really no one to blame but themselves. Black women have far more opportunity now than way back when, but rather than take advantage of it,Black women just do what’s easy…use their bodies as a playground for the attention they think they deserve. That’s how they get movie roles or parts in music videos. That’s how they get the cover of a magazine. And then people like Pam Grier and Eartha Kitt become the “epitome” of a Black woman and what we’re supposed to be. They say “She’s got class” or “She’s strong”. What? Class? Strength? It doesn’t take much to shed clothing, and it’s not classy to do it in front of millions of people. But hey, as long as I’m not doing all that,that’s what matters. Others can have that.

  4. It’s hard to get angry with the media of their portrayal of black women, when you see black women every day defining their worth with how they look or what’s between their legs. The worst thing is, our teenage girls are buying into this myth because their mentors(moms, aunts and friends)are buying into it. You don’t know you’re doing something wrong until someone you respect and love steers you to the right direction. We’re not telling our daughters the best feature they have are their BRAINS.
    We’re not even teaching our daughters to protect and respect themselves. From the knee they’re learning to do anything to keep a piece of a man. Support him, put up with his cheating and beating. Women like Pam Grier can make adult decisions but girls should not be sextexting and taking pictures of body parts and posting them on the internet or sending to someone via cell phone.

  5. It is so sad to hear that people believe most black women are terrible, gold diggers and use their bodies. It s so hurtful to hear these things. Myself and MANY of my female friends are self-respecting, God-fearing, hard-working, well-read women who are single because we (as criticized by black men) think we are better, have too much stuff and accused of being gold-diggers. Or, won’t have casual sex, won’t take care of a man, won’t settle for the baby mama drama, can’t get with the saggy pants and won’t use drugs with them. However, I don’t believe all black men are like this, only 90% of the ones I have met.

    I don’t like being judged by what other black women do, it is not fair. There was a recent crime in our city where a man beat his step-child for 9 hours until the little 11yr old baby was dead. My black-male co-worker blamed the black women of society for this because he said we take the jobs from black men and that leaves them frustrated and without work. White men will hire black women because they can control them. Why is it black women are blamed for everything. These comments hurt me to the core of my heart and every fiber of my being. This man missed the fact that a baby was beaten to death by his step-father because all he could do was blame black women.

    All my friends and I have ever done was supported our black men, we did not ask for anything I did not sue for the child support, alimony or pension the law says I was entitled to, just let him have it all. I even gave him the house, my clothes and almost everything in the house and still a sister can’t ever hear a decent word from many of our black men…SO SAD!

    • So sad my ass ! Whats sad is you are clueless of whats happening. That man at work is absolutely correct, despite the beating death of that child. You look only at things in front of you but not the root cause of it that’s why you are soo easily manipulated by white society and don’t even know it. I could even get any of my past girl friend to read except the the lobotomizing book called the bible , let alone the thought of thinking outside the box as what “the conference of bishops of Nicaea of 325 A.D.” had to do with its creation and since then have been revised every few years till today. You blame us for your choices and take responsibility for NOTHING. Jack Nichols was perfectly right in the movie “As good As it Gets”, when he was asked by the woman entering the elevator. She asks, “How do you rate women so well” and he responded on his way out of the elevator, “I think of a man , and I take away REASON and ACCOUNTABILITY”. he couldn’t have said it any better. And when i think of my black sister i am to the point where dating outside of my race is becoming a really viable option. They are confused with the whole notion that strength resides in being a THUG or a gangster and a kind approach is that of a sucker and a punk. Now flip the scrip and approach a woman out side your race in the same fashion and its appreciated along with an intellectual conversation, who is appreciative to have you home and is NOT THREATENED if you make less money than she does. And please , don’t tell me i am meeting or talking to the wrong women
      , it seems to be an epidemic mindset across the board. Black women dont ask critical questions about anything except to go along to get along like sheeples , no wonder the church is filled with them. Black men dont stick around in churches when they see so much rubbish and hypocritical garbage is going on and is not benefiting the community. We buck the system , women just simply dress it up. They don’t research who Margaret Sanger is [a Jewish menaichal racist], the founder of Planned Parenthood , they simply fall in line right behind her because she wears a darn dress.
      They dont stop to think and realize they are the ones that are being played and left holding the social bag. Even though white women exercise her independent right to do and be what ever , they never disavow their men , they are still marrying them and creating families. But our black women never stopped to thing or revisit the annals of history where slavery and social agenda s meet and how these social programs are set up to ensnare them and the black family. Noooo as long as they can get a man to accommodate their own selfish needs , or their own, get the clothes they want buy the shoes they desire , get their nails and hair done. for the same reason Canada grants more rights to women there legally and in the family court to control the men around then , so is the same plan and agenda taking place here. The expectation that they deserve equal right as men , which is fine but don’t expect us to lay our lives on the line at the same time when the system itself is hell bent on dis-insensitivize us from our own children , which the last time i check required a mans sperm to create the seed for which you so selfishly claim to be “My Child”. Until i find a woman who was born with a penis and scrotum strapped to her back , then sure , the sole possession and claim to that child is yours and solely yours. The churches in our community is
      is but a shell of what it used to be and has been since 1968. We don’t have enough Rev. Jeremiah Wrights to offset the pervasive pariah of “Bad Theology” being sermon-ed every Sunday , poisining our community. The Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams , Brainwashed by Tom Burrell , YURUGU by Mirambi Ani , The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander , The Historical Origin of Christianity by Walter Williams and They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima , just to name a few. Remember you so called smart independent black sisters/women, once the
      guardians [black men] are gone [in prison or removed from society], what then . Who will protect your high and mighty independent no needing man self ? The white man ? White Society ? The Hispanic or Asian man ? ………I’ll let you thing about that. Slavery only ended 60 years ago , yes 60 years ago in 1942 “Slavery by a Another Name , book & Dvd”. As horrific as slavery was ,
      the men and fathers were around even though we bore a lot of the physicality of it.

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