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If you surf the internet regularly, I am sure you have seen the highly popular, “S*** People Say” videos on YouTube. The video that stemmed this craze was “S*** Girls Say” created by Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard . Their video comedically shows cute and annoying things girls say. Recently, comedian and actress Franchesca Ramsey appeared on Anderson Cooper’s show to discuss a similiar video she made, “S*** White Girls Say To Black Girls”.  Many people have said her video was a great way to start a much needed conversation about racial sensitiviy. I personally was inspired to make a video after viewing her’s as well as fellow YouTuber, Charjay’s video, “S*** People Say To Naturals”.

This video was made all in fun for natural women but my hope is if you are guilty of making any of these negative comments to a natural woman; know that it is rude and hurtful and you should not continue to do so. I chose statements that have been made to me, I have overheard, or experiences that have been shared with me. You may be surprised but some of the comments were actually made by men. My intension IS NOT to single out women who are not natural or to create a divide between relaxed and natural women. The purpose is simply for natural women to laugh at the negativity they receive. Love your hair inspite of what others may say or think and if you can, educate them on the beauty of natural hair.


Chime Edwards is a native of West Point, MS and attended Rust College in Holly Springs, MS where she majored in Mass Communications. In her spare time, Chime enjoys posting videos about natural hair care on her YouTube channel for over 26,000 subscribers.

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  1. I have been natural for years and I have never heard any negativity about the way I wear my hair. I love the natural look because its me and right now I am going to just be me. The chemicals in perms are very dangerous and a lot of women do not know this and it can cause diseases as well as coloring your hair too much but if you choose to color and perm your hair that’s your business. I do use color but it is done every six months and that’s it. But, I totally disagree with the video because when I was wearing a natural hair style, I got so many compliments from men stopping me on the street saying how that loved to see my hair natural. So, come on. I think people who wear perms are just afraid to be themselves. I really don’t care what anyone says about me behind my back.

    • Love It, Love it, love IT… carry on Beautiful Black Women. Be Proud of your style, stay natural.
      Don’t always like fried dye and laid to the side. Some people not proud.

    • I found this video absolutely heee-larious lol I was literally in tears! It is hard to believe that blkgalusa has never heard any negativity about her hair and she has been natural for 4 years. She must live under a rock. If you haven’t then that’s great but most of us naturals have. I will laugh at the negativity and keep loving my awesome head of kinky curls!!

  2. THIS IS SOOOOO FUNNNNY!!! I have heard half of these comments!! I think its great you want women to laugh at this stuff and not let it affect them. Too often women give in and relax their hair because of the stuff people say to them. Maybe one day the people who say this stuff will see how silly they sound and it will open their eyes. Great job on the vid!!!

  3. Natural is the ONLY way to go!

  4. There is nothing funny in this video at all. All she was really doing was repeating the racist insults that racist White people say about Black people’s hair. It is a damn shame that Black women have been so brainwashed by the West, Western media, slave plantation psychology and self-hatred social conditioning that this girl would actually post this video ‘claiming’ it is all in fun. The truth is, the fact that her natural hair is nappy, curly, kinky, etc., as well, she is also insulting herself, but I’m sure that she is too stupid and too far gone under the brainwashing to even realize it. Black people are the only people on earth that ridicule what is natural to them. Who told Black people that their hair was ugly in the first place? There is no way that Africans lived on this planet for millions of years and all the while were thinking to themselves, “my hair is ugly.” The mere fact that Black people, African Americans view themselves in this way is proof of the mental and psychological damage done to the African/Black/African American psychi in this country. No other race of people on this earth have been brainwashed so far to the core that they find themselves 200 years after the fact still unable to like themselves just the way they are. Black people should be ashamed to let anyone know that they hate what is natural to them so much that would go as far as to make videos reinforcing the racist plantation brainwashing to hate ourselves. Black people should be ashamed for actually showing the world that so many of us have such weak minds as to let another race of people decide for us what is beautiful and what is not beautiful, and what hair is ugly and what hair is not. And for her to go as far as to say that Black women who wear their hair natural look like a man, now that is just brainwashing housen!ggering to the 10th power. How is it that a Black woman looks like a man when she wears her hair natural, but no other race of women look like a man when they wear their hair natural. Maybe she looks like a man when she wear her hair natural and believe that is the case for any other Black women. It is really quite amazing the extent of brainwashing, social conditioning and media psychology on the minds of descendants of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Millions of Black people have been systematically brainwashed to hate what is natural to them; these same people of such a weak constitution, such weak minds, then in turn teach this same self-hatred to their own children. This phenomenon really needs to be studied by Black psychologists. If we can be socially conditioned and brainwashed to hate what is natural to us, (the most unnatural thing for a human being to do), then we can be socially conditioned and brainwashed to do anything, or to not do anything. As long as African Americans/Black people are still living under the brainwashing of slavery, still viewing the world through eyes of racist hate mongering whites in America and the West, we are not capable of truly thinking for ourselves, therefore, are living in a limited, distorted, crippling point of view.

