O.J. Loses Miami Bungalow To Foreclosure

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Former actor and American football player OJ Simpson is losing his house, after late fees, penalties, and overdue principal built up.

But, according to court records, the bank’s process server tried to deliver the foreclosure notice at Simpson’s Miami home.

Simpson, 64, has been imprisoned in a Nevada jail since 2008.

According to Radar Online, JP Morgan Chase started the foreclosure process after Simpson accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

The former football player purchased a one-storey house in Miami, Florida in 2000, taking out a $575,000 mortgage for the $522,000 home.

The house has five bedrooms, four baths, a pool, and guest house set on a two acre plot.

The home was sold to Simpson on September 22, 2000.

But Simpson fell behind on payments and now owes Chase nearly $725,000, Radar Online says.

Simpson’s lawyers are contesting the bank’s decision to foreclose, calling JP Morgan Chase’s filing ‘vague.’



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  1. Unfortunately, me and countless others do not feel too much sympathy for OJ because he made it and he was on top of the world but his ignorance, and stupidity got in into trouble and he could not pull himself out of it. He should have gotten some help and moved on with his life. He was a free man and that wasn’t enough for him. OJ should have left the country and started a new life someone. He knew people were out to get him. Now he is in jail and has to do his time. It is sad to know that when he will be released, he won’t even have a home to go to in his old age. How sad.

  2. The Whites whom he love so dearly are taking his dumb butt down…

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