5 Reasons to Buy the “New” iPad

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It’s the time of year, again, when Apple announces its newest version of the iPad, and everyone clambers to the nearest retail store to give away their hard-earned money just to hold the sophisticated aluminum and glass. Being the self-proclaimed “techy” that I am, I understand it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and confusion associated with new electronics. In fact, I was one of the many on Friday in Wal-Mart at 12 midnight giving away my savings to own one. Convincing myself that I actually need and can benefit from the “new” iPad. But is the new iPad actually worth the hype? Are YOU thinking about upgrading from a previous version of the iPad? Or are you thinking of purchasing one for the first time? Here are some of the biggest reasons I have found that may persuade or dissuade you on getting the “new” iPad.

Possibly one of its more popular updates compared to the iPad 2, Apple’s retina display is the first of its kind to boast an HD resolution GREATER than 1080p. This makes watching movies and reading the latest articles on Blacklikemoi crystal clear. Compared to my previously own iPad 2, I IMMEDIALTELY noticed the difference in the clarity and brilliance of the new iPad display. I feel like I’m staring at a printed sheet of paper when I’m reading my e-books or looking at my photos.

The new iPad boasts a faster dual core A5X processor with quad core graphics plus 1 GB of RAM (previously 512 MB). This translates into faster web surfing, games with better graphics, and more resources to blaze through your apps without a hiccup. Aside from the Retina Display, this was my biggest reason for upgrading from the iPad 2. In the year that I owned the iPad 2, I used it for EVERYTHING from medical documentation and PowerPoint presentations to music production and Netflix movies. Some of the most processor hungry apps definitely tested the iPad 2’s speed. With the new iPad, I’m able to accomplish all of my tasks without apps crashing like they were on the iPad 2. In fact, I have yet to have a single app crash since owning the new iPad. However, if you don’t see yourself using the iPad for anything other than reading books, streaming movies, or listening to music, the iPad 2 isn’t a bad idea. Plus, it’s now $100 cheaper at retail price and may be even cheaper on eBay.

The 5 Megapixel iSight camera and the upgrade to 1080p video recording are also great improvements for all you photogs out there. The video and image quality is a BIG step up from the iPad 2. Pictures and videos on the iPad 2 were horrible and looked more like they were taken on a webCam from the mid 90s. With this year’s update the new iPad is actually a viable means of photography and actually takes quality photos comparable to images on the iPhone 4S. If photographs or recording videos aren’t a major part of your agenda, then I would stick with the iPad 2 for now.

Although not officially referred to as “Siri”, the new iPad has dictation integrated into the OS, now. A huge benefit for those that like to use your iPad for medical documentation, business notes, or blogging. So far, the dictation system seems fairly accurate with only 1 or 2 incorrect words per sentence. For the iPad 2, Dragon Dictation was a very popular app for dictating emails and messaging. Only problem was that it could only be done within the app and pasted into the email or message. The new iPad improves this by integrating the dictation system into the keyboard where you would normally type.

The new iPad is the first of its series to support the 4G LTE network for faster web surfing and video streaming when there is no Wi-Fi network available. It also has the ability to be used as a hot spot for your other Wi-Fi enable devices. Keep in mind that this feature is only available for the WiFi+4G iPads through AT&T and Verizon and additional charges may be associated with it.

So, there you have it. iPad 2 or iPad New?? It largely depends on what you plan on accomplishing with it. Personally, I had doubts about whether I actually NEEDED the new iPad or not. However, so far I have been completely satisfied with the investment. But that’s just me…



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