Tuskegee airman buried in Arlington on day his remarkable story in RedTails

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 Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Luke Weathers was the  man that legends are made of.   Weathers was a Tuskegee airman who shot down two German fighter planes while escorting a damaged bomber back to base and his story is being told around the nation in the new hit movie, “Red Tails.”

Ironically, Weathers was buried on the same day as the release of the film in a service that started with four F-16 jets flying over him in Missing Man formation, which is a special honor for pilots.    The unit flying over is the same one that protects the airspace over Washington, DC, where the president lives.   Weathers died of pneumonia at the age of 90.

Relatives of Weathers wore red ties and scarves to the funeral, in tribute to the aviators who painted the tails of their planes red to set themselves apart from the others.   Luke Weathers, the 61-year old son of the most recently-deceased Tuskegee airman, said that his father’s comrades fought for America because they wanted to prove they were men “and then they wanted their country to love them, but that didn’t happen, either.”

But this ceremony gives the senior Mr. Weathers what he deserved all along:  recognition as a war hero.

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