Oprah in Trouble Over Her Tweets to Gain Viewers

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Nielson, the company that does ratings for television networks, is not laughing about recent tweets by Oprah Winfrey.  The media mogul took to Twitter to get her followers to watch OWN.  She especially requested that those with a Nielson box tune in.  The boxes are given to random viewers to analyze their viewing habits.

Oprah was immediately criticized by the public for her remark and others wondered if this meant she was desperate for ratings.  Nielson then had to chime in because it is against their rules to have any of their clients trying to change the viewing habits of the public.   The results would then be skewed and even deemed irrelevant.

“In accordance with our policies and procedures, Nielsen is reviewing this incident with our clients and we may withhold, break out or make note of the ratings,” they announced. “We take any violation of our policy seriously and will work with clients to resolve the situation”



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