Luther Campbell Calls Mitt Romney “Racist”

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Raunchy rap icon Luther Campbell offers a damning assessment of the leading Republican presidential nominees in a recent column for the Miami New Times.

The former 2 Live Crew frontman writes that he’s dismayed at today’s candidates from the party of Abraham Lincoln, a party that he says once “stood up for African-Americans.”

Campbell is no stranger to politics.

Last year, he launched an unsuccessful bid for the mayoral seat in Miami-Dade County on a platform that included advocating the rebuilding of some of the city’s housing projects and a tax on strippers. And two decades prior to that, he was at the center of a political firestorm when South Florida authorities tried to ban his album As Nasty As They Wanna Be on state obscenity charges.

In his most recent column, Campbell seems bent on ruffling a few feathers with some blunt critiques of Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. He lays into Romney like this:

Long before he was the presumed frontrunner for the White House and Massachusetts’ governor, Mitt Romney was actively spreading his Mormon faith. At the time, church leaders preached that dark skin was a curse from God. Between 1966 and 1968, Romney was a missionary in France. He believed and taught that God was so displeased with “spirit children” who remained neutral in the war against Lucifer that he turned their skin black.

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  1. Romney Mormonism is a disqualifying factor as GOP or WH candidate. As Mormon, Romney treats Blacks and racial minorities as cursed humans originating from Cain, one of sons of Adam and Eve. That’s why FoxNews love Romney. Mormonism also teaches that women belong to the kitchen as baby-factories -no make-up, no drinking caffeinated soda, no dancing for women, no pants, shorts – only gowns and long skirts. (Mormon Bible). Look what his family are wearing at rally. They are all in uniforms. Women are dressed same and boys are dressed same. Romney follows his Mormon cult which teaches Mormon should not pay tax. That’s why he has refused to release tax returns. He has none. Romney children are home schooled to avoid local tax. The family are under gun to obey Mormonism – radicalize them to hate Blacks. I was neighbor with a Mormon. He would not let his girls or boys talk to me because I am Black. They told me he would kill them if he found they were talking to me. I was lucky I found sooner. Romney is one of those CEOs who shipped jobs abroad leaving his employees here jobless. Now he is lying he wants to create jobs. Liar. If you’re senior – you may lose Medicare. Romney endorsed Ryan-Care that puts a cap of $5,000 on seniors -allow doctors let you die. Romney wants corporations be unelected governments. “Corporations are people, my friend.” Mitt said. That’s why we have OWS and other Occupiers. America watch out for this Mormon. Your freedoms will be gone. Let’s vote for President Obama in November.

    • Excellent no brilliant post. I completely agree.

  2. I actually hated 2 Live Crew. Who would of thought there was an intelligent thinker amongst the crew? I didn’t. Color me narrow-minded.
    Mr. Campbell’s comments reminded me of Brother Malcolm. He kept it plain! I got it, and I thank you.

  3. Mr. Campbell is correct in his assessment of Mitt Willard Romney, up until as early as 1978 Mormons preached that it was impossible for blacks to enter into Heaven. All the GOP candidates thus far with the exception of Jon Huntsman (although he also is a Mormon) have displayed an intolerance for people of color. Newt Gingrich fooloshly stated that “blacks should demand more paychecks, and less welfare checks” Rick Sntorum says he’s, “against welfate for ‘blah’ people, not black people” if you check your dictionary the word ‘blah’ means ‘nonsense’ which makes it clear that he was speaking nonsense that particular day. And Ron Paul still hasn’t cleared the notorious racist newsletter with his name on it. Rick Perry’s owned property in Texas named “Niggerhead” and refered to the non-brother Herman Cain as “brother” a racist code word. It is blatantly clear that Republicans are trying to recruit the worst possible elements of the GOP voting bloc. And it appears that the racially charged rhetoric of GOP candidates is bound to get worse. They have racially attacked President Obama, First Lady Obama; and even their two beautiful and innocent daughters.
    But what makes Mr. Campbell’s assessment so correct and to the point is that Mitt Romney right now at this time in history has become a clear and present danger to all black people in America. He’s the absolute worst of the lot and he is the GOP front-runner, all he has to do is win South Carolina, which is what he is expected to do that next week. He is not only a threat to blacks, he is a threat to America as a whole so much so until the Conservatives don’t want him. Why? Because Conservatives and Progressive are in agreement for different reasons of course, that Mitt Romney’s America is not our America. Romney’s America will be an extremely bigoted and bias America. Don’t think that he has given up on his Mormon beliefs, if he did he would have said so, he hasn’t. In fact, Romney as an elected official has been known to make racial slurs. He has recently referred to a construction boondoggle, The Big Dig, as a “Tar Baby” he needs to avoid. Tar Baby – That’s an old school racial slur. It’s not something we want a presidential candidate to say and have such a thought process about. He just said, “He likes to fire people” another thought process we in the black communtiy don’t need in a potential president because it is still true that blacks are the last hired and first fired. The problem we are facing is that President Obama has inherited the blame for America’s woes from the unmentioned George W. Bush, haven’t you noticed that no one is seeking his endorsement? It’s as if he never existed, and people (including some very misinformed blacks) are proned to voting for the worst possible person to serve in the White House since Woodrow Wilson. President Obama had 99% of the black vote in 2008 and we ought to do him one better in 2012 by giving him 100% of the black vote in 2012 because our very livelihood is at stake. I do believe that God will see us through, but we also have a president that we can keep in office with the help of God.

  4. Next time you see Luther Campbell ask hi exactly what he means by race/racism? That is unclear to me.

  5. Romney needs to answer for his racist past, it is not going away

  6. I can’t even begin to list the mistruths in the comments I’ve just read. The Mormon church never had any doctrine that blacks will not go to heaven. There is no doctrine against paying taxes. Many Mormon women have jobs, wear make-up and modest, but normal dresses. You’re ideas about Mormons is as bigoted as you claim Mitt Romney to be. Do your homework a little better.

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