Barack Obama’s Record: Three Years In Three Minutes [Video]

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This video, “Change Happened,” is about to go viral, and it’s being highlighted by everyone from Dan Savage to Andrew Sullivan. It’s amazing, inspirational, and true.

Frankly, there’s so much more that could have been put into it, but I commend video’s creator, “Digitocalypse.”



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  1. I am praying that he gets a second term…I love the man!!!

  2. Obama is equivalent to Moses…..All of his accomplishments have been miracles…Because the repukes have tried to vigilant stop and obstruct every bill that was put on the floor of the houses. The Senate has set a record in the number of filibusters by the repukes…….But what they don’t realize this man was sent by God to lead us out of this dismal economic dilemma…God said no weapon formed against me shall prosper…He was sent for the same reason that Moses was sent to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt… ……..
    A Divine intervention is the reason he was elected President of this racist USA…..Laws of nature has no explanations or can explain how or why he was elected…………This was a miracle and only God can perform a miracle……..

  3. The Obama team really needs to use this video in each and every state, and they need to use it each and every day all the way up unto November, seriously.

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