Woman promises to keep working after winning $75 million lottery

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A woman from Atlanta has been left shell-shocked after winning $72million in a national lottery prize – but says she plans to keep working

Marcia Adams, 33, from College Park, said she urged her boyfriend, Kenneth, to buy the winning Quik Pik ticket when he went to the Chevron Food Mart in College Park for a candy bar.

She ‘lost her mind’ when she heard  she had matched all of the winning numbers in the January 24 Mega Millions draw in Georgia.

‘We found out this morning while he was taking me to work,’ she said.

‘I almost lost my mind’.

The couple was talking about the ticket when Kenneth checked the results of the drawing on his cell phone.

‘We’ve been laughing since then,’ Adams said.

‘We feel like we’re dreaming, like this isn’t real.’

Adams has been an accountant for 12 years and said she has no plans to stop working. She and Kenneth have been dating for seven years.

When asked how the couple plans to spend the prize, Adams said: ‘We’re going to plan for our wedding and buy a house. We just want to be happy.’

Marcia chose the cash option and went home with $52 million.

‘We feel like we’re dreaming, like this isn’t real.’



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  1. Yeah she will continue to work lolololololol

    • Why would you want to work when you has won all ths money when there is so many people looking for work, let some out of work person apply for your job now that is what I would do.

  2. good luck with continuing to work but i bet she changes her mind!

  3. I bet 100 to ! she’s gonna be workin on a permanent vacation…

  4. I agree with Steen; let some unemployed person have that spot. Despite how much you love your job, find satisfaction in starting your own accounting biz to hire some people; sounds a bit selfish to me.

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