Catholic Leaders Wage War Against President Obama Over Mandatory Birth Control



Catholic leaders took their battle with the White House to the next level on Monday, vowing to challenge its decision to force Catholic institutions to cover birth control as part of the new health care law.

As has been widely reported, Catholic priests railed against the decision this past Sunday in pews across the nation.

Catholic leaders view the White House’s decision as an encroachment on their religious freedom, and are determined to overturn this decision, even it means using its 70 million churchgoers to defeat President Obama in the upcoming election.

In an op-ed in USA Today on Monday, President Obama’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, defended the ruling:  “We specifically carved out from the policy religious organizations that primarily employ people of their own faith. This exemption includes churches and other houses of worship, and could also include other church-affiliated organizations.”

With neither side backing down, this fight could spill over into the election. Catholics are a large voting bloc and this fight has already become a talking point for people like Newt Gingrich who has said that President Obama is waging a war against religion.

President Obama won the Catholic vote in 2008, but it is uncertain whether he’ll be able to do the same this time around if the fight continues.

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  1. Pastori Balele at 8:06 am

    I am Catholic and I support President Obama policy on birth control insurance coverage. I never believed in birth control even before I became catholic. But as I grew up I found those objecting birth control, the republicans, is same ones demonizing mothers who cannot support their babies. In fact republicans make it harder for poor mothers to raise kids in this rich country. I remember one Wisconsin GOP executive called mothers and expecting mother as “baby factories” a term belittling mothers as useless humans. As to Catholic leaders, they should look into themselves after series of sexual contacts lawsuits involving minors. For almost two years I quit attending catholic sermons. I felt these same priests were themselves sinners. I have advice for Catholic elites – just shut your mouths and pray the birth control issue be solved by prayer. Do not use the church as mouth piece against birth control. People now have low opinion of religion including Catholicism. Stay away from politics. Use your pulpits to dissuade Catholics from using birth control. This is because you yourselves cannot live to the standard expected of you.

  2. Danielle Hollars at 3:09 pm

    I too am Catholic. The problem with this mandate is the governments overreach into all faiths, not just the Catholic Church or its institutions. The Catholic Church is not the only religion that speaks out against birth control. It is an outspoken advocate on life issues, and to impose policies that go against our faith, goes against the first amendment of the Constitution. As far as the sex abuse scandal, the Church is working to make sure that type of scandal never happens again. Not every priest should be excoriated for the action of those others that failed the church, but that doesn’t change the governments interference in telling these religious groups how they should run themselves. Each faith can preach what they like from the pulpit to help guide the faithful. It’s up to each individual person to choose which religion they want to be a part of. The government can not tell the churches and those institutions tied to them, that they should turn a blind eye, and go against their morals and values. Hope everyone has a blessed day!

    • Aaron at 6:04 pm

      “the Church is working to make sure that type of scandal never happens again.” LOL, you live in a dream world!! Those that weren’t butt plugging the boys, the others were banging the Nuns, no scandal erupted from those affairs, the nuns were either relocated or returned to their outside the church lives…..another question regarding buried fetuses, shhhhhh!

    • PocketFullofRoses at 6:42 pm

      I mean no disrespect to you or your beliefs. I’m just curious so I have a few questions for you or other Catholics:

      “The Catholic Church is not the only religion that speaks out against birth control. ”
      What other religions speak out against birth control?

      Are you and others you know committed to not using birth control—Even married couples who don’t want any more children.

      Are Catholics allowed to undergo surgeries procedures such as Tubal ligation & vasectomy that sterilize you?

      In my humble opinion, if most Catholics were not using birth control your members would be having more babies / much larger families.

      • Danielle Hollars at 4:26 am

        Most Evangelical Protestants, Orthodox Jews, and several sects of Islam do not promote the use of birth control. I am very committed to not using birth control and so are many of my friends. Even some of my non-Catholic friends are no longer supportive of birth control. Catholics are not allowed to sterilize ourselves. I know many large Catholic families. Just sit outside of any Catholic Church after a children’s Mass. And quite frankly, if someone who claims to be Catholic has such a problem abiding by Church doctrine, why not find another faith to worship with more social freedoms when it comes to sexuality. No one is forcing them to remain Catholic. But the Church is not going to change it’s dogma, because some don’t like what the Church hands down. Look where sexual promiscuity has gotten society. I personally don’t have to worry about a broken condom, or failed pill, or other failed contraceptives. That does not include the carcinogens that are in birth control pills. But from personal experience, I have suffered permanent bone loss in my spine, and hips, from the use of a certain birth control before I met my husband and got married. I’ve had to have my left hip replaced, my right will have to be replaced, and I have severe bone loss in my lower spine. So I am very opposed to contraceptives. If you have any more questions you can click on my name and read my blog, or send me an email. Have a blessed evening!

