Yvette Carnell: At FOX debate Juan Williams Booed, Newt Gingrich Still Bashing Black People

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Anyone with half a brain would’ve thought that Newt Gingrich and other racial flamethrowers would’ve softened their rhetoric for theMLK holiday. Sorry. No dice.

Republican attendees of last night’s FOX debate were seething with delight when Gingrich refused to soften his claim that Obama was a “food stamp” president, and worked themselves into a frenzied mess when Gingrich offhandedly dismissed Juan Williams’ question about poor black kids who lack work ethic.And seeing as how Juan Williams is a right of center guy himself, this wasn’t about the ‘liberal’ media or unfair questions.

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  1. It is amazing to me how Newt Gingrich can continue to belittle and insult blacks and still expect to receive black votes. He calls President Obama the “Food Stamp president” because he knows that this appeals to the racist element of American voers. If there is anyone that’s all about burning bridges it is Newt Gingrich, he has burned bridges with blacks and other minorities. And is burning bridges with the Republican establishment with his assualts upon Mitt Romney. Obtaining food stamps were made easier by the federal government long before President Obama took office. In fact, George W. Bush’s administration expanded eligibility for food stamps to get more Americans to apply, which also contributed to an increase in recipients. But for some reason Republican’s are acting as if GWB never existed. Newt Gingrich’s strategy while in SC is to appeal to the many racist bigots of that state. It won’t work, Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee and Gingrich will be forced to offer his support to his now arch enemy. They are both good liars and they really do deserve each other.

  2. Ms. Carnell, here is a good question that needs to be asked. What is the GOP’s obsession with black people during this campaign? Is it due primarily to the election of the first black president? Or as I mentioned earlier, is it simply an attempt to appeal to the very worst element of American voters?

  3. I agree. Gingrich is another Santorum who labeled Blacks as welfare free loaders. Gingrich is a hypocrite, adulterer, inhuman to his wives and children. Even GOP elites and his children said would not vote for him. He is one of those people opposed the Affordable Health Care law – which enables another 31 mi Americans access to preventive medical care. Gingrich whined in tears after somebody reminded him about his dying mother of a disease. She was lucky Newt’s mother had insurance. Believe it or not Newt expects Blacks to vote for him. This is a mentally sick man. And this goes to Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Cain, Ron Paul, Rush, Santorum, Bill O’rielly, Glenn Beck, Megan, Crowley, Malkin, Karl Rove, Berne Goldberg, Sean Hannity, Dick Morris, Varney and all GOPers and TEA Partiers whose mission is to plant in Whites hatred against Blacks. Let their close relatives get sick and die for lack of medical insurance. That’s the time they understand how important the law is. Sarah Palin understands the importance of the law. She has a down-syndrome daughter that insurance had refused to cover. Sarah thanks President Obama for the law. Newt is done as politician. Let’s vote for President Obama in November.

  4. I’m not a bit surprise that they booed Juan…After all what could you expect from cesspool of red nick hicks…Remember South Carolina is a Jim Crow Southern State….And remember Newt the scumbag is from Georgia…..

  5. When we think of the most racist states in the union we normally think of Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama. But remember that South Carolina is the state that still flys the Confederate flag in front of its capitol bldg., SC was the last state to adopt King Day as a federal holiday, and the black vote for entire state is a mere 2%. Newt Gingrich knows exactly what he is doing, by mixing falsehoods with racial condescension, Newt Gingrich has decided to blatantly and openly attack all blacks as a means to enter the Oval Office. What’s even more insulting is the fact that he actually believes that he will receive a large percentage of the black vote nation-wide. He is hoping that the racist tea party of SC will swing the vote his way. He used a down right lie to gleefully receive cheers from the obvious racially intolerant crowd. The fact is that President Obama has “put” no one on food stamps. People apply for food assistance, known officially as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, because they’re poor or out of work and their families are hungry. The number of people using the program, which is now at a peak, began rising with the recession, in 2007, and continued through four of the toughest years ever faced by the poor and near-poor in modern history. President Obama eased the eligibility requirements as part of his stimulus program, a desperately needed measure that helped struggling families and the economy. Whites also far outnumber blacks receiving SNAP benefits. As for the notion that these are people who somehow like their dependency, 30 percent of SNAP households have income from work — a reminder of the brutal impact of the recession on wages. But these are inconvenient details to Mr. Gingrich, who implied that the rise in federal aid was a sad indication of the insufficient work ethic of black Americans. He knows that he is wrong, but he also believes that the whites in SC are a bunch of dumb gullible Rednecks ready to believe anything due to their intensed and ungodly hatred for the black man sitting in the Oval Office right now. Ironically, it will be the likes of Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul with his new batch of racist newsletters to assist President Obama receive another four years in the White House.

