Dr. Boyce: How Does Pres. Obama Fit Into Black History?

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For many centuries, the epitome of African American achievement has been to become the first black president.  We once talked about it like it was the impossible dream, or the ultimate sign that we have arrived.  Well, Barack Obama didn’t just talk about the dream, he went out and turned it into a reality.

So, here we are, with the keys to the Oval Office.  When the Obamas moved in physically, many of “us” moved into the White House psychologically.   The Obama’s marriage was our own, and our sense of protection of the president and his family was the kind that tends to be reserved for our closest relatives.

With that said, the question becomes, “How do we properly contextualize President Obama in black American history?”

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  1. President Obama’s father is African while his mother is White American. This makes President Obama African-American just like all Americans of African descent. In fact President Obama bridged the missing link between America and the rest of whole world. You may remember after then Senator Obama won the presidency, people of all color and creed all over the world cried for joy. People danced in Africa S Sahara, Asia, England, Germany, China, Japan, Russia, Empty, Turkey, Libya, Morocco, Malaysia, Italy, France, Canada, etc. All cried for joy. You could see tears flowing down from their eyes. You remember Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Ted Kennedy and other prominent people – all couldn’t hold their tears of happiness. What a day it was! History was made. And what a day will be again this November when President Obama wins 2nd term. Please join me to vote for President Obama in November.

  2. I was so excited about him running for the office and then to watch him win. I tell you that night I was so happy and hopeful; that I actually leviated. My feet were not touching the ground!!!
    I worked tiresly to help him in the get there throughout my community and city. However, its excitement lost! I am so dissappointed in President Obama; I could spit! He is just the President with the black face! I am not calling him a devil and I dont believe he is ….However, he is the “devil’s advocate”! His being elected did nothing to improve this country accept our black male babies know that the position is achievable. And I guess thats saying something. He is a black face bought and paid for by Corporate Amerikkka! Once he threw his pastor under the bus
    for speaking the truth about Amerikkka and for speaking out against racism, white supremacy, greed & poverty; I knew it was downhill from there. Then to watch him be treat with such blatant disrepect and threatened as no other President ever and watch as Eric Holder didnt lock these people up for treason….it let me know just how far we have come. Even with him being President….white supremacy still rules the day. When he bailed out Wall Street twice, I felt he was in their pockets. It was putting the chickenhawk in the hen house. I have very little respect left for him and I think he is a great ACTOR! It only means a black man can be just as bad as any white man. I lost respect for him.

  3. What is the litmus test to be labeled a Black, color of skin only??? Content of character or DNA is secondary….In the eyes of most Americans especially whites it doesn’t matter if mother or father is black or White, it is the physical color of the person skin. If Obama had taken his mother color what do you think most Americans attitudes toward him would be…Would some Whites be disrespectful to him as they have been.. ..HINT:::.Never judge a book by it cover………………

  4. Dr. Boyce, why don’t you leave it to the historians to make that determination ? You have demonstrated to all of us over and over again that you are not qualified to speak on any subject even remotely related to President Obama.

  5. Hey Pudding!

    BEAUTIFULLY STATED!!!!! Wonderful comment. You could not have said it any better. Many people have spoken about his man Boyce and his attitude toward the president. It is quite obvious that his envy shows a great deal . PRESIDENT OBAMA IS BLACK HISTORY. Why would this so-called educator even bring up this irgnorant talkiing issue. Common sense tells you that this president has gotten more done in less time than any of the presidents, even with the moron do-nothing Republicans and Tea Pigs who would not do anything but pull away in another direction. They treated him with much disrespect from day one, and might I add, some people of color being mothing but jealous and two-faced. It is totally disgusting. As previous comments that were made, there were so many people from all waks of life that were and still are extremely happy, tears and all, when he became president. However, the bottom line is they can never be the real man that the president is, and there are many ways to skin a cat.


