Dr. Boyce: 5 Reasons Melissa Harris-Perry Is Perfect for MSNBC

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2) She’s very, very smart:  I’ve debated with Melissa and Al Sharpton at the same time over the Obama Administration’s negligence toward the African American community.   During this somewhat heated discussion, I ended up feeling like a judge trying to argue against two attorneys seeking to exonerate their client (the Obama Administration) at all costs.   Nearly every shortcoming of the administration was excused and every ideological road led right back to how wonderful the Democrats have been for black folks.

Almost no one can disagree that the Republicans are worse for black people than the Democrats.  But this political choice is like asking a man to choose between eating rotten eggs and horse manure.  Standing up for the Democrats while black people die and suffer is as unethical as letting your mother starve while you shop at Bloomingdales.  The black liberal elite cheer for President Obama because he provides them with career opportunities and the chance to be on TV.  But poor black folks continue to suffer, and the few brave voices like that of Dr. West are undermined by anyone seeking a chance to get access to the White House.  It’s time for those days to come to an end and someone has got to start telling the truth.