  6. Newt is a cheat who claims to be forgiven by God. Newt calls Mitt Romney an elitist who speaks French but I’d rather vote for the elitist than a ‘cheater’ any day! Besides, how about Newt’s current wife who knowingly carried on an affair with a married man. Has she been forgiven too?
    Just the thought of that adulterous woman becoming a first lady of the USA sickens me.
    What is conservative about their morals ( Ginriches) and how can true conservatives who claim to uphold family values support these dirty adulterers?

    • Don’t forget that while he was carrying on this affair, he was very active in trying to impeach President Clinton over his affair with Monica Lewinski. He is a liar and a cheater, a bigot with an ego bigger than his intelligence.

  7. If you really think about it, if Gingrich were the GOP nominee it would be a great blessing for President Obama. Why? Because the Republican’s only platform is to make President Obama a one-term president and so their hopes in the general election is to make it all about him. However, if Gingrich is there man his adulterous affairs will steal the stoplight from anything they could try and charge President Obama with. Additionally, President Obama’s billion dollar machine would utterly destroy Newt Gingrich in the process.

    • Keep in mind; the ONLY goal of the gop is to beat the President; there is no real jobs plan, only tax cuts to the rich to somehow create jobs (I always thought that need created jobs – but what do I know, I just own a business); the invasion of Iran is assured if the gop gets in power.
      Another note of interest; Romney paid close to the 15% tax ratethat the co-called middle class pays for collecting on investments that are becoming obvious were made with insider knowledge, while the President paid the 33% rate that the higher earning WORKING people pay.

  8. Correction: If Gingrich is their man…

  9. Are blacks the ONLY ones that receive food stamps and possibly CHEAT on their spouse?

    • According to some, there is no cheating done by blacks because we don’t marry; every household is a single mother household! Wouldn’t my Dad be surprised!

    • 60+% on Food Stamps are White. Check the facts, just GOOGLE!

      Republicans know yet they lie knowing you can just get the truth on the internet, that let you know just how scary this bunch is.

  10. Yvette Carnell you’re telling American Citizens to stay home and not VOTE is just so disappointing. Apparently you did not learn anything for the Electorate doing just that in 2010, thus bringing us the Republican Party Majority who have completely put the Middle Class and the poor in Jobless, Homeless, can’t put food on the table for their children
    Not voting results in Poverty when the wrong party is voted into Power. Are you simply being naive or crass?
    Never ever encourage your readers to Stay Home and Not Vote; family’s lives are dependent on the entire electorate voting. This is not just politics; politics causes the harm you seem today families struggling to make ends meet
    President Obama did not cause this recession and has done a fine job with no help from the Republicans fixing it. Bully? You should be ashamed.
    Where were you when the other 44+ Presidents were in office, we know where you were not, off writing and calling them bullies. But getting a Black President Empowers you to Bash him………………….our forefathers could not have written this script better
    Try contributing to the situation, participate, write the President, give him recommendations, join in the process but you cannot get angry when he doesn’t do something “YOUR WAY! Enough!
    Juan Williams chose this Republican path. Last night Gingrich held a town hall meeting this is what one of his supporters stood up and said:
    Mr. Speaker I’m so glad you put Juan Williams in “HIS PLACE” what he said was beyond ludicrous”
    Perhaps Mr. Williams should reassess, but he won’t he and those in the party clearly know who they work for despite the harm they are causing to their own community
    As the old folk say Money talks BS walks!
    We know Gringich is spewing racism that’s his mo we would not expect any less, how you can put him and the President in the same sentence even with Willard is frightening.

  11. We must not let these fools run our government! Vote! BO and MO will continue!

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