  3. Maxwell123 at 3:32 pm

    I am Catholic and I understand we do not support the use of birth control, so I will not use them. Because it is offered by my insurance plan does not mean I have to avail myself. Is the Catholic Church saying that their members can not think for themselves.

    • PocketFullofRoses at 6:56 pm

      I agree with you… Everyone is responsible for their own choices.
      Your comment didn’t give hints as to whether you were married or not. If you are single – do you practice abstinence? Do you use condoms? (Condoms are a form of birth control)

  4. nell bonner at 3:34 pm

    Where was the Catholic church all those decades when their priests were sexually molesting all those boys. Was that their form of contraception?

  5. Aaron at 5:42 pm

    In our youth, the girls attending Catholic Church and Schools were having sex, pregnancies and shipped off to aunts, uncles and grandparents until either returning from an abortion, adoption or baby being raised as a cousin or family member. African-American females didn’t have that luxury or options, most had to drop out of school. The Catholic School girls upon return to parental protection were the same precious Cutie with one leg near the rear window and the other supported by the back of the front seat in a 50 Ford, awaiting submarine races.

  6. Aaron at 5:53 pm

    For what it’s worth, it’s either a President who sincerely cares for the elderly, middle class and poor or the alternative, a rerun of the Bush era. When the stu-nods wake up with grandparents without Medicare or Social Security……..You’ll have what you voted for!! Hatred will make you rethink your course after it’s too late, many have forgotten what the TeaParty caused in 2010. Even those stupid
    A-H’s will wake up realizing the train has left them at the depot without a ticket to ride. The sorry, stupid bastids!!

  7. Oren Elow at 10:39 pm

    President Obama I love you, voted for you, gave you a few dollars and was thinking about voting for you again. However, I will not vote for you if you continue to force your foolish law on the Catholic Church to cover birth control as part of your new health care law. I am and Independent and can brush you aside if need be.

    The Church has made big ugly mistake in the past. However, the Church in the past ten years has repented and growing anew leaving me proud to be a Catholic. We Catholic should not walk with our heads down, for Christ came to earth to change sinners into goodness; and through Him our faith and church continue to move in the right direction. I am asking my Catholic brothers and sisters no to vote for Obama if he continue to disrespect our faith. There are two Catholics running for president and either one is [better] than Obama, if Obama wish to stick to his law that forces the Church to go against its God given beliefs!

    • Pastori Balele at 4:58 am

      Oren Elow – Please do not psych people to vote for any Catholic GOP candidate. American people have suffered enough following voting for GOP governors now abusing workers both in private and public sector – stripping them of their union rights. Come to Wisconsin – everybody is angry . Governor Walker is abusing people. That is at state level. Now on national level. You mean you want people vote for Newt Gingrich! This is a sinner, bigot, racist and inhuman. Even his own children have vowed never to vote for own father. Now Santorum – this guy is a racist-calling Blacks welfare freeloader. That is not catholic to call others such derisive names. You want to elect Romney. Romney is Mormon who believes in marrying several wives; a bigot and vows to disregard the very poor and thinks corporation are people too. Romney shipped his money to be used to benefit economy of Swiss people – not for America. Romney should be tried for treason for bankrupting American in 2008. Ron Paul – his campaign is sponsored by KKK groups. Paul then cannot be good catholic. KKK focus is to kill all Blacks and other racial minorities. Then we are left with our angel – President Obama. Economy is picking up – got rid of Bin Laden, the Yemen guy and all their followers; Americans are acceptable as friends all over the world – even in Iran and Syria – except their horrible leaders; established affordable health care law benefiting even me, the low income people. If you think birth control provision be erased, please sue the law in court. Judges will decide if such provision violates religion right. I am asking all Catholics – Whites, Blacks, Asians and people of other races to vote for President Obama in November. This is the only guy I trust. Please join me in November to re-elect President Obama.

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