Former White House Intern Says JFK Took Her Virginity

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A retired church worker has revealed how John F Kennedy took her virginity during a debauched 18-month affair while she was a teenage White House intern.

Mimi Alford says she felt powerless to resist the late U.S. president as he pulled her into ‘Mrs Kennedy’s room’ and seduced her on his wife’s bed.

Other claims in her newly published autobiography include that he made her inhale a sex drug during a party at Bing Crosby’s ranch and coerced her to perform a sex act on an aide while he looked on.

Alleged affair: Former U.S. President John F. Kennedy, left, and Mimi Alford, right, as a teenager when claims she had an 18-month affair with the leader

When she thought – wrongly – that she was pregnant by the president, that same aide arranged for her to see an abortion doctor, even though abortion was illegal at the time.

Mrs Alford’s claims are the most in-depth account of their liaisons so far published.

They reveal how Kennedy never kissed her and ignored her whenever his wife was around. She never even called him ‘Jack’, always addressing him as ‘Mr President’ – even when they were in bed together.

Their affair began in the summer of 1962, lasting until Kennedy was assassinated the following November. Mrs Alford, then just 19 years old and with the maiden name Beardsley, had begun a job in the president’s press office. After meeting Kennedy she says he asked to give her a personal tour.

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