Washington Post: “Red Tails” Disrespects Tuskegee Airmen

The movie “Red Tails” could not possibly have been “inspired by” the Tuskegee Airmen, as billed, for it is little more than a black comedy about guys who clown and connive their way through World War II, supposedly as combat pilots.

Disheveled, undisciplined, crude and uncouth, they are the exact opposite of the real men who served in the all-black fighter group in the 1940s.

In this movie — which has raked in millions of dollars at the box office and even got a thumbs up from President Obama — the squad leader finds courage in a bottle of booze while his wingman’s lust for an Italian woman leads to insubordination. During dogfights with the German Luftwaffe, the black pilots behave like kids in a video arcade.

“Stop fooling around,” the booze-head captain tells his womanizing lieutenant, who has disobeyed orders to engage a more experienced enemy.

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  1. Curtis Moore at 8:46 pm

    I don’t know this person James is. I will say that he has nerver been a group of Blackmen or even men where in combat. It was a movie about a true story. I didn’t see it as being desrespected. I saw men men being in combat. You that they were able not to less no on plain in all of their missons they didn’t know how to fly. They had a kill rato of over 4 to 1. The Germans feared them a lot of them did start at them and just flow by. If you saw the beginning how Germans attact they come it two groups one would fly by andthe fighter plain would go after them. As soon as that happen the other group would attact the bomber. That did happen then the Red Trails were there. They waited until they attact and then broke of and started fighting. This as put the bomber in the fight. This made for a lot more guns shooting a the German plains and I lot more being shoot down. Also after the first fight both sides knew the that the men flying those plains were Black. Another thing they had a better plain to fly it was the fastest plain in sky untill the the Germans started flying the jets and that didn’t long before they found a way to shoot them down also. The just stated shooting were they were going to be and not at the.

  2. Spencer at 8:56 pm

    Whoever this James is, I have wholeheartedly disagree with him. The movie Red Tails is a very good and in no way does it sell the Tuskegee Airmen short. What’s up with this “Black Like Moi” blog? Do you allow just anyone to write an article? If so, I am available.

  3. Montely Wilson at 2:30 am

    If I want to read the Washington Post, and that is a big if, I can do that myself. When it comes to anything remotely black I would not trust anything a Post writer would pen. When it comes to Black History, I rather we tell our own story. Hey Post, you no long get to tell Black people what’s what! As for the writer who brought the report of what the Post thinks about Red Tails understand this: We don’t care what them white fools think. Remember, we are talking about people who call themselves Christian, yet hold racist ideals. I don’t let people like that anywhere near my stream of consciousness. So, if you don’t mind leave that garbage where it belongs please!

  4. Tess at 4:39 am

    I haven’t seen the movie yet but since it’s a part of our history, I want to. And of course, I love watching Cuba Gooding Jr! But even tho I haven’t seen it yet, I have been seeing interviews where they say it didn’t quite go down like how the movie shows. Maybe they shouldn’t have made it to be a comedy and instead, more serious and closer to the truth.

  5. Joseph T. Moletto at 1:41 am

    All movies are made for entertainment and for the film makers to make money. I’m OK with that. True there was a lot going on in the movie that I know was bull. These men were all of high caliber.

    If you want to know the truth and want to see the real films, you have to read about them, google the, and watch the documentaries every chance you get.

    Some men died, some where POW’s and there where those who lived to tell the story. It’s a shame it took this long.

    I just missed meeting COL. Lee Archer at the Fantasy of Flight Air Museum in Florida and that was a bad day for me. Not long after he passed away. A wonderful human being.

    There is a reproduction of his P51D with full markings. If you go on a good weekend you can see Kermit Weeks (Owner of the museum) fly it. What an experience.

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