Another Reality Show, “The Real Preacher Wives of Atlanta”

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For those of you who just can’t get enough of Nene, Sheree, Phaedra, Cynthia, Marlo, Kim and Kandi, those vivacious southern vixens from the Peach State, TLC has something that is sure to peak your interest.

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Partnering with True Entertainment, the production company behind The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the network announced that it is working on a project tentatively titled Preacher Wives that will follow the lives of the “First Ladies” of Atlanta churches, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

In a statement released Tuesday, True Entertainment president, Steven Weinstock, shared his excitement about this unexpected partnership and also the rationale behind the new series:

We are excited to work with TLC to profile the lives of these strong-willed women. With most praise in religious communities directed towards male preachers, we are thrilled to give these remarkable ladies the spotlight they crave and deserve.”

The series will follow the women as they preside over their husbands’ congregations, as well as shadow their private lives and the conflicts that inevitably arise when trying to balance both, reports THR.

It should come as no surprise that TLC has decided to jump into the Wives fray. The Real Housewives franchise has proven to be a goldmine for Bravo, with an estimated $35.6 – $162 million generated in ad revenue within the last two years. With the copy-cat success of VH1′s Basketball Wives and Mob Wives, we should probably expect the same cat-fights and shenanigans from Preacher Wives; only this time, it’s for the Lord.

TLC has yet to announce the airdate.



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  1. “…the rationale behind the new series. ..to give the remarkable ladies the spotlight they crave and deserve.”
    I smell a rat!!!!

  2. Before I could fully digest Mistress of Atlanta, now here comes Preachers Wives. One can only expect Police Wives, Postmen Wives, Doctor Wives, and of course Men who are Wives in Drag. No wonder Maury, Jerry and Cheaters are mostly rerun syndication, all their show themes are now competing shows. Can any TV producer say Situation Comedy.

  3. that is just sick!!!! u know what let them go ahead and display all their foolishness with the pretense of god and expose urself for the liars, cheats and ungodly people you all are, your husbands included. Jesus didn’t have a place to lie his head yet this money grubbing hounds use the LORD name for their own profit. SICK u workers of the devil.

  4. Another Fake Reality show….please, those shows are script. If it was reality it wouldn’t be script.

  5. Another dumbass reality show

  6. Ha,ha more tv nonsense.I would never waste my time watching this silly stuff.
    How about this,instead of all these tv shows with all these different wives and people hustling.How about the tv watchers,the preachers and their wives get dressed and go into the community and start cleaning it up and mentoring some of these lost black youth in the hood.

  7. I will not watch either. Housewives is my guilty pleasure, but I also find them to be sad reflections of what women should be. Housewives of ATL this past week was just down right pathetic. Two grown women fighting over who owns a car and who has a house, and what you got and don’t have, shameful. Nene get paid for showing the world just how low and ghetto she can be, and she loves stirring up trouble that is why she invited someone to a travel event that she didn’t even plan. Yet, she’s rich and fabulous, will not entertain her talk show.

    Sad and not good depictions of Black women. Cynthia a wimp who runs behind Nene, and who married a man that she has to take care of. I do enjoy Kandi, Phaedra, and Kim, but Sheree need to conduct herself more like the lady I know she can be, because arguing with an ex felon who clearly isn’t dealing with a full deck is just crazy.

    • What I found to be simply minded is the way Phaedra(the intellect of the bunch) is acting; If you were really a woman of substance, you would welcome ANY woman of color that you could possibly mentor; instead you’re being the uncouth ass that Sheree is. Sheree wantabee is not only uncouth, but fake as her hair. And “Ms. Greyhound” seems to think that she is attractive – you might have been except for your disdain for your sista-friends – even in comments you’ve made about Phaedra when you realized that you couldn’t use her – for free; in your child support case..of which I applaud you.
      You finally took that deadbeat of a dad to court; although once there he even intimidated both you and the lawyer extraordinary. You alienated the one person that would have remained true to you; through thick and then, and that’s NeNe, as “ghetto” as you all think she is that’s how loyal she is. So, to NeNe I say good ridden to bad “garbage” – namely Sheree, Phaedra, and especially Kim. Now why is there a “single white female” in the midst of all this; and you guys give her the center focus by bring her up in EVERY conversation.
      As for Kandi; get a back bone…any way the wind blow that’s where you go! If that’s the case, blow youself right out the picture. Find a backbone and be loyal a real true friend..I’m sorry do you have one?! I am suprize that they’ve added a “felon” to the pot, but what do you expect when they’re trying to make black women look their worst? If you’re really in need of money, get a job, and stop looking foolish with all you drama, real and un-real!

  8. BLACK REALITY TV is heart braking. I fully understand why it is hard for society to take the black race serious. If our young black sistahs are not shaking their naked bodies all over videos that degrade them, they are fighting on national tv over a MAN or words that were spoken or whatever else they find to fight over. Put that energy into reading books and raising your children to be law abiding citizens. Maybe we can get our youngmen to pull up their pants, and our youngladies to respect themseleves by not dressing with little to no clothes on. My heart breaks at the condition of our neighborhoods. I want to see one just one MLK BLVD, Street not litered with snagging pants drug dealers and users, trash, mothers pushing one with four in toe, liquor stores and payday lenders. When is enough going to be enough? Lord have mercy on the Real Preacher Wives. By the way I do not watch Reality TV.

    • @Wow, most the reality TV is shameful, I see all the housewives fighting each others and cussing each other’s out and acting more like high school mean girls than women, and sadder it really does shows how SOME women (more than not) are towards each other. I recently had a bible study teacher say that she believed women were torturous towards each other’s and you really can’t argue with the truth, it appears we are, and clearly somebody loves it, because it’s, because the behavior is profitable or they wouldn’t show it. In writing this I know I shouldn’t watch them either Wow, because it directly says I am condoning the behavior when I actually am totally against it. Sociologically speaking I find it fascinating to watch their behaviors, even though I find those same behaviors to be most times appalling, if that makes senses.

      However wow, I must say I agree about the Black woman’s condition as a whole she has devalued herself and the world has reacted to it by devaluing us. It was bad when those perceptions were out their against us when we were doing the job as being a mother, wife and upstanding member of the community, even then we got bad raps that were not true. I too wonder why is it when majority of Blacks move in a neighborhood then the neighborhood quickly deteriorate. My daughter shared with me that during the era of the Black Panthers White folks pushed drugs into our neighborhoods to stabilize the people from the movement that was occurring during that time, movement which I have very little knowledge on mind you. I do not know if that is true and when we just stop caring as a whole, but I do know that there are still Blacks who have not, and will never succumb to this type of despicable behaviors. Another thing I have noticed is when these undesirable types see the Black people that are contrary to their selves they watch you with hatred in their eyes and claim you are not proud to be Black, because to them Black means being ignorant, loud, ghetto, and foolish, when it does not.

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