Dr. Boyce: 5 Reasons Melissa Harris-Perry Is Perfect for MSNBC

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World.

Today it was announced that Tulane University Professor Melissa Harris-Perry is going to have a new show on MSNBC.  Melissa is far sharper and more polished than I could ever be, so I knew it was only a matter of time before the network moved her into the fold.  I am admittedly not a fan of Perry, since I took offense to her unsolicited attacks on Cornel West a few months ago.  But thinking about Harris-Perry’s presence on nightly cable news led me to consider some reasons why the hire is perfect for both she and MSNBC.

If I end up sounding like a hater, it’s because I probably am.  White people, as a collective, have never like me very much and advocating for black folks has never been an easy way to pay the bills.  Also, my gripe with Melissa is the same I’d have with any black person who allows herself to be propped up by the Democrats to do their dirty work against Cornel West as he spoke on behalf of black, brown and poor people.   Harris never proved that Dr. West was wrong – she only sought to discredit him and dismantle his voice.  In that regard, she was no different from a slave using the master’s gun to kill the leader of the negro rebellion.

In this case, the truth might sting everyone involved, including me.  But quite frankly, I don’t give a damn – here are the reasons why Professor Harris-Perry and MSNBC are a match made in elitist liberal heaven: