Dr. Boyce: 5 Reasons Melissa Harris-Perry Is Perfect for MSNBC

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3) MSNBC tends to aim for Consistent Obama Cheerleaders:  As we gear up for the 2012 presidential election, everyone is positioning their weapons on both the right and the left.  Fox News is building it’s media bunker to boost the Republican candidate, and MSNBC is trying to protect the power of President Obama.  We should all prepare ourselves for a slew of half-truths, peculiar spin and political fairy tales that will play to every sensitivity and vulnerability of the black community.  You might even see a picture of President Obama eating barbecue at a black church picnic while playing the saxophone.  Adding Harris-Perry to the MSNBC lineup makes sense, because she is the perfect political soldier.

I am not one to say that black folks should consider defecting from the Democratic Party (we can’t quite go support the people who think that we are all on welfare), but I am one to say that we must be watchful of those who’ve been positioned as political attack dogs to keep the black voter base in line.  Black people should be thinking for themselves, and not have their minds controlled by those who’ve made it their mission in life to put out every political fire that occurs when someone in Washington has dropped the ball on the black agenda.  Not to say that Melissa is one of the attack dogs, but I encourage anyone to take a look at what she’s written and said about the Obama Administration to evaluate her track record.