LeBron James Gets Engaged: Is This a Trend?

Savannah Brinson is the long-time girlfriend of NBA superstar LeBron James. James just announced that he is tying the knot, so Brinson is no longer the girlfriend and has been transformed into a fiance.

A rep for James has confirmed that his going to wrap himself up with Brinson in the grasp of holy matrimony. The Miami Heat forward popped the question Saturday night at a New Year’s Eve party. The party was also for his 27th birthday.

James and Brinson are high school sweethearts and have two sons together. They have not yet announced a wedding date.

James’ engagement is just the latest in interesting marital drama among NBA superstars. Kobe Bryant just announced that he’s going to be divorced from his wife of 10 years. At the same time, Michael Jordan has announced his plans to remarry by getting engaged to model Yvette Prieto.

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  1. Olin Ross at 11:16 pm

    Well she is at least Black and she couldn’t be a gold digger because they have been dating since high school……..This was a long term investment for her ….lolol

    • The Rain at 6:12 pm

      Investment?That sounds more like business than it does love.I really hope you men ate paying attention to the mindset of some of these people.All they care about is money.Get a job,why don’t you?

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  3. The Rain at 7:10 pm

    Congrats Lebron,but be sure you get a prenup and that she has a life other than you and spending YOUR money.I hope she is a producer and not just a consumer like most of these sports “wives”.Dwayne Wade should warn you about the danger of having kids with and marrying your high school sweet heart.You need to experience dating a number of people before you settle down with one.

  4. For Healthy Marriages at 8:53 pm

    Let’s set aside our differences concerning Basketball Life for a second…

    Maybe just maybe changing location was the best move for Him in more ways than one.
    Chris Paul wed his long-time sweetheart and mother of his cute little son, Jada Crawley this pass Oct 12 2011. Anthony and La La were married on July 10, 2010. Dwyane Wade handling his business of being a single dad raising two sons. Growing up without a father in his life, lessons of parenting, promoting the concept of family through his Wade’s World Foundation, President Obama asking him to become an ambassador-at-large for fatherhood.
    Surrounding yourself with positive (not prefect) people, may influence you to look or change your prospective …concerning marriage. Marriage is not a bad thing but, Mama’s Drama is… Let’s ROOOOT for this engagement prayerfully the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. James (Savannah Brinson) will be successfully. After all look to see who’s mentoring/counseling/influencing your marriage/relationships.

  5. 20virgo11 at 9:06 pm

    If this is your definition of a “trend” something is definitely wrong. The “trend” needs to be two mature adults getting married BEFORE having children. If a man commits himself to being a dependable, faithful, mature, loving husband he will more than likely be the same as a father and vice-versa with women.

  6. Douglas Daniels at 9:18 am

    Lebron James getting engaged is seen as a great event. What makes it so great! He is just finally manning-up and doing right by the two children he produced with this woman. At last they will have a home with two parents now! I get sick and tired of people praising these clowns who lay around and get children, but don’t think enough of the mothers to marry and become a family. They use all the tripe excuses like, “we just can’t get along!” Well, you got along well enough to produce a child or two! He gets no brownie points from me for doing what he should have done from the first child they brought into this world!

    • The Rain at 6:23 pm

      I am tired of the loose and immoral women that can’t hold out for marriage before the carriage.If they were half as smart as their way less educated grannies,they would pick better fathers for their unborn children.Women are the goal keepers to their womb.No way a loser and sometimes two or three different losers should be scoring on the same womb.That says way more about the female than it does the “no good” male.Close your legs!!!!

  7. ana at 9:01 pm

    So Delighted and Refreshing. We Wish Them Well. We Should Keep Black Love Alive and Well. Lets Maintain Our Own Heritage and Culture,It Is Very Crucial.

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