Dr. Boyce: Why You Black People No Longer Need Affirmative Action

For the sake of deviating from tradition, I thought I’d try to peer into the mind of a racist.  Doing so took me to the hotly-debated topic of Affirmative Action, which is going before the Supreme Court this week.  I am a product of affirmative action.  Although I am a pretty well-educated dude, I sincerely doubt that Syracuse University would have let me in after not hiring any other African American finance professor in the last 100 years.

Out of respect for the all the proud Texans who don’t quite realize just how their thinking descended from their Klansman roots (of course they only hate Obama so much because of healthcare), I am going to lay out some reasons why we don’t need affirmative action.  Also consistent with tradition, I fully expect to get angry emails from people who read the title, but were too lazy to read the article itself.  If you are one of those people, then I encourage you to rethink your “analytical” capabilities.


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  1. Denise at 3:41 pm

    Yes, we still need Affirmative Action because the ‘powers-that-be’ still have ‘white’ hands. We, minorities (African American and Hispanic), have contributed significantly to the United States. Yet, we are still counted as less than a whole person. Everything white people have ever gotten, they have stolen. That’s why other countries don’t like them because they are, what the black community would call, shiesty (pronounced shi-sty/with the long i sound). In other words they are deceptive. They lie, cheat and steal, which is what the devil does so that’s why other countries call them the ‘blue-eyed devil’. Now mind you ALL white people are not like that, but they are few and far between. If you notice the different laws people are challenging and the laws that have changed, have to do with what the ancestors of the African Americans fought for years ago (i.e. voting rights, the right to be 100% equal, which hasn’t happened yet, Affirmative Action, etc.). They are just trying to take us back to the times before the ’60’s and if we don’t watch it, they’re going to slip it in on us. It’s time for us to start fighting again because if we don’t, we’ll be in the 21st century living like the 19th century.

  2. Pastori Balele at 6:38 am

    The Minority Business Enterprise ( MBE) program is like the Affirmative Action (AA) program. Now that I own business, I find it hard why state lawmakers and governors still think the MBE and AA programs should continue. They are useless programs and divide Blacks and Whites. How would a white man in business feel if he bids lowest and a Black business person bids higher is given the contract? The white person would hate Blacks as whole all his life. Now the US Supreme Court is going to hear arguments on these programs. I don’t what will be the outcome. To give fairness to minorities or MBEs states and private sector should focus to ensure contracts and jobs are not awarded based on nepotism, race and political affiliation. The MBE or AA programs do not fight these issues. Actually nobody knows what these programs do or fight against. I was in AA committee for four years. We did nothing other than attending meetings which proved to be useless. State government supervisors and directors of Affirmative Action themselves, usually Blacks, were themselves against the programs. Of course they are paid a lot for doing nothing. We have enough state and federal laws that confront unfairness based on nepotism, political affiliation, race or national origin. The problem is we, the victims, don’t know how to use the laws. And those we trust to enforce equal opportunity are themselves breakers of the laws or afraid of confronting those who break equal rights laws. For these reasons I don’t think private sector, state and federal governments should continue to have affirmative action programs. However, they should enforce the laws which mandate equal opportunity. And it’s easy to prove an establishment is discriminating against protected groups and Whites. Dump the affirmative action programs. Instead enforce equal opportunity laws in establishments.

  3. Reed Bossie at 6:56 am

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