Toddler Found With Mouse In Her Mouth At Day Care [VIDEO]

What is a mother to do when the sitter says, “I thought she was chewing on a toy, but then a tail was hanging out of her mouth”?  Yes, this is nutts.



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  1. Being that the Aunt had to call the police in order to get the incident report clearly shows they were trying to cover it up. I would sue because you don’t know what long term health /medical problems may come about being that the entire mouse was in the child’s mouth.

    I bet when the heatlh dept investigate and talk to some of the daycare providers they will find out this is not the first time they seen a mouse in the daycare or mouse droppings.

  2. This should be looked into. Because mice/rats carry diseases. They didn’t say if the mouse was dead when she put it in her mouth. YUCK!!!

  3. If the day care is checked regular for pest, it is possible pest like this could have come from a child’s home in their diaper bag other other belongings. That’s while centers should only take the child upon arrival and go through belonging while parent is present, sent all diaper bags back with parent. There have been medicine, guns, condoms, ect. items found in children’s bags.

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