Viola Davis: A Natural Beauty [PHOTOS]

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Photos taken for a piece in the Los Angeles Times (courtesy of EverythingYNTK). No commentary necessary…










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  1. Viola Davis is a man’s dream woman. Eyes are perfect; lips are perfect; the behind is perfect, color is perfect; legs are perfect; hair is natural and perfect; not too thin not too fat – just right. Are single men blind now?

    • viola davis is married and they just adopted a child. she is not available.

  2. She is just a beautiful women! At first glance I thought she was “Eva” the first African-American winner of Tyra Banks’ America Next Top Model.
    I’m wishing all good things and all God’s blessings to Ms. Viola Davis. You can bet she worked damn hard for all the accolades she is currently garnering.

    • I did as well think she was Eva Maricelle from America’s Next Top Model.

  3. I hope she wins. These pics look gorgeous! Viola is gorgeous.

  4. Absolutely stunning!!!!!

  5. i’ve always thought she was a beatiful woman who’s looks were played down for the roles she played.

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous, women take notice, we no longer have to succumb to what society says we should look like, but who God created us to be!! I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

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