Intruder Uppercuts His Way Into Mike Tyson Hotel Room

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A tip-toeing intruder has been dubbed the world’s bravest (or most stupid) burglar – after he broke into Mike Tyson’s hotel room as the ex-boxer was sleeping.

The raider fled the suite at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas after Iron Mike, infamous for biting off an opponent’s ear in a bout, woke to the sound of rustling.

It was a lucky escape for the thief, who could have been on the end of Tyson’s powerful right hook had the heavyweight been fully alert.

Nothing was taken in the break-in and security at the resort, where top suites cost up to $1,500 per night, has now been stepped up.

Knock-out Hollywood actor Tyson, who floored a burglar as he played himself in The Hangover film after his tiger was stolen, was staying at the hotel with his family on New Year’s Eve after attending a Stevie Wonder concert.

The TMZ website reported: ‘We’re told Tyson was sleeping like a baby when all of a sudden, he awoke to rustling sounds and saw a flashlight.

‘But by the time Iron Mike realized what was happening, the intruder had already run out of the room.’

A hotel spokesman added: ‘We have received a report of an incident that is currently under investigation. As always, guest safety is of the utmost importance.’

via The world’s bravest (or dumbest) burglar? Tip-toeing intruder breaks into Mike Tyson’s hotel room… as ex-boxer was sleeping | Mail Online.


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