    It’s really embarrassing how much so many Black people/African Americans subconsciously despise themselves. It is no less a the psychological disorder than it is for the abused child/person to side with the abuser:

    “Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response sometimes seen in an abducted hostage, in which the hostage shows signs of loyalty to the hostage-taker, regardless of the danger (or at least risk) in which the hostage has been placed. Stockholm syndrome is also sometimes discussed in reference to other situations with similar tensions, such as battered person syndrome, rape cases, child abuse cases and bride kidnapping.”

    “Positive feelings by the victim toward the abuser/controller
    Negative feelings by the victim toward family, friends, or authorities trying to rescue/support them or win their release
    Support of the abuser’s reasons and behaviors
    Positive feelings by the abuser toward the victim
    Supportive behaviors by the victim, at times helping the abuser
    Inability to engage in behaviors that may assist in their release or detachment”

    • Some people take the natural hair movement too serious. This video was BEYOND funny!! lol It’s strange how HairCrush got hundreds of comments from natural women who love their hair about how funny the video is because they can relate to it and have heard those things before and everyone on this site is saying it promotes self hate. She in fact does the opposite. She is my natural hair inspiration! I love her! She has an awesome personality and does not take things too serious. She encourages us to love hair hair and who we are as Black women. Some of these comments are just rude.

    • OMG! I just wanted to correct Gigi. The video wasn’t to repeat what racist white people say, she repeated what BLACK people have said to her. I found the video very funny actually. And by the way, everything that you wrote in your oh so long comment is what we naturals already believe and advocate. I’m still trying to figure out why you made that long comment. It’s not like she was serious and actually believes those things.

  5. Personally, I don’t like to see girls in the natural look. Nothing wrong with it but I don'[t think it brings out the most beauty in a girl. I am a Stepper and at this set this past Saturday there was this young lady who is typically the most beautiful girl in the room. Saturday she wore the natural look and looked very average to me. Definitely not the devastating cutie I am used to seeing. I step into a room trying to put my best foot forward and beautify the scene as much as I possibly can. I somehow consider my person a thing to decorate for the benefit of my friends environment. I expect everybody to do that even though I know that is unrealistic. For some women, I get the impression the natural look is a attempt at making a political statement ala Angela Davis.
    I know some of you are frowning and thinking Afrocentric thoughts. But I challenge anybody to a debate on what is best for Black people in the United States. IMO it is not separatism and cultural division. I see wanting equality in everything as meaning I want to be a part of main stream culture. Come on with it.

    • what you were seeing when you saw her with straight and permed hair was not her but someone she was trying to be so if you never liked the real her. I know she says to herself and the world that “I would rather be hated for who I am than to be liked or who I am not” in the meantime you my friend need to learn t love yourself and accept us as a people for who we are….furthermore I dont believe you when you say that you dont feel there is nothikng wrong with natural hair I relly feel that you despise it cause you despise yourself

      • Look at Black women around the globe and you will find that your definition of natural is just that; your definition. The treatments that black women and men give their hair were developed by black men and women especially for black men and women. Why can’t that term’ natural’ extend to white women. White women get permed. White women do things to reduce the curliness of their hair. Why can’t a person do with their hair as they please and not be considered despising themselves. You define and style yourself to be unique and say something positive about yourself. You do with your hair what you think will attract the opposite sex. What you’re talking about is ridiculous. We in the United States are a unique group of people. Our heritage includes many ethnic groups. Why is it wrong to represent all that we are in our hair?
        I really despise myself but I can’t decide if I despise the white, the African or the Indian in me. (joke)

        • You are an idiot..end of story.

          • CO-SIGN!

          • Absolutely… LOL… Today, peoples minds are so twisted by the media that they show real thinkers that they have truly mastered the art of subliminal suggetion and hypnosis. Powerful, powerful stuff were talking about converting (heavy brainwashing) most of a race of people in a country to hate, dislike, even despise how they are born naturally. Pushed your God given look and style out like it was a trending fade. Most are so outta touch with them selves that they embrace other cultures over their own without a second thought. Anything but their own, like its a curse. And will use all kinds of terrible excuses and bad comparisons to justify it… WoW.. Disgusting, and too dumb to be shame. [SMFH]… Very sad.

    • You just don’t know any better.

  6. There are still so many of us who don’t want to be who we really are. We want to look like somebody who is nothing like us. I wonder how so many women and men can put that stuff on their heads. I’ve listened to some people talk about some of the botched hair treatments they’ve received and the blisters/sores from the gone wrong treatments. The saddest thing is they still go back and get it done again. How much temperature can those hair treatments put out? Isn’t it unsafe to have such high heat against the head? If you were to turn a person around who has their hair fixed and looked at them from the waist up you could not tell a black person from a white person. So many of the black female entertainers who have fixed hair have it blowing while performing on stage because of fans placed in front of the stage so it will blow around like the white female performers do. That is really sad. What was really ridiculous about this video is all of the signifying that the woman used to discribe how bad the natural hair looked and how much better the fixed hair looked. She just doesn’t realize just how bad she made herself look to herself. She and so many others have the mindset that I can’t look good unless I look like some other race of people. There are whites, asians, and other races who wear locks because they want to look like Rastas. There are fewer of them than our people walking around with fixed hair. Some of us even act like natural hair is very hard and course to the touch. There may be some grades that are harder than others, but most of us with natural hair know that is softer than one would believe. For those of you who do wear your hair fixed, just wear it and keep your comments to yourself. You show just what your mindset is by how you wear your hair. When you open your mouth you leave nothing else to our original thoughts about you.

