Dr. Boyce: 5 Reasons Melissa Harris-Perry Is Perfect for MSNBC

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1) Perry is the black Rachel Maddow: Melissa might be black, but she fits very nicely within the white liberal establishment.  She gets fired up about the issues that people on the left tend to love:  Global warming, gay rights, women’s rights and the treatment of detainees at Guantanamo Bay.   Melissa is the kind of person who rallied against the execution of Troy Davis, not because Davis was black, but because both she and Amnesty International saw this as an opportunity to ban the death penalty.  She is clearly a liberal who happens to be a black woman, not a black woman who happens to be a liberal.

An important point that many liberal universities and media outlets have yet to appreciate is that there is a difference between actual diversity and cosmetic diversity.  Hiring a person with black skin who thinks the exact same way you do is not exactly an act of diversity.