Tyler Perry Praised for Alex Cross Role

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Tyler Perry is branching out beyond his own productions and has been cast to star as the title role in upcoming movie, “I, Alex Cross,” based on the novel by author James Patterson.

When the announcement was made, critics were skeptical since seasoned actor Morgan Freeman played the Alex Cross character on a big screen production in “Kiss The Girls.” Perry is mostly known for his drag character Madea, so some wonder if he’ll be able to step out of the norm and be taken seriously.

But “Cross” costar and director, Edward Burns, believes in Perry and says a lot of folks are gonna be surprised with his performance. Here’s what he told ComingSoon.net:

“There are things that will shock people, mostly though Tyler Perry’s performance. The guy is so good in this movie and so powerful that I think people are going to be really shocked. He came and delivered. He’s a big dude, a smart guy. He’s a very powerful presence both physically and intellectually, so I think people are going to be very surprised.”

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  1. I think it’s wonderful! Tyler Perry is a great actor and I believe he will be able to pull this off.

  2. I think Tyler Perry can do anything he puts his mind to do. He’s a brilliant man who’s abilities have no bounds. I love the way Tyler Perry consistently challenges himself to develop outside of his comfort zone.
    He is a renaissance man and we have not yet seen the many facets of his brilliance.


  4. This is what I have always pictured Alex Cross to look like when I read Patterson’s Cross series. Now is Vang Rhimes Alex’s best friend, who was pickled to play his grandmother, and will his three children also be in this movie.? Can’t wait to see who else is in the movie.

    • I agree with you – Tyler is more like how I imagined Alex Cross to look . Morgan Freeman was not my idea of Alex Cross, even though he is a good actor. Tyler is a versatile actor and I am sure he will be great in this role. I can’t wait to see the movie. All the best Tyler!!

  5. I am happy for tylers success and have supported him back to his stage plays. However, if you are familiar with the character alex cross from james patterson’s novels then you know him to be one of the most powerful black male characters at least in recent times . Cross is at once a brilliant doctor, a detective with unrivaled csi skills, he is the consummate ladies man, the ultimate bad ass and a single father who could win awards for his parenting efforts. A tall order for any actor. Since there are so few characters in film like this for black men this role in my opinion has special significance. It is in this context that I have great concern about the choice of perry for this role . Although as I have said I have supported him it has not been without concern for some of the images he has projected not theleast of which is his cross dressing character madea. Which unfortunately is his best acting effort to date. And I erik speak on the elephant in the room if no one else will, although tyler is tall , a prerequisite to play thend imposing cross, he comes across as effeminate when he is not in drag. Not the image for this character at all. Idris Elba ….yes, perry no. This is just to deep, complex and more relevant important a character for the black community to leave to such a outside chance of success.

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