“My Hair Is Too Nappy To Go Natural.”

Over the years, I have encountered several women who say they desire to go natural but they list reasons why they can’t. They say going natural is not possible for them because they believe their hair is way too nappy. The first time someone told me this, I was a bit confused since I believe going natural is all about embracing and accepting your hair for what it is, nappy or fine. I do realize some women go natural because to them, it’s a fad and they simply like the way natural hair looks but my hope is that all transitioners fall in love and embrace their natural hair by the end of the process.

When someone transitions from relaxed to natural hair, they are often nervous about how their hair will look once they are completely natural. Will they have an abundance of curls, kinks, naps or coils? Most women have been getting relaxers for so long that they can’t remember how their hair looked before they started getting the chemical treatments. Some  women hope that their hair will be a fine texture. I have had women tell me that they wanted their hair to look like Alicia Keys, a biracial R&B singer who’s 3b type hair is a reflection of her mixed race. Many of these women will be disappointed when their hair doesn’t come out as fine, curly ringlets like the sultry singer, so I encourage these women to love their hair for what it is. When I decided to go natural I prayed for God to help me to accept my hair for what it was no matter how kinky or curly or nappy it was going to be. I wanted to love my own hair and not desire to have hair like anyone else. When I was transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, I would often look at pictures of natural women for inspiration but I had to be careful to not allow myself to “wish” my natural hair would come out looking like there’s.

An African American woman’s natural hair texture can come out in so many different ways considering our genetic pool is mixed with a variety of races. I believe all natural hair is beautiful whether it is super fine and silky curls or nappy kinky coils. I encourage any woman who is going natural to transform her mind as well during the process. Pray that you accept what God has given you naturally. Going natural has given me an “its mine so I love it” kind of attitude. No ones hair is too nappy to go natural. Go natural and embrace your naps or coils or kinks. Decide that you are going to love YOU no matter what.

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  1. BWilliams at 2:30 pm

    I just have a questioned so basically you are saying that, the hair you were born with you should be ashamed. I’m not quite getting the concept?Seriously?So what exactly is bad about nappy hair? O let me guess you weak minded and let other races put you down. Do you guys notice that were the only race in the world that has hair like ours, like man some people are really closed minded. I mean my hair is thick, and so if perm goes away one day I should hate myself and then off myself because, I wouldn’t be pretty anymore because I can’t live with how my hair naturally grows. No offense but there is no explanation needed, natural hair is what you are, stop eing weak-minded and stand up for your race before it’s too late.

  2. Charisma Boyd at 6:06 pm

    I’m a 15yr old teen that wants to go natural and all I got to say is that I love my black culture and I don’t give a damn for what all y’all stupid bitches that want to be white say.like y’all love y’all permed hair and shit.Stop trying to be another race and love your black heritage remember white folks ain’t da only ppl in da world so stop bitching and love ur natural hair because nappy hair is da best n da world.don’t let me hear no radical shit from y’all dumb bitches no mo.

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  4. RG408 at 2:33 pm

    Wow! There are some really judgmental (& some just plain ignorant) comments on here! That’s sad :-/ You can & should love your hair, whether it’s relaxed, natural, short, long, blonde, whatever. It should be whatever you feel comfortable with. You shouldnt be “bullied” into transitioning into natural hair or criticized because you get perms. Natural hair may not be for everyone, but neither is permed hair. Just do YOU. Some comments on here did offer some good advice though. You just have to weed thru the BS comments to get to them unfortunately. :-/

    • Uchenna at 11:26 am

      I believe that natural hair is for everyone. I’m sorry.

      I’m not going to go to the girl with naturally brunette hair and tell her brunnette is not for everyone. And for the girl who dyes her hair blonde, while it might fit her, I thinks its odd to tell her that maybe being brunette was not for her.

      Your natural hair is for you. It doesn’t matter what it looks like or whether some other style would look fine on you. But just like the girl who dyes her hair blonde, while it looks good on her, she would look fine too with her naturally brunette hair.

      Whatever you’re born with will fit you. I don’t believe the crap that some people are not fit for natural hair! What!!!! That’s crap. Every human being is good enough to carry on what they naturally have.

      And women in their natural hair look so beautiful. I have never seen a person in natural hair that I didn’t feel oh my gosh, where did that beauty come from. But I have seen women in permed hair that is so flat, it doesn’t do their physical appearance any justice. What’s the point having long hair that is so flat, it barely even exists.

