Herman Cain Makes Appearance At Iowa Caucuses; Says Wife Is ‘Doing Marvelous’

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Not to be entirely left out, Herman Cain made an appearance in Iowa ahead of Tuesday night’s caucuses and said his wife, Gloria, is “doing marvelous” after Cain left the Republican primary race over allegations of sexual assault. “She is doing fine because since I got out of the race, we don’t have to constantly hear the spinning and the respinning of those false accusations,” Cain said. He reported that his fourth grandchild was born on New Year’s Day. He did not endorse any of his former rivals battling for tonight’s caucus vote in Iowa.



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  1. Who????? Cain???????…..Sure you didn’t mean McCain??????
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh now I do kind of remember that guy……Was he the one that said Blacks were brainwashed……???? and 999…..the ungodfather pizza man…..Now its coming back to me……I though that the bus the repukes threw him under ran over him……………. lololol

  2. Herman Cainn is lucky his wife Gloria dump him. Gloria is one of best American women who learn how to forgive their strayed husbands. Women should know, by nature, we men can make mistakes – and indeed we regret. For example Arnold made terrible mistake and Maria is forgiving him. Arnold and Maria are both good people – compared to others, such as Herman Cain, racist, who go about preaching and bragging family values when they are not. Cain lied in public and to his wife about his sleezy affairs with other white women – groping them. Cain should apologize to the Black community he called brain-washed.

  3. OH NO! Cain the Pain. People are sick and tired of this stupid goon. They though they heard the last of this bought and paid for moron clown who is a disgrace to his family and his race. Those incompetent idiotic Republicans and Tea Pigs who were tired of laughing at this clown’s stupidy threw him out to go back to his pizza.

  4. he knows they threw him under the bus and thats why he’s not endorsing anyone. lesson learned.

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