Dr. Boyce Video: Would Dr. King Support Obama’s Policies

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  1. Yes, Dr. King would support and vote for President Obama re-election. First President Obama is family man. King would give him A+. President Obama believes in GOD and is not biased against any religion. President Obama loves people regardless of their race. If you visit the Obama in the WH please behave as normal person – do not bad-mouth Blacks because Obama’s father is black. Do not bad mouth Whites – because Obama’s mother is white. President Obama appointed first Black US Attorney General. CEOs fear this guy – they know if a discrimination case comes to his desk he takes action. Some GOPers and TEA Partiers are calling AG office – Harlem. But little people like me are now safer – we have a tough US AG. Obama appointed quite a few Blacks as federal judges. We have a black woman at United Nations and several Black ambassadors. King would love that. President Obama passed the Health care law. American people, including Blacks have access to preventive health care; cannot be denied covering pre-existing conditions; prolonged stays in hospitals; covering kids in college; if you lose your job and you can keep your doctor. President Obama fought back Ryan-Care – intended to allow doctors let seniors die if they exhaust $5,000 voucher. King would have been old now – would give President Obama A+. President Obama reduced tax for low and middle income people. I have met people saying their payroll checks are bigger than before Obama became President. Dr. King would give President Obama A+. President Obama ended war in Iraq and is phasing that in Afghanistan. Some troops are coming home. President Obama restructured Wall Street. No more cheaters and corruption there. President Obama reformed the banking system. Banks cannot hit you with fees you do not authorize. Dr. King would give President Obama As+. President Obama established business funds to help businesses retool their businesses and therefore hire more people thus rejuvenating the economy. Jobless now is at 8.5%. Private sector is now creating jobs again. President Obama urged homeowners to refinance their mortgages. Banks have been whining but he is on top of cheaters. President Obama restructured student loans. Loans can now be processed at colleges instead of giving bank CEOs undeserved bonuses. Now you can send your bright child to college and get grants and loans easily. We will have more local doctors, professors, engineers, nurses, lawyers, etc. The world now loves Americans. You can now go overseas: India, Malaysia, China, Egypt, and Libya and to African countries and be received as friend. In fact do you know why Egypt, Libya, Syria, Morocco, Yemen and other African countries want democracy? It is because American people elected an African-American President. People of the world have seen American people, regardless of race and creed are now politically and culturally mature enough to elect anybody they like regardless of race. They elected the first African-American as President. That’s exactly what Dr. King would love best to see. President Obama got Bin Ladin, the Yemen guy and their followers. Now America and the world are safer without those two. Dr. King would pat President Obama on his back – “excellent job Mr. President.” Dr. King would be disappointed what TEA Party and Republicans are doing to people. –planting hatred among races and religions. That is exactly what King preached against. President Obama is easily accessible with Blacks, Whites and other racial minority leaders. Dr. King would love to see that in President Obama. Dr. King would be disappointed to see Republicans encouraging CEOs to ship jobs abroad leaving people on welfare or jobless. Dr. King would be disappointed with GOP WH candidates. Romney has refused to disclose his tax returns for corruption cover-up; as Mormon Romney believes women belong to kitchen and are breeding machines; believes Blacks and racial minorities are cursed humans from Cain. Romney is one CEO who shipped jobs abroad leaving people here on welfare. Rich Santorum is a racist – says Blacks are more on welfare than Whites—a lie. Gingrich is adulterer, racist and chaser of office women – called Blacks as welfare suckers; Ron Paul candidacy is sponsored by KKK groups – therefore racist. Perry is a drunk and racist- putting N word on his door. Bachmann was heard saying Blacks were better off as slaves. Herman Cain is women groper, harasser and hates Blacks. As a whole Dr. King would see GOP violating his teachings. But Dr. King would vote for President Obama in November. I will join Dr. King in November.

    • People beware!! The fighting is still going on in Iraq! The reports from Afghanistan are nothing more than a “photo op”. Obama destroyed the Black leader of an African Nation – Momar Kadafi. Iran will be next to be attacked by Obama. As soon as he does this, what do you think Iran’s allies, China and Russia are going to do? I predict that Obama will attack Iran prior to the 2012 election and ultimately start WW III. I think Dr King would be appalled by Obama’s actions. BEWARE THE WOLF IN SHEEP CLOTHING!

      • Please don’t tell me that you condone the actions of that madman Kadafi!! He was killed by his own people and not by President Obama. Did you expect Obama to protect him for some reason? Dr. King was for non-violence, but sometimes there is a need to fight. Dr. King’s predecessor Dr. Vernon Johns was right when he said, “If you see a good fight…get in it!”

        • Wake up and do your research on the infrastructure of Libya before American intervention. I will bet you really think that Obama is responsible for the capture and death of Bin Laden, don’t you? Wake up. Do not believe the hype of the US Government Bureaucracy. BEWARE THE WOLF IN SHEEP CLOTHING!

          • I always do my research, and don’t intend to do any other reasearch to verify whether or not your rant against President Obama is accurate or not. As far as I am concerned President Obama is definitely responsible for the death and capture of Osama bin Laden. What I don’t understand is this deep intensed hatred for President Obama. Where were you when Bush/Cheney started this country on the road to disaster? You should be thankful to Pres. Obama for keeping us from getting into another great depression and saving the auto industry. But instead what do you know? Come on this site like some sort of end of the world guru from another planet outside of the solar system. If you don’t like Obama, that is YOUR problem and you are wasting your time trying to make people see things in YOUR crazy way. I’m beginning to think that you are some kind of nut on drugs or something and “the wolf is sheep clothing” is something that you’re putting in your body to stay high.

