The Carter’s Searching For Schools Worthy of Educating Blue Ivy

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Beyonce just gave birth to Blue Ivy and she is already looking for a school for her beautiful bundle of joy. It’s probably a smart move since some of the most prestigious NYC preschools have wait lists years in advance.

Admission into the top schools can be vicious which is why many parents begin looking at schools when their children are still very young. Whether or not two weeks old is too early remains to be seen, but it’s good that the new parents are thinking ahead. After all, Blue Ivy can’t exactly attend just any school. She’ll need to attend one of the top schools that have extra security and teach things like French to preschoolers.

“They’re not wasting time when it comes to preparing for their girl’s formative years. Jay is keen on her following his New York footsteps and attending a top school there. But Beyoncé is toying with a wholesome Southern upbringing,” said a source. “They will also find a super tutor-nanny to teach their child etiquette and at least three languages.”



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  1. Please, please can we let this child burp and have a bowel movement without the public being alerted. Really, on news of the birth I wished the Carter’s well. Now that’s enough already! Go somewhere and shut up!

  2. Please shut up about talk of rich folks. They can pay for any school they choose…How about a story on the homeless who are wondering where they are going to live and send their kids to school. You guys have it all wrong..Let’s talk about the economy what is going to be done to get people back working again and living in a safe and loving environment. Come on, Beyone is old news and I don’t believe she actually gave birth anyway and if she didn’t who gives a damn!!!

  3. Sickening!!!!! Sickening!!!!! Sickening!!!!!
    Please lets move on, Fakey Jakey-zzeee and Bey Bey Boo Boo are no-longer news worthy, and so not “FAME WORTHY” at all in my book, and their baby is not the only beautiful baby in this world, there are beautiful babies being born every minute, every second, every hour who parents are totally not sold out to the devil blah blah blah!!!!…
    There are more important issues at hand, like how is the rest of the USA going to get housing and eat for the next yrs to come. Will our own children get an education, will our people have money when its time for them to retire, it just goes on and on…

  4. they better find a school worthy for Bey, that letter to the Obama’s speaks for itself.

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  6. Thanks again for the article post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

  7. This is a topic which is close to my heart Thank you! Where are your contact details though?

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