Madam Prezident: “I believe Beyonce had a Surrogate Mother”

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Well its official Blue Ivy Carter is here!



Now, the media has made Blue Ivy Carter as popular as baby Jesus; however I am still a non-believer about Beyonce giving birth to this child.If the video of Beyonce doing an interview in Australia is unedited and it is 100% true, then I will remain a non-believer forever!  Now-I know you’re thinking “She can’t fake her pregnancy” and my answer to you is-POOR people can’t fake their pregnancy –Rich people can do almost anything!Beyonce Knowles wouldn’t CARRY a child for 3 reasons!

Read via Madam Prezident: “I believe Beyonce had a Surrogate Mother”.


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  1. fools will be fools 7/24……Nobody give a dung what you believe…..Who in the hell are you anyway.?..What are you trying to get a dumb stupid reality show by showcasing your ignorant………You probably wouldn’t believe if you were having a baby when you actually had a baby…..

  2. Vanity , being #1reason 2&3 . up to you, $ ?

  3. me too…I strong believe that beyonce has a surrogate mother. I don’t have any proof but I just feel it…I mean when you look at her picture you can see she has no preggy changes at all. She doesn’t have that preggy fat that mostly women who are pregnant has.

  4. I too am a believer in the Carter’s having a surrogate mother BUT WHO CARES?!?! Lots of wealthy & famous people use surrogate mothers. I don’t understand why Bey is lying about carrying the baby especially if she used her eggs and JayZ sperm. surrogates have become $$$ good $$$ buisness for lots of women. As a women who has been pregnant not all women get fat, it’s based off that person and genetics. The reasons I don’t believe she carried is because she is vain for starters, but your belly don’t fold like that because it’s hard, if she has had a miscarriage (like it was rumored years ago) what woman would risk another by walking around in 5-7inch stilettos (ask Mariah C. & Nick C.). The exxaggerated walk she would do from time to time was how she thought a pregnant woman walked. But once again she is an lying attention tramp like her husband and I don’t respect that.

  5. its no ones business! the most important thing is that little baby blue ivy is healthy and happy…… and will live to be a strong happy healthy person GOD willing?

  6. Who teally gn cares… Shes a Mom now

  7. Normally I don

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