  7. Currently I am all natural and loving it. It is sad, however, the negative comments that natural women receive. There was a girl in the market a few days ago with the most gorgeous head of natural hair. She was dressed really fly and I complimented her on her look. When I walked past another group of young ladies I heard a number of disparaging remarks. It takes courage in this world of assimilation to get off the “creamy crack” but I will be crack free and proud from now on.

  8. 4 yrsa ago I wrote a funny article under the name FRANKLIN100 where I made fun of blacks who were ashamed of their blackness in it I alluded to the poor attitude our people have towards our hair and stated that ‘Everyone has good hair if its n your head, its good hair” since then I have heard that phrase stated elsewhere even on movies and documentaries then 3 month later came the Imus issue, well let e say it again, all of us have good hair its got to be good cause its own our heads, its us so sisters keep on wearing it keep on being who you are, thats you thats us thats black and whats wrong with that. I love being Black and I will be damn if I will let anyone black or white make me feel any different, we are still Africans….Africans born in America and we are not to be ashamed of that at all. Keep on wearing it natural you are a strongblack woman and strng enough to be yourself

  9. I personally did not like the video either.It encourages the haters of natural hair that it is ok to make insulting comments about women who choose to be natural and free of perms or straight hair.
    I am proud to see black women who are loving and embracing there true selves. It sets a wonderful example for the next generation…

  10. Clearly, some of y’all need to get a sense of humor. She is natural and loves her hair and promotes excepting your hair and loving your whole black self. This video was a joke. Gigi wrote a whole essay to preach what she already promotes. Some people try to find the negativity in everything. My goodness!!

  11. Self hate is an epidemic in the black community; and how much action from real men are you hair weave and stilletto heal chicks getting from men? Zero. Even the espoused light, bright, darn near white, and “good hair” girls. I pity the fool who doesn’t love what God gave them, especially when its so beautiful and they’re too blind to see.

    Continue to chase the assimilation, the Asians are laughing all the way to the bank at you pseudo-sophisticates with glue ins, sewn-ins and “perm” that are NOT! Hating one’s God given hair is the stuff made of fools.

    You know its hard to run away from your shadow. Good luck.

  12. I liked to see her if she ever contracted cancer and see what her priorities would be after a good dose of chemo . Do what pleases you that’s all that matters .

  13. Here’s the thing about comedy. If you have to explain what you meant. it’s not funny.

  14. I think natural hair is Beautiful i am proud of my hair
    if it’s good enough for jesus it’s good enough for me.
    have a great day

  15. Gigi, you’re in time out!

    Natural hair is beautiful. After shipping off to basic training, it was too much work maintaining my natural hair so I permed my hair. Little did I know, maintaining relaxed hair….ugh! I’m back!! Getting out the Army so no more excuses. Thank God for hair stylists that promote natural hair. (There’s one in particular that can add extensions and work with natural hair without using hot combs and spritz and such. Yay!)

    Love the video. She’s beautiful.

  16. When I was in grade one Alecia came to class with a beautiful head of cornrows with the beads and shells and I liked it so much that she offered to do my haiar like hers. I was pretty disappointed that she only meant that she could braid it and put the ornaments in it, I thought hr meant that she could make my poker straight, thin Caucasian hair beautiful and thick so that I could do all of the wonderful things that her mom did with her hair.

    • It works both ways.

  17. In the words of Bernie Mac. F_ _ _ _ all y’all. You have nappy headed people talking about permed headed people, curly headed people talking about nappy headed people, straight haired people talking about curly headed people and such. I do not see just other race of people talking about ” Black” hair as I have been approached by people straight from Africa and Black Americans suggesting I put some stuff on my hair to strqighten or glisten it as well as a few from other ” Black” oriented places sticking with the natural hair styles or their hair liking my style. I’m m not my fn hair! White people old and young have, Hispanics, and others have complimented me on it. It must have something to do with me liking my darn self and wearing my smile out. Kids under ten seem to smile and make positive comment in their limited vocabulary they just say she’s pretty. If I feel like it tomorrow, I’ll cut it off and wear it precision cut if I want.
    In the words of Bernie Mac again ” F ” all y’all” the F means forget cause I don’t cuss! lol

  18. I found this very funny. I think she was saying all that in jest. I have not straightened my hair in over 25 years. I love my natural look and nothing anyone says will make me change my mind. If I do change it is because I want to not because of what others think.

  19. I have natural curly hair there was times that I did not like my hair I gould never get my hair to stay streight bout now I love it.

  20. there was times that I wanted my hair streight I have natural curly hair and I use to get perms but the streight hair did not last long.so now I'm older and I love my natural hair.

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