Singer Brandy Happy That Her Future Child May Have “Good Hair”

by / January 11, 2012 News 4 Comments

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The singer Brandy recently appeared on The Wendy Williams Show where she spoke about her new gig on the sitcom, The Game, as well as her beef with Kim Kardashian. Brandy also stated that she had a new man in her life and she was in fact “in love”. A picture was then displayed of Brandy and her new beau. Wendy then made the statement, “If you have a baby with him, the baby will have good hair!” and Brandy agreed ecstatically, “Yes! Wendy Yes!”. I was a bit saddened to see that people still use this kind of language. If they believe “good hair” (which is usually described as fine, silky waves or curls) is the best kind of hair, then they are also saying that the opposite (nappy, kinky coils) is bad hair. What kind of message is this sending to little girls including Brandy’s daughter, Syrai, who do not have “good hair”? It is teaching youth at a very early age that what they have is not desirable or good enough. We need to be more careful with the terms that we use and be aware of how it may affect our children. Good hair is healthy hair; it should have nothing to do with it’s “grade”.

Check out Brandy’s interview below:


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  1. This tells me that both Wendy and Brandy are very small minded people. She is concerned about the grade of her child’s hair? What would she do if the child has hard nappy and kinky hair put the child up for adoption? And what is Wendy talking about? Everything on her (or him) is fake.

  2. Stupid bitches…both of them.

  3. First thing to Wendy’s mind: his money & his hair… then “are you in love?” disgusting

  4. Small minds think and say stupid thing….And very easily brainwashed…They would have been good candidates to follow Jim Jones…

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