Fall Behind on Your Child Support, You Could Lose All of Your Income (Video)

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In the video below, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Yvette Carnell discuss recent administrative changes that could lead to those who are behind on child support to lose all of their income.  The video will begin after a brief advertisement.


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  1. A law was past in Illinois last year that father’s not working Can’t be arrested unless they intentionally quit their jobs to avoid paying child support. The system is design to help the child by any means to recover finance from the father. They don’t care if you are not the real father of a child unless you request for DNA testing. I’ve known a few people who paid child support and found out that the child was not their biological kid to start and now the child is grown. I understand a man moral kindness to take care of a child even when you might have doubt. but when the woman parent goes to the state to collect child support all moral kindness must stop. Get a DNA test and aways keep all your court papers. The state will throw you court paper’s you thought was in your file in the garbage.

  2. What about when the father refuses to pay child support at all, and is 25000.00 dollars behind, he goes on vacations numerous times within 3 months and can go out and buy drugs and alcohol and the child is getting to the age that he/she wants nothing to do with the father because he/she feels that the father doesn’t care about them, and that he cares more about going to a race out of state or getting drunk and smoking pot and they feel neglected. The father gets paid under the table so he doesn’t have to pay child support, and if he had to pay child support he wouldn’t be able to go out partying or on all his vacations. Child Support won’t do anything about this, they just let his child support keep adding up, in over 10 years he has paid maybe 15 payments. I know I will never see anything from him to help my child, I’ve been the sole parents for 11 years, and I support my child because I love my child, and he says he loves my child, but he loves himself more. Something needs to be done about situations like this, but it will never happen, he gets away with not supporting his child, and he will go to his grave with probably 50000.00 dollars in debt to child support.

    • Just to add, he also wants to see my child, he wants to be a good dad, but not my child doesn’t want to see him since he always makes promises and breaks them. He uses my child as a babysitter/maid. His other children that are around my child’s age doesn’t want to see him either, he has 2 younger children who don’t know any better yet and that is the only children that do want anything to do with him. How can child support feel that he should have a right to see a child that doesn’t want to see him, I have never said no, but I now leave it up to my child to decide, and my child says no!! If he started paying child support, my child would be able to do the sports that they want to do, that I haven’t been able to afford. My child would be able to have that smart phone they want, I understand that the father needs to eat and have a place to live, but 200.00 a month isn’t that much, and if they have money to go on vacation 5-10 times a year and go out partying, then why can’t they pay a little in child support????

  3. Thank you for this platfom.I think the whole childsupport system should be revamped.All the states should have the same laws when it comes to childsupport.the law makers should focus on and invest in laws that let the child know who his mother or father is. I feel if the law makers want to take things away from the parents.then take away the parent right to hide or deliberately stay out of that child life.On the other hand we have black men out here looking for jobs, to pay what they owe to childsupport but there are no laws that state a company has to hire a exfelon.I live in TX this state enforces childsupport .but does not aid out of state exfelons. with jobs.again there are no laws that say a company have to hirer an exfelon Also when they send people to jail who never had records for childsupport when they get out, they have a felony and back childsupport. so who really is the winner in this situation.IF I DIDNT KNOW ANY BETTER I WOULD SAY THAT THESE LAWS WERE DESIGNED TO TARE THE FAMILY APART INSTEAD OF BRING THEM TOGETHER.

    • Shawn,

      It is not the systems responsibility to provide jobs for ex-felons. As a matter of fact, it is not anyone’s responsibility to provide jobs for ex-felon’s. There are always consequences for the decisions that we make… going to jail, having unprotected sex that leads to pregnancy while neither parent is employed. WE have to be better to ourselves and then we will do better.

  4. Although it does appear to be not fair to the person who is deliquent in child support (not just fathers, some mothers also), I personally do not have a problem with what the Treasury Department is doing. What you are evidently missing is that someone hass DELIBERATELY decided that they are not about to support their child(ren); someone has decided that a car payment, house/apartment, nights on the town, etc are more important than the well-being of the child. All parents are not quick to run to welfare/food stamps. Some persons actually want to be able to provide for their families. The act of withholding this support most assuredly affects the circumstances/environment of children. As a retired Social Worker, I have seen more problems presented by kids who are lacking in financial support (they usually do not understand the premise of “keeping up with the Joneses”) than those with this support system in place. I am still in touch with a previous client, currently employed (not on assistance of any kind), whose “baby’s daddy” is currently 45,000 in arrears. $45,000 !!! How do you propose that she collects this money for her child? Surely, some sort of outside assistance in this matter is required.


