“Sh*t White Girls Say…To Black Girls” Makes It’s Debut

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When “Shit Girls Say” hit YouTube last month, it quickly gained more than seven million views and has spawned hundreds of parodies including “Shit Gay Guys Say”, “Shit Vegans Say”, “Shit Moms Say”, and the extremely popular, “Shit Black Girls Say,” which has over a million views. After seeing “Shit Girls Say” posted on Facebook, I reluctantly watched “Shit Black Girls Say” knowing that before I hit the play button I probably wouldn’t be able to relate.

Growing up I was constantly labeled an “oreo” by my black peers because of my proper speech and “valley girl accent”. But contrary to my tormentors’ taunts, I didn’t “want to be white” or think I was better than them; my lilting voice and preppy attire was the result of my Catholic school elementary years combined with my suburban West Palm Beach upbringing.

After I entered high school, the teasing subsided and my circle of friends grew to include girls from all walks of life; but I always seemed to fall in with the white girls from upper middle class families. I quickly became the “token black girl” in my group, which came with a whole host of awkward questions and first experiences for my peers. Unfortunately, the awkward questions and comments didn’t stop after I graduated from high school. Throughout college and even today, in corporate America, I find myself fielding inappropriate questions and swatting hands away from my waist length dreadlocks.


via Franchesca Ramsey: From Meme to Social Commentary.




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  1. It’s “Makes Its Debut”, not “Makes It’s Debut”.

    • do you have a life. We get the message and it was soooooooooooooo stupid of you to make the correction. People like you make my ass itch.

    • She shouldn’t get mad at you because the author can’t spell and didn’t have a decent editor for this boring, bullshit article. I mean, who cares about your ‘token black girl’ sob story? “I was a Black girl who spoke properly and everybody picked on meeeeee!” *boo hooooo*

    • THANK YOU for making the correction. I was going to do the same thing and YES, it is important because MZ bougie is bragging about how white she sounds and acts. People like THAT and then can’t formulate a grammatically correct title make my butt itch.

    • Exactly!!! šŸ™‚

  2. You’re an idiot!

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