Yvette Carnell: Is Ron Paul a Racist? Part II

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by Yvette Carnell

Over the past couple of weeks, two distinct memes about Ron Paul have grabbed hold; 1) Ron Paul is racist 2) a racist should never be President. I submit to you that even if both these suppositions are true, they still don’t matter, certainly not in any meaningful way that actually matters to African Americans.

Firstly, I would like to fundamentally change the definition of racism:  To the extent that policies target and do damage to the African American community, they’re racist. So being a racist and behaving as a racist isn’t solely a function of calling a black person the “N” word, making demeaning or disparaging comments, or harboring bias. It’s much, much broader than that, and it extends to all Presidents and public officials who marginalize the core issues impacting the African American community.

So please, stop thinking that the worst thing a white politician can do to you is call you a nigger, because it’s not the worst by any stretch of the imagination. The worst thing any politician can do to you is refuse to take your demographic seriously and thus, recapture and neutralize your political power. The worst thing a politician – any politician – can do to you and me is saturate us with symbolism and starve us of substance, as is the case with our current President who sends us Christmas cards showcasing a beautiful black family, with few policy initiatives that actually support any black families other than his own, to match the card.

This is politics people. It’s a tough game. Get your emotions out of it. It’s not about cute kids, cute families, or a dog named Bo’. It’s about the Deal. It’s about the Exchange. Many people have attributed racist views and comments to both Presidents Nixon and LBJ, but we still extracted a good deal from their administrations. We made mutually beneficial deals which were free from emotion and sentimentality, something the African Americans electorate has been utterly incapable of achieving during the era of Obama, the defining aspect of which is the foil of imagined post racialism.

Would Ron Paul make a good President? I’m not sure, but he’d certainly make an effective Republican nominee for President. I wholeheartedly believe that having a Republican nominee in the fray who has real policy differences with establishment politicians would be superior to having Obama face his slightly more evil twin – Mitt Romney – in the 2012 election.

On most issues, Romney and Obama are in close alignment and so a race between the two of them would be a Presidential campaign in futility, without any meaningful distinction. This would not be the case for Paul candidacy. An Obama v. Paul race would force Obama to clarify, defend, or maybe even change some of his most heinous policy positions. These are issues we should all take into consideration before bashing Paul. In fact, I would encourage AA’s to stop reacting as Pavlovian dogs whenever the issue of race is injected into the national conversation. Right now, black writers and commentators are being dispensed by the establishment media to take down Ron Paul, and although they may get rewarded with extended contracts and higher pay packages, bashing Ron Paul won’t get us any closer to having our needs met or having our issues heard by the current President.

It’s time to cut a deal. The Wall Streeters cut a deal to ensure that they weren’t held accountable by the Obama administration for engineering the second Great Depression. Hillary Clinton cut a deal that netted her the position of Secretary of State in exchange for the women’s vote. Even Al Sharpton cut a deal to defend this President in exchange for a national television show, so the only question is; where’s your deal?

If I can cut a deal with Ron Paul whereby I exchange my vote for an end to the failed War on Drugs, a war that has unfairly imprisoned far too many of our young black men, and put an end to a War on Terror that has redirected tax dollars from our communities to drones attacks, then I’ll consider it. It’s not personal. It’s business. It’s politics.


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  1. Um…that’s only two issues that would help and if we had to cut a deal on the paucity of those two alone then where is the gaining balance?Ma’am doesn’t Ruin Paul want to get rid of public education by eliminating the Board of Education!? Does he also want to eliminate minimum wage and allow corporations the right to pay people what they want? What you are positing is tantamount to cutting off your nose to spite your face and it’s so much more than flaw rhetoric.You take YOUR feelings out of it because out send you don’t care for blacks either.And in politics it’s commonly the choice of the lesser of two eg evils.Your deal is flat out destruction.

    • Ummm…you think keeping the US Dept of Education (not the Board of Education btw) is so horrible? What has it gotten AAs so far? There is still defacto segregation, and AAs are THE WORST PERFORMING demographic in US public education…what are you trying so hard to preserve by keeping things the way they are with education? come on brother.

      Are we really tripping about minimum wage? What, you want to SECURE our bottom slot? Come on fam. Corporation already pay people what they want and do whatever the F they want right now!!!!! Were you here for the bailout? Do you see how they get away with anything under this administration and under previous admins?

