Allen West to President Obama, “Get The Hell Out of The U.S.”

by / January 31, 2012 Politics 271 Comments

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Allen West never fails to amaze us with his over-the-top commentary on anyone or anything dealing with the Democratic Party.

His recent jaw-dropper came Saturday night at the Lincoln Day Dinner in West Palm Beach, Florida. Though this is not West’s most outrageous statement to date, it is no less ridiculous, according to reporting by The Huffington Post.

“We need to let President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, (audience boos) and my dear friend the chairman of the Democrat National Committee, we need to let them know that Florida ain’t on the table,” West said. “Take your message of equality of achievement, take your message of economic dependency, take your message of enslaving the entrepreneurial will and spirit of the American people somewhere else. You can take it to Europe, you can take it to the bottom of the sea, you can take it to the North Pole, but get the hell out of the United States of America.”



271 Comment

  1. Peppa, you know that you have our prayers. Please be aware that although people will say some nice and encouraging words to you and your family. There will be some very ugly things said simply because there are people with an ugly nature and mostly because they are cowards and can easily hide behind their computers. If they attack non-celebrities during the death of loved one, you know that they will attack the well-known people even moreso. You are in a greiving period right now and you need to come to the conclusion that what they think or say is not important. I’ve always said that what anyone thinks of me or my family is none of my business, that’s between them and the Lord. That way I don’t have to deal with it on personal basis and I can move on to the next level or phase in life.

    • Spencer
      Good post, and I have taken some of that advise too, thanks… A very very wise statement, because its not worth it, its better to laugh it off from the heart because it actually truely doesn’t concern us.
      Get some rest Peppa, our hearts are with you completely.

    • Thank you so much brother. Those are true words. And I will definitely take heed to them.

    • Tess,

      I could barely keep my composure while listening to this arrogant miserable Uncle Tom. I never call people Uncle toms, even when others do, because I think the term is used to frequently. But he is exactly that. Spencer my intelligent brother, I am going to challenge you to do something for us all, because am tired of the Republican party trying to make it seem like the democrats were the ones who were against the civil rights and other equalities for Black people. Can you help us to research exactly what party did this. I know that there were so many party switching and so forth. How can we get to the bottom of this. I tried and tried to research, but everything is just so confusing and abstract. They ramble on and on to the point that I just log off. This Allen West guy has really fueled me to want to know the truth. I am talking about the real truth, not that HEATHEResque type of truth. Please get back to me as soon as you can. It is now 3:35 and I will be here until 5:00. If I don’t hear from you before then, I will get your post tomorrow morning.

      Hey Dee sis.

      Be Blessed Family!

      • Peppa, the Republican party is known as “The Party of Abraham Lincoln” and they are proud (false pride) of it and will it as some of proof their not racist, because Linclon he was the man who emanipated blacks. But please don’t believe the hype about Abraham Lincoln he was just as racist as everyone else during that time. He was actually forced to free blacks. At one time the Republican party was the party of Civil Rights, and the Democratic party was known for its racist, in fact the most racist part of the Democratic party was called “the Dixiecrats” most of the KKK were Democrats too they had members like Bull Connor and Strom Thurmond. Now people asked why did blacks leave the Republican party, but the truth is the Republican party left us. What happened? When President Johnson helped pass Civil Rights legislation in the 1960s he commented that: “Well, there goes the South.” He meant that now the South would become Republican as they now saw the Democrats as the party standing up for the blacks. And this is what happened, and they have been fire breathing racist ever since. The old Republican party was for blacks, but the Republican today can’t stand blacks. They don’t even like the idiot blacks that call themselves Republicans. Why did they railroad Herman Cain? Because he was getting to popular, but Herman Cain is still too stupid to realize it. I have a hard time understanding why any black person would want to belong to a party that this obviously racist but to each his own I guess. There’s still some Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas in the world today. Don’t listen to any black person who will try to make you accept the GOP, tell them that if they enjoy pickin’ the white’s cotton just keep on pickin’ and move on.