  5. Mr Williams your right, Iv always been the proper father to my daughter! From birth! Her vindictive mother takes me to child support when my daughter was 13 years old, not because I wasn’t providing but because I got engaged! When the whole time she was married something I didn’t find out till after she claimed to be pregnant! So 13 years of back child support but me behind 14,000 off rip & they allow women to do shit like that! My daughter is 21 now & its no way to catch up. But this is a fair system! I to have struggled with employment being a exfelon & can get little help with work yet I’m always threatened with jail! They’ll throw a man in prision before giving him work or help! When did being destitute constitute commiting a crime? Not all men are dead beats but some of these laws & some of these women are f&*#ed up.

  6. Yvette,

    In my case, before our babies were born, we promised each other that we would take care of our children regardless of what happened between us. Well, daddy did not keep his word. Going to court was the last resort because daddy did not want to cooperate. Women don’t destroy men, men (in these situations) destroy themselves by being immature and not standing on their word. This topic is not just about the money, it is about being responsible parents and developing their children into productive citizens and providing for all of their needs until they can provide for their own. I agree with making decisions amongst ourselves, but if that is not possible, it should and will end up in court, which is the consequence of being an irresponsible parent.

  7. While I agree with some of the points made in the video clip, I have paid my child support faithfully and increased the amount per month without any intervention from the state because my child is my responsibility. It’s hard to have sympathy for any mom or dad who is behind with their child support payments because my wife is on the other end of the stick and gets crumbs, if anything at all from the biological dude. The system definitely as some problems that need to be addressed, but I’m all about garnishing ALL of their wages until they catch up. Those are my thoughts.

  8. Sad so sad. Quite frankly has anyone researched the child support laws from it’s inception? Doe’s all the money go towards the child or do the state sometimes collect on the interest of thousands of dollars when it sit’s in there bank account. How about the process of taking a man’s drivers license crippling the man some more. Read the child support laws from it’s inception and you will find the insidious reasons for it’s creation. Our problem is that we don’t study the laws and how they are made to affect the general public. revenge can only be sweet in the short run my dear sisters, for when the child turns into an adult, the effects of bringing a third party intervenor (the courts) who really doesn’t care about the state of the African American family will be felt through the actions of the underlying animosity reflected back to the family at a later date. In the words of someone whose name I forgot: if they don’t treat you right, they won’t teach you right. In closing, must we always run to them (the courts) for our so-called solutions, then claim we are EQUAL. In the words of Albert Einstein: Insanity is the method that one employs when he or she continually doe’s the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Let’s wake up people.


    Jakada, Transient Foreigner.

    • Jakada,

      If it hadn’t been for the system, it would have been financially difficult to provide for my family. We have to understand that it takes a tremendous amount of energy and finance to raise one child. I was not some fly-by-night girl looking for an extra paycheck. I entered a long-term relationship that turned sour. I used the support responsibly to shelter, feed, clothe, and provide for my family’s future. I didn’t want to go to court, but I had no choice. Now, I am receiving interest payments from a 1990’s claim. The bottom line: Had the father paid the menial $65 pr week from the beginning, he would not still be paying child support interest payments today. The consequences of trying to run and hide from personal responsibility of caring for your seed. . <–That is what is sad.

  9. The child support system should be abolish it has destory the black community no parent should be stripe of there economic
    resourse it is inhumane. Child Support is being used to destory us by our oppressor and we has become willful particpater. How
    can A people be trick into willing to self desruct. Welfare Reform
    were put in to place to get rid of poor women and children How can you take poverty and reform it with poverty. The states promoted single parenthood through welfare which were
    warfare on Black Families . Child Support is Ecomomic Warfare
    on Black America it is a Social Policy that has destory. Black men
    and women manipulate against each other so that our real enemy can keep us from comming together to defend ourself.
    Do not justify this country cause and effect of wicked policies. The black communnity is the likes of hell. Most Black Women
    are choosen to become a single parent because they no that they can go to the state and the state will assist them in taken money they do not care about the the inhumanity of depriving
    man of his economic rresourse. If a person is deprive of his economic resourse were there humanity is thearten then he such be ready to fight with all his might against that which pose a threat

    • I notice that you love God well in 1 Timothy chp 5 vs 8 says: But if any provide not for HIS OWN, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel. 2 Timothy chp 2 vs 15: Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. I don’t know if absent fathers are christians BUT.. study before giving comments especially if you are are following God’s word. THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE. Also there are consequenses to every action and I’m not claming to be perfect BUT we have to take RESPONSIBILY for them. in just sayin. Taking care of your own children should not have to be controlled by the goverment but if fathers or mothers don’t own up to the responsibility WELL….:)

  10. I get real tired of hearing excuses from men. If you don’t want children and don’t want to help pay to take care of them then be sure to “protect” yourself when you decide to have sex. Everyone knows it is the WOMAN’s CHOICE to have or not have a baby. So men protect yourself at all times then maybe you can avoid getting caught up in the Child Support system. Don’t be mad at the woman, be mad at yourself. Women please stop having babies by men who you know don’t love you or have the desire to marry you. Once the child comes along how do you really think this man is going to treat this child?