      Ron Paul is DIFFERENT than the status quo of what has been going on. The status quo is unacceptable, and it must change. Ron Paul is the only one proposing to do so. Awaken!

  2. Thanks Yvette. As per usual, your providing really enlightened and accessible political analysis.

    Just some general comments. IMHO the old Polish slur, “Polack,” is about as close as some 100% European-Americans can get to understanding the layers of meaning in the “n-word.”

    IMHO, the general discussion could be improved by substituting “ethnicity,” for “race.” I also think using the term “white supremacist,” is better than racist, when it applies to someone who thinks they’re 100% European-American. Historically, “white supremacists,” also went after other ethnic groups: Jews, Native American tribes, Latins/Spanish, Italians, and Irish. The ethnic persecution of the Irish by the British has largely receded from the public memory.

    I’m an agnostic, but the Apostle Paul was thousands of years ahead when he wrote Galations 3:28 : “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

    Thanks for all you do.

  3. Apologies for the your/you’re error in my first line. #embarrassing

  4. So what your saying is that it’s OK to be a business racist, and for black people to not take it personal? Wow…really intelligent prose!! My advise is wake up!!…these devils don’t give a dam about you, or your ability to take things personal or with a business sense.

  5. Cosign this entire article….great piece. Black folk need to grow up and stop being so damn sensitive. Republicans AND Democrats are proven, practicing racists. Doesn’t matter if they put a Black face in the White House, racist policies are still enacted and enforced because we refuse to use our political power properly. Political and economic ignorance are killing the Black community. We must do better.

    In regards to Ron Paul, his ideas are in line with much of the “barber shop” talk I’ve heard from Black people over the years….because it’s common sense. If Obama adopted some of the same policies as Ron Paul (especially around non-intervention), Black folk would applaud him as a genius and the second coming of Jesus. Paul may not like Black people….so what. You don’t have to like me for me to get what I want from you.

    • Lol, Tre! I Co sign the article and your comment! “You don’t have to like me for me to get what I want from you.”

  6. No Name, imho the 1% have bought both parties and the media to force the 99% into “tribalism.” I would never encourage anyone to smoke pot, except for medicinal reasons, but the prohibition of it does not work. Conservatives and liberals agree in overwhelming numbers that it should be treated like alcohol. De-criminalization would defund the cartels who get about 60% of their revenue from pot. The cartels are destabilizing countries to our south and that’s fueling illegal immigration.

    Paul is wrong about the gold standard, but he’s right about Wall Street.

    Paul is right on torture and Habeas corpus.

    This is a terrific Ron Paul ad the wars/occupations http://www.thewashingtonnote.com/archives/2011/12/wow_ron_pauls_f/

    Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Hewlett Packard and the rest of the defense contractors get rich offshoring their work to the slave and child labor in China. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-11-07/counterfeit-parts-from-china-found-on-raytheon-boeing-systems.html

    From Electrical Engineering Times: “Apple reveals increasing Chinese child-labor problem” http://tinyurl.com/3j5f2d4‏

    From TIME Magazine: “Another Slavery Scandal in China” http://tinyurl.com/3fbytyf‏

    From the Wall Street Journal: “Measuring the Human Cost of an iPad Made in China” http://tinyurl.com/6ewg4pd‏

  7. […] reporting on Ron Paul’s 20 year old racist newsletters.  Republicans didn’t even need to do any heavy lifting to get Ron Paul disqualified based on that inflammatory accusation. Why? When all they needed to do, all they did, […]

  8. Ron Paul offers a few good ideas about managing our money…and about how our Gov’t should get out of all the wars. But he also perpetuates a lot of “States Rights” ideas, which were clearly coming from the segregated South years ago. Ron Paul is not someone who has stood tall for Black people’s rights. His old newsletters were full of racist statements. Neither he or his son Rand were supportive of Civil Rights Acts….and laws like that. And he is one of the founders and a big supporter of the Tea Party, which also promotes many misguided ideas about all sorts of issues, including CLIMATE CHANGE.

    Whether folks want to ackknowledge it or not…our planet is a state of emergency….and the poor nations in Africa, Blacks living in low income areas, and other people of color will get the worst end of that deal too.


  9. Both he and that evil son are racist. Pray and know evil when you see it wheather it is black or white or somewhere in between. Fast and Pray. I trust in God and He delivered President Obama

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