Tracy Morgan’s Mother About to Lose Her House, He Won’t Help

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Tracy Morgan ’s mother is about to lose her house — and she says her multimillionaire son won’t help her.

Alicia Warden, who lives in northeast Ohio (and spoke on the condition we not reveal the exact location), says she owes less than $25,000 on her home, but the most the “30 Rock” star — who is worth $18 million, according to Forbes — offered to give her was a one-time payment of $2,000.

The comic’s younger sister, Asia Morgan, 41, confirms their mom’s financial woes and calls her famous brother a “d– bag.”

She says she’s done keeping quiet about Tracy, 43. “Because of the way he’s treating our mother, all bets are off,” says Asia.

“He’s never been a nice person,” says Asia, who lives about an hour and a half away from her mother. “And money’s just made it worse.”

Warden, 61, says her mortgage company has notified her that if she doesn’t make a minimum payment by Feb. 23, it will begin foreclosure proceedings on her home. She adds that her utilities are about to be turned off and she’s about to lose her car as well.

“My mom’s house isn’t extravagant, but it’s her home, Her health is failing. She has diabetes, and her legs are giving out on her,” says Asia. “This would be a drop in the bucket for Tracy. She has a son that can do, and she’s done everything that she could possibly could for her family.”

Warden says she worked until February 2011, when she lost her job. Not long after that, she adds, she first approached Tracy about helping her.

She claims he initially agreed to pay off her house, but changed his mind after accusing her of giving an interview to the media. (She denies doing this.)

Her unemployment benefits have run out, and Warden says she asked her son for help earlier this month.

After explaining what she owed, she says a woman working for him called back and told her, “Tracy’s offering you a one-shot deal” of $2,000.

“I told her, ‘Thank you, but no thank you. I’m not some person in the street,” Warden says, adding “That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

“God don’t like ugly,” Warden says. “Karma comes back to you.”

Asia also reiterates what her mother told us last week about Morgan’s book, “I Am the New Black.”

“It’s 99 percent bulls—,” she says.

“My mother did everything she could,” Asia adds. “She ran numbers, but she did it to put food on the table. We were raised in the [Tompkins] projects [in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn}, but we didn’t think we were poor.”

We wonder if this situation is part of the 99. Morgan writes that regardless of the estrangement from his family, “I love my mother and always will. She did the best she could.”

A spokesman for Morgan did not respond by our deadline



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  1. I wish people would stop airing their dirty laundry. I am so tired of hearing family mess. I am sure it is two sides to this story. Anyway, by now, his mother’s house should be paid for. I am certain that he has helped her and probably most of his family and he is sick of it. What’s the rest of the family doing to help their mother?

  2. There is always two sides to a story…..I would like to hear the other side of the story….What I’m hearing now just don’t seem right….

  3. Tracy Morgan made his own money and no one can bully him into giving it to them. I have a wonderful relationship with my mother and I am thankful for that. On the other hand I do not judge him for standing his ground. Who knows his reasoning! People it’s not ur money so ur opinion is not a factor. If u all feel so highly come out your pocket and give it.. By all means don’t wait on Tracy!! Estranged means estranged!!

  4. It is very sad that Tracy’s mother has fallen on hard times. I don’t know the details or his reasoning behind his decision. I just hope that she can hold on to her home. We don’t know what he has done in the past or what his reasons are – its up to him. After all, he has to live with his decisions!!

  5. Tracy man just help ur mom remember she is the one that brought you in this world. people saying its two sides to the story i understand that. i remember black people use to help one another. man what this world coming to. God help us!!

    • Yes, he should help her. He can’t take it with him and I feel that children who do not help their parents (especially when it causes no financial burden) are still immature and need to grow-up.

      • Both my parents are gone now for over 20 years but there is so much you can do to help and then it will become a hindrance. I believe that he has helped his mom and other family on numerous occasions but I do not have any respect for the family coming out to the public about a personal matter trying to embarrass one another. That tells me they are not close. I have 7 sisters and 1 brother and I don’t care how mad I may get with any of them, I would never air dirty laundry with other people who may know them. It’s wrong. They really won’t get anything now and I do not blame him one bit. His mom actually is still young enough to work. I will tell you one thing, it is nothing like having your own back…I learned that long time ago.

  6. they probably have been freeloading off of him for years. he;s probably tired. i am not going to judge him. they don’t sound like very nice people if they want to take this public. you can’t force someone to give THEIR money to you just because they are rich!

    • I agree with you. However, this is his mother – not his sister or his brother. Mother’s should have a special place in your heart. And, if you can afford to pay her house off without causing yourself financial hardship then I feel he should do it. I realize that it is not up to me. I made a lot of mistakes with my own mother and I don’t want anyone to go through what I did.


    • I agree – nobody really cares because it should have remained a private matter. Sometimes family feels that just because you have money you should just give it to them. This is his MOTHER and he should help her because he has been blessed with more money than he can ever spend!!!

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