Hate it or Love it???

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Ashanti on 106 & Park

Ashanti has been spotted in a few places and it’s obvious that her style has changed. I don’t know if she’s going for the Aztec Warrior Princess look or what? What do you think about it? Love it or hate it???


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  1. Because this makes no fashion sense. It’s not fashion forward it’s really kitchy almost to the point of looking like someone with poor construction skills put it together. I’m surprised this style felt right to her because it’s wearing her — she’s not wearing it. I say push the envelope over the edge, but it has to look genius and effortless. She tried a little too hard instead of evolving creatively with her look.

  2. Why is that when people have a different opinion, it’s called hate or lack of support? There’s nothing wrong with being different but when “different” is a lackluster rendition of what everyone else is doing, it’s called a FAIL to me. Ashanti has always had a pretty decent style and these new changes aren’t really speaking to me. She’s trying too hard and like Trina said, your look should be effortless.

  3. Personally i like it Now i have my rathers bit its speaks to her style..

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