  2. As far as I am concerned it is obvious that Dr. King would support President Obama’s policies without question.

  3. Of course Dr King would support President Obamas polices.

  4. Why wouldn’t Dr. King support Pres. Obama’s policies? I guess he would support Gingrich or maybe Romney or Huntsman or all the other repubs. Come on !

    • Ever heard of Ron Paul?

  5. Of course he would, but he would not celebrate as if the job was complete. The struggle is ongoing.

  6. What did I tell you four months ago? I said all GOP current candidates were unfit and unelectable. From the debates attacks and negative ads, it seems all will bail out except Romney and Gingrich. Romney says now will release his income tax in April. That’s a trick – by April 15, he may be GOP nominee thus defeating Republicans and TEA Party evaluation of his morals. He may even refuse to release his tax returns. Romney is corrupt and racist. Romney then will be a punching bag of President Obama. Republicans – Good luck with your candidate or candidates.

  7. Please watch this debate between Mitt Romney and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. it should help answer this question I believe:


  8. @ Spencer
    Sir, when a person tells me that they intend to do no further research, I take that as a sign of ignorance. I study and research EVERY day! Try out this logic. Bin Laden was “supposedly” the grandest of all the terrorists. Now if I truly had capture and killed this individual, don’t you think I would give the nation more proof than simply words alone or pictures that can be falsified. But instead, his body was “supposedly” taken immediately and dumped at sea! So what is it that makes you so certain that Obama is responsible for the capture and death. What evidence has he given you other than words alone. I was not there and I do not KNOW, but, with all things considered, it is highly suspect. Now my guess is that this little scenario, along with the “race” game which we fall for, is a plot by the elite to get Obama re-elected. And please stand corrected. I do not have any deep hatred for Obama. Hell, I voted for him. Hell, I contributed financially to his campaign. Hell, I had the same grand expectations that the rest of the country had. I too expected great new things to happen. However what I saw was him appointing the same crew that Bush had to his cabinet. What I saw was Obama continuing the Bush policy of propping up the Banking industry because “They are too big to fail”. What I saw was the continuation of Americans losing their homes to foreclosures. I did not see him nor hear him directing the banks to cease their foreclosures until times could get better for Americans. I have no great hatred for the man. I am simply trying to say that he and Bush are the same. The majority of our government officials are corrupt, purchased “puppets” of the elite! And please know that Bush and Cheney did not start this country on the road to disaster. This country was already on that road. This country started down the road to disaster when the Federal Reserve was created. (Research the Fed and fiat money and their relationship to inflation and war) There have been only two presidents (maybe George Washington excluded) that have had America’s best interest at heart. That would be Lincoln and Kennedy. What happened to both of them? You put 2 plus 2 together and let me know what you come up with! If you have a problem with getting the correct answer, research the Fed, again! And do you not think this country is in a depression? Foreclosures on the rise, food prices steadily increasing, high unemployment, increasing government spending(raising the debt ceiling), jobs being sent overseas and Americans are fast losing our liberties and rights. Are you aware of the NDAA that was signed on December 31, 2011 while all of Americans had their minds on the New Year Holiday. Mind you, Congress was nowhere in sight at that time. Ever ask yourself Why? Are you aware of what the NDAA is all about? (By the way, one last request, research NDAA!) All Americans need to know that Obama is for the NWO (New World Order, that is a One World Government) and there is no possible way that there can be a Sovereign America AND a One World Government. So how can he be for America and the NWO. You can’t play for two opposing teams at the same time!
    Now my challenge to all Americans, view these videos. That is unless you choose to take Mr Spencer’s rout and remain ignorant:
    Former CIA Agent’s Message to America
    Respectfully, I request that you not stop with this. Please continue your research. Ultimately you will be able to see that RACE was for the 17th century. This is the 21st century. Racism in the 21st century is a tool used by the elite that is doing a wonderful job of DISTRACTING those of us who are in fact teammates, whether we are able to see it or not! We are all 21st century slaves! We are all going to perish together, Black, White, Red/Native, Latino unless we wake up and see this. THIS IS NOT ABOUT RACE! THIS IS ABOUT ECONOMICS!! THIS IS ABOUT THE HAVES AND HAVE-NOTS!!! (Note the first video above)
    And by the way, Mr Spencer, I did do my research as you requested. Now my question to you is, if Dr King would have supported Obama’s policies, what are you missing from the following excerpt?
    “…Given that Romney accuses Obama of launching class warfare, being a socialist with “European ideas” (read foreigner), what would he have said about King, who, unlike Obama, openly embraced socialist democracy, critiqued US foreign policy and called America the “greatest purveyor of violence in the world”?”
    Now the only drug this “nut” is the drug of truth and enlightenment. That being said, I intend to stay high for as long as it takes to wake America up! And Obama is not my problem. Obama is the problem of all misinformed Americans!

    • Let me rephrase, I don’t intend to do any extra reseearch at your request. Why? Because I am positive that everything you’re saying and you have said a lot, is total nonsense. I don’t need research something that is a obvious lie. I am not in the habit of researching a rant given by you or anyone else for that matter, and what you think of me is really none of my business.

  9. There is obviously a bunch to realize about this. I think you made some good points in features also.

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