    Hey Pastori Balele!
    Let us do this!!!! There will be many people joining you in November, 2012. Those that do not are truly ignorant and are lacking much common sense because those racist pigs (Republicans and Tea Pigs) will do nothing at all for you but to keep you down because they are so afraid and tottally insecure that they eventually will be the minority, and they will.
    All sane people would have to remember the incompetent Cheyney/Bush era

    There will be many people joining you

  6. Aisha Jackson, you have expressed my sentement very well. I worked just as hard for the election of Mr. Obama, I contributted to his campaign. For the first time I said I believe in a politician, but he turn out to be worst than the white one in my opinion.
    I let my Guard dowh.
    We as black people seem to believe the conditioning of slavery have left us. Wrong, we still behave that way. Once we reached where we want to go we forget the one we left behind. We become harder on our own people than anyone .
    When Mr. Obama, shook Khadafi hands and white meadia played it up, when he shook hands with President Chavez of Venezulia, and the whit media played it up, and when he join force with England and France, and killed Khadafi, I know I was done with him.Those leaders trusted him, Lybia, abondon it nuclear weapon development, because they trusted him, and in the end he turn on the man and helped to kill him. Khadafi, was an Africasn. and he sanctioned his daeth, so the white men can get his oil. There were no hunger in Lybia, there were no unemployment in Lybia, people were going to Lybia fromother African countries to find work, but he would not allow the criminals from the west to come in and take what belong to the African people, therefore he had to die.
    When he begin to kill Africasns, I know he was not one of us. We have been played by him like all the others before him.
    Most of us as black people goes into HERO worshipping, and that is what have been taking place here with Mr. Obama, and all the other black celebrities. He is no different from George Buse, or George Washington. He care nothing for black people, because we care nothing about ourselves. As long as we are disorganised and have disunity amongs ourselves we will be disrespected.And nody will care about us.
    Until we begin to speak with the voice of unity and stop killing each other and begin to set the agenda for ourselves and our own survival we will be treated badly by ever other race.
    Stop relying on others to solve our problems, they are the same people who put us in the oisition where find ourselves, so why do you think they are going to help us get out of where we find ourselves?.
    I will alway be critical of people who rely on others to do for them what they can do for themselves, and as a race we been doing that to ourselves for a very long time. Look at your self in the morror, then look at black people around the world, then ask youself why are we in this position, when you do that and are able to answer that question you will begin to understand history.
    I have not lost respect for Mr. Obama, because I know that he was not his own man, and I blame myself for expecting anything from him as far as black people are concern.
    He went to Africa when he was getting ready to run for the presidency, and he went Ghana, to spread democracy, but what else has he done for the black world?.When you join force with the people and the nations that are and is still the natural enemy of the black race, I am done with you, and he have done that. He is now the master and the leader of the oppressor of his own people.NO mr. Obama, did not disapoint me, I am my own man. I make my own decision, and I say what I feel. I am not a HERO worshipper, and I do not believe anyman is above creticism. I am a follower of MARCUS GARVEY PHILOSOPHY, because his is still the best for the black people of the world.I have never sold out I will never sell out. I am not like Mr. Obama. or Mr. Colin Powell, or Al Sharpton, and the rest of those who will pick your pocket and make promisses that they cannot full fill.

  7. Dr Boyce,I enjoy your forum.But lets get busy.You see whats
    going on around the country.Use this forum for the enlightenment
    of our people,Its not over.These racist ass white people are going
    down,but they are going down fighting,lets do the same.We need
    to get behind our president and let them know that if something
    happen to him there will be hell to pay and how he fits into black
    history will be crystal CLEAR………………………

  8. How Does Pres. Obama Fit Into Black History?

    The first Black man elected to lead the most powerful nation in the world. That should do for starters.

  9. Trust me they will find a way to edit him out of their history. Dont under estimate the devils they have ways.A hundred years from honw, no one will read anything about Obama presidency.
    When you are dealing with Satan followers be will to expect anything.

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