Say It Ain’t So: Is Vanessa Bryant Coming To Basketball Wives?

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The rumor mills is in overdrive about Kobe Bryant’s soon to be ex wife Vanessa joining the Basketball Wives franchise Jerry Springer Show with Stiletto’s & Fake Weaves.

Numerous blogs and folks close to VH1 say the execs are putting together a BIG $$$ pitch to add her into the mix.

As you know, the divorce is progressing, as Vanessa’s three Newport Beach mansions (valued at a reported $18.8 million) and have been transferred into her name this month, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Vanessa married Kobe with no prenuptial agreement, and is entitled to share Kobe’s net worth, an estimated $75 million, in addition to spousal and child support.

California law states that if there is no prenuptial agreement, as in the Bryant’s case, then anything earned during the marriage is split in half.

Vanessa filed papers to end the union over “irreconcilable differences,” including Kobe’s numerous affairs. She will be sharing custody of the couple’s two daughters.

Sources close to Vanessa tell BMS, “If Vanessa even thinks of joining that foolish circus, we will take her back to court and Kobe will go after the kids + sue her for any possible defamation”, wooooow!



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  1. He was young and turned out (real life porn will knock most young guys defenses down) that’s why there was no prenup but he is the one with everything. If she missteps and says or does the wrong thing…his lawyers are gonna be in her ass, bet on it!

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