Amazing Picture Compares Michelle and MLK’s Children

Ironic, isn’t it?





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  1. A great picture but watch the Republicans say that it was somehow staged.

  2. Who cares it just a mother and her daughter bonding, one in sorrow the other in happiness, now all in all it the POWER of a MOTHER and CHILD priceless

  3. Wonderful photos, but somewhere down the line someone will find them offensive, or will find fault will First Lady Obama. Both women are gracious in their own way and their children know it. Great comparison.


  5. What I see in the these pictures is two loving mothers. In my mind I am creating four additional years of an awe inspiring presidency and many, many years following that of inspiration and ground-breaking service to the world for Barack and Michelle. Please stop coming up with negative scenarios! Our people need to be inspired, not discouraged!!!

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