A Mother’s Cries On The “View” Brings Missing Home After Six Months

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A 16-year-old girl who was missing from her home in the Bronx, New York, for six months was found safe after her mother appeared on ‘The View.’

Mishell-Nicole DiAmonde Green was discovered at a shelter for victims of violence after an anonymous viewer called the Black and Missing Foundation February 24. She was reunited with her family shortly after the tip.

It’s unknown, though, what happened to Mishell-Nicole or where she has been since she disappeared on her way to an after-school program September 8.

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‘Mishell is safe and out of harm’s way,’ he family said in a statement to ABC News.

‘We thank all who lifted your hearts and voices in prayer, who posted reports, who told about her disappearance, who called us with suggestions, and who were there.’

The ‘View’ featured Mishell February 24 as part of the show’s campaign to raise awareness for missing black teenagers.

Janell Johnson-Dash, Mishell’s mother, said on the daytime talk show her daughter had never run away and she had no idea what could have happened to her.

‘This was her first time going out alone where we weren’t going to pick her up, so I trusted her with a set of keys, because I trust her,’ she said.

‘She said, “Ma I promise I’ll be home on time.” She gave my husband a hug and a kiss and we never saw her again.’

Johnson-Dash said her daughter is a college-bound high school student who has never been in trouble.

Her friends never heard from her after she disappeared, and her Facebook profile has had no activity.

But Johnson-Dash said police were slow to begin looking for her daughter because of the neighborhood where her family lives and the color of her skin.

When she called police the morning after Mishell didn’t come home, Johnson-Dash was told not the worry — that kids run away all the time.

‘I grew up right here next to Lincoln Center (in New York City) which is predominantly Caucasian area. I went to all-white schools,’ she said.

‘If I would have made this report from my old address next to Lincoln Center versus where I live in the Bronx, it would have been treated totally differently.’

Mishell family will appear on ‘The View’ Monday afternoon to discuss what happened to the teenager for six months.



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