  11. SOLUTION: The solution to this problem is to rain in “Administrative Agencies” defacto powers. Remember these agencies are administrative agencies and if you don’t know how to address the issue in a administrative process you will assume and presume your way into jail and poverty by signing contracts and agreements which you don not understand. Let me explain. How can a man or woman be incarcerated for debt when there’s laws under the Peonage Act to stop this process. Let’s remember dear people that the fathers and mothers being held and bound is due to an alleged debt. What is the Treasury departments real reason for creating such a quasi-law which lacks legislative enactment? Can any laws be applicable without legislative enactment? People listen up stop being emotional and opinionated about what you think the law says. Find more solution to these problems by “Comprehending” what these so-called laws really mean. In closing I leave you with this: In politics and religion, peoples beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at secondhand, and without examination from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue, but have taken them at secondhand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing….. Mark Twain.


    Jakada Zo

    • Jakada,

      I worked for the court system. I know the law. Cases do not have to be filed, we make choices that do not serve us. . Who loses in the end? The parent who is running away from personal responsibility. We can run, but we cannot hide for long. Bottom line: Do the Right Thing <-Spike Lee

  12. I am told that I am a rare breed because I am a woman who does not believe in child support, my choice. I made the mistake of entering into a relationship with an irresponsible male, my fault. Should he take care of his child, yes, but should he be forced and put in jail, no. I made the bad choice, I sucked it up and worked 2 jobs to provide for my child.

    I also did not make this same mistake twice. I am not bitter, I am better. He went on to have about 7 more children, but not another one by me. When I realized he was not going to be responsible, I cut my losses and moved on. I made sure my child had positive black male role models in his life. He went on to college and now has a very good job. He is blessed, but I don’t believe this would have happened if I had become bitter and vindictive. I did not talk badly about his father, we did not discuss him hardly at all. As women, we need to accept responsibility for our poor choices. When men do not do what they should, we must. It is not letting them off the hook, it is just living your life without drama or revenge. In fact, I have lived a better life without him. I have learned not to give a man the benefits of a marriage without having the marriage. I know marriage is no guarantee either, but it is God’s plan. Both men and women need to choose more wisely and take time to really get to know a person.

    If you wind up with several children with different daddies or mamas, you can’t keep blaming everyone
    else. Also, live and let live. If a man is doing something, appreciate it. Vengeance belongs to the Lord, we need to remember, No ringy, no dingy.

  13. The best thing for people to do just like Judge Mablean says “look deep before you leap”. It is really sad that people especially guys think with their lower head not the upper head. People need to be careful who they lay down with. They need to think about if they want to go through having your money taken from you by the government or paying 18 – 21 years of child support. I don’t care how the girl looks, if she is white, bi racial, Asian, etc. Guys need to be careful who they lay up with. Unfortunately this is not going to stop people both the man and the woman from producing children. They will not learn from this.

  14. I have read all the comments and there are some good arguments for both sides. I am black man with 2 children out of wedlock trying to be Responable and Accountable for my children. I have been a small business owner much of my adult life but, do to the economy I have had to get a job to try to make ends meet. I can’t get a well paying job because of back child support, can’t get a loan, or leave the country for a better paying job in Iraq. So, my question to men and to women what do I do and where do we go from here? I work more and see my kids less do go back to the life GOD save me from or is ti back to the block or cell block? Either way if I can’t get job that pays enough money to pay child support and for me to live it doesn’t work for anyone! Pleas instruct me on Doing the Right Thing!

    Signed Dazed and Confused

  15. Cite the laws just don’t claim to know the law. The mere presumption of knowing the law without citing the law can be construed as a representation of a False Claim. This goes out to the person who claimed to work in the courts an knows the law. Cite they law so we can all learn the truth.


  16. Greetings dazed and confused:

    Start with requesting from the agency a copy of the original document you signed when you started in the child support process. Examine carefully and clearly what you signed. Locate the statute and implementing regulation which controls the statute. Examine carefully. Construct a counter-claim document which outlines clearly the limitation of administrative agencies to exercise judicial authority. Be clear to emphasize that your attempt is to identify clearly how your civil liberties can be restricted and taken for failure to pay a debt. Review the peonage act and understand that your condition is due to debt, and not that you are a bad man or criminal. I wish I could share the actual documents for remedy, but I believe this platform restricts this process. Be strong warrior ….

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  18. I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again!

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