      Instead have short hair but thick that it can surround your face and bring out your beautiful features.

      Be natural, people. Please just try it once and you’ll be surprised.

      I have a dream that one day every black woman will dorn her african hair. I have a dream that every moment I see a black woman, I will thank God for the diversity he gave us in beauty. I have a dream of a day when young girls don’t have to wait until perm day to feel beautiful. I have a dream.

      Can we just take a second to think. Can this dream come true? And is this dream really that bad? If so, why? Do you really believe that God can make a bad product. Do you really believe our African ancestors did not know the art of taking care of natural hair. That they used perm?

      I have a dream. That’s all I can say.

  5. ChristinaLA at 4:38 pm

    Try Shielo’s Smoothing shampoo & conditioner. It has a hair oil in the product. My husband started using it and my children (my son has very sensitive skin, but he has no problems with Shielo). They are mixed babies and their hair likes the extra moisture.

  6. Stevie at 4:11 am

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  7. KC at 10:14 pm

    Hello, I am a 4C and I have come to think that African American women who are NOT a 4C are the biggest advocates for natural hair (not that this is a bad thing) and also the first ones to jump in a confrontation when someone comments on the difficulty of managing 4C hair. I think all black women who are not a 4C should try to understand how difficult managing this hair type is. The products you use do NOT work for us. The oils and sulfate-free products usually leave our hair still lacking. I have found (along with some of my other 4C sisters – google it) that the old fashioned hair grease sometimes hold the moisture in our hair much better. 4C hair is way MORE prone to breakage and adverse hair affects.

    You can have your beliefs but think before you come down so hard on ppl with 4C hair. It is almost like comparing Caucasian hair to African American hair. The texture is MUCH courser. The same products do NOT work. And styles do not work the same.

    I think all hair is beautiful. God created us all unique. But 4C hair is definitely a challenge.

    (I have discussed with some black men and they agree. We came to the same conclusion when considering men who are prone to razor bumps and those who are less prone. Most less prone men will argue with men who have razor bumps and say that the solution is simple. But its not. The have two very different chemistries involved. And where simply using a facial wash works for one does NOTHING for someone who is more prone to razor bumps.)

    Please sisters lets be more considerate of others.

    Thank you.

    • TRUTH-B-TOLD at 7:05 pm

      I wish I had 4c hair. If many of 4c hair types mentally overcome it and educate yourself on how to care and love it,4c women will be our advocates. To me 4c is the prettiest in representing our natural hair. It is Much thicker and full. It is GORGEOUS!!

  8. TRUTH-B-TOLD at 6:57 pm

    Point Blank: african/African American women look like clowns wearing European hair; african/African American women who are brown – light skin are bleaching their skin WHITE. Many of our young girls are confused,self-hating,psychological in pain when it comes to their identity.
    This mental oppression of self is not only here, but it is in Africa as well. I can’t wait until the day black women wake up and set our daughters free and eventually our boys and men.

  9. obyguyn23 at 12:38 pm

    There are people who preach about “going natural” all the time. These people have no idea what some of us have to go through with manageability. I have great looking tightly coiled hair. But alas! it is wayyy too nappy to manage. I have been natural for a little over 4 years now, moisturizing, conditioning, etc.

    I wear a wig (a natural afro texture lace wig) ALL the time and keep my own hair always braided underneath. It is impossible to pass a comb through my hair without tears! I only use the widest-toothed combs out there. I suffer a lot when I take out my braids to wash and condition. It is no joke. I’m not even sure if my hair falls in an any part of the scale. LOL

    I am a structural engineer who has to be at work early and leave late. Not to mention the fact that I wear a hard hat >75% of my day! I love my natural hair, but I simply cannot manage it with the job I have! Mine is the type that is too nappy to stay natural. And for all uptight people – “nappy” is simply an adjective, not an insult.

    • Bella at 8:38 pm

      Try combing your hair ONLY when wet. And washing with conditioner only, no shampoo. I, too, wore wigs for years with my natural hair braided underneath. After finally wearing it loose for a while, I realized that long natural hair was more effort than I was willing to do. So I now I wear it short with an edgy cut. It’s my signature look in my industry. 🙂 Good luck to you!

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