Too Soon? Target Pulls the Whitney Houston Gift Card

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Hallmark once offended black families everywhere last year with it’s Father’s Day Card for black women.  This time it’s Target and they’ve created a card in honor of Whitney Houston that doesn’t have many people laughing.   Yes, we saw the card too.  Not funny.


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  1. I work at Hallmark, and want to be sure you and your readers know that this is not a Hallmark card. According to this article, the card was found in a Target store, which does not carry Hallmark cards.

  2. This is NOT a HALLMARK card!

    Please STOP with the sensationalizing of your titles!

    Folks, please think for yourselves sometimes. Hallmark is in the business of selling cards. Why would they want to insult any group of people? They make cards for everyone!

    Please stop this sillyness. Only Black folks seem to fall for this type of crap, and most of it is written by other black folks!

  3. Glad to know it’s not a Hallmark card. But, Black Beauty please do not place these types of horrible stereotypes on Black people. Many people of all races and ethnicities believe “false” news reports, etc. It’s human nature. Perpetuating negative stereotypes is so very harmful! Allso, companies do soemetimes unintentionally insult certain market segments and then have to do damage control.

    • I understand your comment and I agree with you!

      However, my intent was towards the writers/owners of these black oriented sites that place “baiting” headlines/titles and far too many of us fall for it without “thinking” for ourselves.

      If you have and continue to read this blog you will see that for yourself.

      Not my intent to place ALL black people under that umbrella because we know that is not a fact, but too many fall for this type of stuff, and what makes it worse is that they pass it on as being truth.

      • Black Beauty I appreciate your comments. I do follow this blog and I feel they get it right most of the time, but when they’re wrong it needs to be called to their attention, as you have done. But, know that many news outlets make these type of errors. I’m an attorney with a client of which many outlets provided false news, reports and headlines. I had to get even the New York Times to issue a retraction. I’ve been involved in othet mainstram media defamation matters as well. One of the most famous defamation cases in the U.S. involved the New York Times, i.e. New York Yimes v. Sullivan. I just don’t like to see this issue be reduced to one involving race.

        • I agree, and perhaps I was not clear enough.

          You are right, and we need to be sure we call out those that are guilty of doing this.

          But we also need to call out those who would use their blogs/headlines simply to incite people so they are read and seen, or invited on these news/talking formats programs.

          We have to be careful of what we put out here and what we respond to.

          • I agree. I checked on this situation and the article was picked up from another outlet, which is often the case when these things happen. Thanks for the discussion!

  4. Racist Basssstards!!

    That’s all I’m going to say!

  5. Whether it was Hallmark or not, it was racist. Hallmark is racist too, they were the ones who created that stupid father’s day card for black women. Black Beauty is an idiot for defending her slave masters. If this isn’t a Hallmark card yet, it will be one soon.

    • And you are an idiot for falling for the OKIE DOKE, especially from your own!

      I can only assume that you know that Hallmark employs black and other ethnic writers/creators for their cards/products, right?

      As for my “white masters”, that line is tired, and dumb!

      Please interact with class and intelligence!

  6. This is so sad; but at the same time “SO TRUE”! I’m sure you all know that success comes at a price. Just think all of the work and sacrifice that is invested in a career; a please let’s not forget the old cliche ” Success is nothing if you don’t have anyone to share it with”! My only question in the end, ” I wonder was Whitney Houston really happy?” If this is the price you pay for fame, I’ll pass….

  7. A week before Whitney died, black folks would have understood this card. Now that she has died, they have placed a wedge around her honorably and understandably. I found it disdainful the jokes on black sites that mocked Bobby and Whitney and I honestly never found it funny over the past 15 years. Their marriage, money and legal troubles were never anything to joke about. I guess, I am thrown aback that now people are getting serious and sensitive. People should have been this sensitive when Whitney was alive.

  8. what’s wrong with being sensitive to a deceased person? i say better late than never. she deserves respect just like every other dead person. she was a drug addict not a murderer! she didn’t hurt anyone but herself and i’m sick of self-righteous people who want to talk bad about her and disrespect her. she was a human being who made mistakes like we all do.

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