A Wanted Man: Georgia Judge Issues A Warrant For Bow Wow Arrest

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According to TMZ, Bow Wow was ordered by a Tennessee court back in 2009 to pay almost $100,000 to a tour bus company for allegedly not paying his bill. The company then took the case to Georgia to try and get the court where Bow Wow lives to enforce the judgment.

He was ordered to produce documents in his home state regarding the lawsuit, which he never did. As a result, the tour company filed a motion to have the rapper held in contempt. Finally back in October, the judge granted the motion and ordered Bow Wow be arrested and held until he produces the necessary documents the tour bus company asked for. Bow Wow has not been taken into custody so far, or responded to the lawsuit.



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  1. Wow, I wonder what kind of tour bus did Bow Wow have,that would cost this amount of money? If the judgement lien happened in Tennessee,how and why could Georgia legally get involved? Bow Wow,get you a good attorney,and fight this debacle. They are broke, and trying to steal money from The Black Man.

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