Thousands of Nigerian Children Killed After Being Accused of Being Witches

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This disturbing video describes the plight of the “witch children” of Nigeria.  Many of them are killed or kicked out of their villages for allegedly being witches.

The video is below:



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  1. My God, this is so tragic. The devil is having a field day out here with these weak minded demons who have the nerve to judge others, especially poor, innocent children.

    And while its true that black folks are self loathing fools whereever you go, with no sense of community, and collaborative love for one another anymore, the Nigerians
    are even sicker than other Afircan’s in the diaspora.

    Just attended a debut of a new film called “Black November” starring American actors, in supporting roles, Vivica Fox and
    Kim Bassett, last night. The movie is based on another aspect
    of fratricidal madness that has to do with the exploitation of
    the country by the oil companies who have bought off the
    government and the military making them ruthless murderers
    of their own people for crumbs while the oil demons polute, rob, rape and brutally dehumanize and slaughter the people using the
    cowardice, sorry excuse of weaker males to slaughter the women, children and sane men. It’s is one of the saddest and
    most brilliantly depicted horror films I’ve seen. But, it also sheds light on another sorry excuse for fratricide among blacks.

    insightful perspective of the self hate and self destructive behaviour that buying into “white supremacy” has waged against
    the minds of the weak and ignorant.

    When will God intervene on this madness. Super greed and
    unconscionable evil is the bane of the world, soon to be totally
    destroyed by evil. I pray for the children, for they are inheriting

  2. Dear Joia,

    Your Religion is the problem. There is no devil. I hope you are just being a fucking asshole and not seriously posting your actual views. I can only assume you are poking fun at other Christians, or mentally retarded when you state conviction that the devil is playing with these weak minded people causing them to judge others, then proceed to spout racist and judgmental vomit across your post.

    You God doesn’t exist, so he will never intervene on this madness. It is up to the people of this planet to wipe clean the delusions of magic and gods and fix the problems that we see. But do not pray to the same imaginary god that these murders kill in the name of. It does nothing and is disgusting coming from a person who espouses stupidity in public forum!

  3. @Adam Ihnken. You might be right that devil don’t exist, because the real devil exist only in you.

    You just dont know what it means by say that God don’t exist. Yes ppl suffer & díe sometimes without Gods intervention. God created humans not to be robots be he created us with our own free will.

    After the deeds comes the judgements!

  4. @Joia: Yes, it’s true, this is tragic. But that’s about the greatest extend to which I agree with your post… As far as the rest is concerned… You’ve got some serious rethinking to do… I don’t even know where to begin – but that is a topic for another time…

    @Adam Ihnken: Agreed.

    @Fred Marshal: Your post isn’t at all very well-articulated, but I think I might get the gist of it… In any case, inane rants about the integrity of your god myth isn’t the pressing issue here.

    @James (Author of article): Is there any good we can contribute to here? A campaign, an awareness cause, a donations reception, anything we’re able to support to tackle this issue..?

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