Black Pastor Backs Gingrich And Says ‘blacks should be sent back to plantation’

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A conservative black preacher has backed Newt Gringrich after the Republican presidential candidate came under fire for saying poor black children should work as janitors.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, who founded a Tea Party organization in South Central L.A, says that Gingrich was 100 per cent correct that blacks lack work ethic and that his own solution was to ‘send them back to the plantation’.

‘One of the things that I would do is take all black people back to the South and put them on the plantation so they would understand the ethic of working,’ Peterson told The Huffington Post’s Black Voices.

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  1. Pastor???????????????????????I hope he included himself…….and make his butt pick a thousand pounds of cotton everyday….

  2. Another mentally sick du.

  3. It’s no wonder that he supports massa Gingrich, this Negro (I said Negro) was raised on a plantation in of all places Alabama! Picking cotton for little to no money doesn’t give you a good work ethic as much as it gives you a low self-esteem and this Uncle Rastus seems to think very little of himself. The absolute worst kind of person in the world is a person that hates his own race.

  4. Jessie Lee Peterson, enough said! Bafoonary at its best. Hes the worst kind of NEGRO, one who says what the white man is afraid to say! They use to call them “Head Drivers” or “Flunkeys” on the plantation. Those NEGROs who loved the master more than they loved themselves or their race! He is one sad black man!

  5. God!!!!!! help him……

  6. That nigger needs to shine my boots!

  7. Somebody needs to stomp a corn up on Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s behind and put a plug in his mouth after asking each one of his congregation”WTF is wrong with you’. This guy is so lost it is pathetic and very demonstrative of the mentality of any Black Teabagger.
    This MF’er has completely overlooked the fact that the plantation life teaches dependence on somebody else for all the necessities of life. It teaches a person to be dependent on somebody else for everything you eat, everything you wear and where you rest your head at night. This guy is so lost he does not understand that the main job of a slave was to do as little as possible. The Stepen Fetchit stereotype is the direct result of the slave intentionally wanting to be perceived as unable to do anything in a effort to get out of work. Pathetic!!!!!

  8. This is the same idiot that is pandering to Gingrich, Sean Hannity and other ilk for money and he has the nerve to say that we need to go back to the plantation? After Jesse Lee Peterson finishing performing his services for 30 pieces of silver, does he spit or swallow his efforts.

  9. I apologize for saying that to all you good black folk, looks like I’m just as stupid and ignorant as this Patterson feller, people like me are just old dinosaurs I reckon.

  10. N…hater, your stupid apology is not accepted. When a tornado hits your Redneck neighborhood it does at leastt $100,000 worth of improvements. Give off of the website trash!!!!

  11. I know some Blacks like this doo, pretend to hate Blacks to get money and other favors from White churches. He does not know Gingrich is mental case. Wait until White put this minister out as treated him like Herman Cain. White racists are now dumping him. They did not want him as GOP nominee. If this minister thinks GOPers and TEA Partiers are his buddies. He should think twice. He will eventually regret why he put down Blacks. And wait until they arrest him and put him in jail for frivolous mistake. This ugly minister should look self in the mirror. May be he can come to terms with self – and join me to vote for President Obama in November.

  12. I’d like to see this so-called preacher visit Pulaski, Tennessee the birthplace of the KKK with his support of Gingrich if he manages to escape he’d be begging all of us to vote for President Obama. Those back wood Bubbas will surely have a plantation waiting for him the minute he sets foot on their little Redneck town and they wouldn’t care if shares their hatred for blacks. He seems to think that whites are attracted self-hating blacks, and he may be right if we look at Herman Cain as an example.

  13. somebody needs to put that pa-thugly crack addicted sharecropper out of his fuckin’ misery!

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