Historical Ebenezer Church’s Pastor Calls Out Gingrich

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During morning services at Ebenezer Baptist Church Sunday, attendees paid tribute to what would have been the 83rd birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King, Jr served as co-pastor of Ebenezer from 1960 until is assassination on April 4, 1968.

Reminiscing about MLK’s life and legacy, Senior Pastor Raphael Warnock also took the opportunity to blend religion and politics taking a swipe or two at Republican Presidential Hopeful Newt Gingrich.

“He is playing an old game that’s part of the southern strategy…I think he’s relying on old logic of scape-goating and race baiting,” said Warnock.

He was referring to Gingrich’s comments when asked about addressing the NAACP.

Gingrich said,

“More people were on food stamps today because of Obama’s policies than ever in history… if you run and ask people if you rather your children had food stamps or pay checks, you wouldn’t end up with a majority saying they’d rather have a pay check. And so I’m prepared if the NAACP invites me, I’ll go to their convention and talk about why the African American community should demand pay checks and not be satisfied with food stamps.”

Incidentally, seated on the stage near the pulpit was White House Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President Valerie Jarrett.

In her comments she told the crowd without Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  President Obama’s term in office would not be possible.

For several weeks now Ebenezer Church has offered voter registration after services.  Warnock says that will continue up until the next election.



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  1. Fantastic response by the church!!!!!! Take ‘ em to school.

  2. I believe I have told you Republicans have trouble relating to Blacks, to other racial minorities and to women. Republicans think we are still in the 60s when they could push us around without fear voting them out of power. Look at Newt – he thinks Blacks will vote for him despite insulting them. Newt is delusional and crazy to think we will forget his bad mouth at voting. This is same with Mitt Romney whose religion, Mormon, which regards Blacks and other racial minorities as cursed people from Cain – one of two Adam and Eve sons. Romney church, Mormon, teaches women are good as baby-factories only. I am surprised white and black women, Herman Cain, Allen West and Allen Keyes are with GOPers when they insult Blacks and therefore to them. Here is conspiracy – I am asking all Blacks, racial minorities, white and black women – do not vote for any of these GOP candidates. Please vote for President Obama in November.

  3. What did I tell you four months ago? I said all GOP current candidates were unfit and unelectable. From the debates attacks and negative ads, it seems all will bail out except Romney and Gingrich. Romney says now will release his income tax in April. That’s a trick – by April 15, he may be GOP nominee thus defeating Republicans and TEA Party evaluation of morals. He may even refuse to release his tax returns. Romney is corrupt. Romney then will be a punching bag of President Obama. GOPers – Good luck with your candidate or candidates.

  4. The republican party has no interest in blacks or the black vote. Newt and other republican candidates sole purpose is to paint food stamps, welfare and other social programs as black to their white racist base. That black clown Juan Williams was on the Fox republican debate asking questions but didn’t have the guts to point that out.

  5. It’s amazing how they can talk about the food stamp program, when the food stamp program first came out only white’s were getting it until Black’s learned of it years later. When ever a Black person learns of something your typical white folks have already used it until there is nothing else to use. I applaud you Pastor Raphael Warnock for call Newt out. If we sit by and let this continue things will never change. They continue to blame President Obama for this mess when all the while they go against everything that he tries to do to make life better for everyone. President Obama deserves a chance in office like every other President that served, but because of the color of his skin he still have to fight, and we do as well. But our fighting should be at the voting polls on election day, we as BLACK PEOPLE need to take a stand NOW and not LATER!!!!!!!

    • Amen!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Look ladies and gentleman listen and look at our history, the white man didn’t build this country by himself, our forefathers in which were from different races from all over the world, the only thing the white man did was steal ideas and how to build things in this country from another country called Eygpt, the Eypgtains build pyramids using whips and force to get things done, now come over to this country the same system that was use there was use here but we are human not slaves and if a man or woman mind is weak they will remain that way, but look at the history of history and it will show you that the 10 laws of GOD was place into the hands of a BLACK hebrew now in this country u have white talking bout the Constutition all the time, but wait all these guys who signed it r dead and gone and it has not been resigned since the last man died and there’s not a woman or a BLACK signature on this paper so does it cover me or just certain people in tis country, we are selling this country to others around the country for money but people here can’t get a fair shake and they were born here or get loans to own anything, but everyone has a brain to do things and build things to take us into the future cause DEATH will come for the living no matter what race we r color or creed, so go read your history and teach thou self and u as one must learn before you can teach others


  7. I think Mr. Gingrich needs to do his homework. There are more white people on welfare than African Americans and Hispanics also. We are third on the todom pole. Some of the white people even bring in much money on a monthly basis but that’s because they know how to ‘do’ the system and the Hispanics work for cash and don’t use banks. So I don’t want to hear that mess! My grandfather, before he died, was getting a little over $500/mth social security which had to pay rent, electric, water and gas. When we tried to go get him some food stamps to help with his groceries they would only give him $30 worth. I bet he wouldn’t say that mess in my face!

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