        • Good Morning Spencer,

          I read up on this as well last night when I got to NJ. I was up until midnight because I had to make two trips to pick people up from Newark Airport. I read about how this all went down. It was still a bit all over the place and different people had different accounts. So I went with what repeated by different articles. It is now painfully obvious, that those who opposed integration are now what we call Conservatives. I don’t care what they were called in the past, but I get it now. I am still going to research until I can find a black author who is going to tell it like it is. I just do not trust white historians, because they always changed history JUST ENOUGH to make them seem less diabolical. I mean, just look in most bibles at the picture they have of Jesus. He looks nothing like the description IN THE BIBLE, yet they have no problem making him look in the IMAGE of a White Person.

          • PEPPA and Spencer….
            Amen girlfriend, I was just talking to my brother early this morning about this same ole BS. I can,t name one thing here in the USA that a whiteman has truely accomplished. Everything they have or possess was stolen from other races. Truthfully they are all thieves aka: exterminators… They kill off everything they conquor. Peppa they did distort the true bible, especially when it came to Jesus, so you are so correct. I was advised by a friend, who knows what he,s talking about, he does his research, not to purchase biblical doctrine from USA bookstores. I found him correct on everything he has shared with me and my family. His name is Robert Mystery, his email address is ( spiritualview@aol.com Peppa email him and tell him that Lady Dee referred you to him. Ask him to put you on his email address, you are also welcome to email him to Spencer. Spencer you and Robert run neck and neck on many things. Get on his email list… Peppa you be at peace today, and know that Whitney has truely gone home to be with her first love. I don’t care what negativity goes forth about Whitney, nobody knows her final hours but her and her Jesus. Whitney was tired, and she lived out her life and destiny to the fullest and according to the scriptures, aka: she accomplished what God sent her here to do, and no man has the 911 on God’s business when it comes to God’s purpose and plans for anybody’s life. When I woke-up this morning, I was thinking about Whitney, remembering what God told me about her. When Whitney was using the drugs, God told me that he was going to use her, and it is happening as we speak. It is all good…wink!!! This morning I thought about the prodical son, and I knew Whitney made it home safe. She loved the Lord, and she had a relationship with God. It doesn’t matter what people say or think, at the end of the day Whitney is at home in Kingdom Heaven. LovU Peppa

          • Dee,
            Sister..ooom ooom ooom.
            Girl you have no idea how touch we are. I let my cousins read this. Oh my God sis.

            I love the Prodigal son story. It was one of the first ever taught to me in bible class. Sis you just brightened up our day. We were sitting here having some wine and grilled shrimp and I got a pop up on my IPhone and read this BLESSED message from you. Please read below.

            Hello Lady Dee, my name is Elaine. I am Peppa’s older cousin. You are such a blessing. We are sitting here in tears after reading your blessing Lady Dee. Don’t ever change and thank you for praying for my family.

            Hi Lady Dee, you remind me of my sister in law even though she is a Muslim. But she loves black people and always uplift them with her words. She is a spicy one who is respected by everyone. We wish you nothing but blessings for you and your loved ones.

            I just wanted you to know how you blessed us sis. My cousins also read a few of your other posts and they love your fire. I am going t e-mail Robert on Sunday sis. Keep in touch, I may not respond right away over the weekend, but I will be reading every single post you send.

            Love You Girl…And heeeey Spencer, love you too.

          • To Peppa and my beautiful God-women sisters: I am so over-joyed when ever God gives me a message to relay and the reciever is always receptive and most important (open to the spirit to recieve). I love you guys so much, and I can feel and discern your spirit thru your writings.
            Continue holding your heads up, and for Whitney / Bobby Kristina also, because that baby is going to take off where her mother stopped. The mantle of anointing has now been passed down to her, from one seed to the next. Cissy’s seed is anointed to sing with heavenly voices, so the real Whitney is not dead, she is just absent from the flesh. And don’t think that she’s not in your presence, because she is, but if your not a true believer of the faith they will not fellowship with you. So you guys be happy, celebrate, and rejoyce for Whitney and (with Whitney).
            PS. Just between sisters, Sexy ole Kevin Costner is still so deeply inlove with Whitney LMAO… and peeps better watch what they say about his girl in front of him, because he will tare them a tale or 2… forreal!!! LOL Huggs and kisses to you all. I wish I was there with you guys have some great laughs lol…

          • I looooooooooove Kevin Costner sis. But you better not tell Denzel that, because he gets jealous, lol.

            I hope you have the ebst weekend ever.

            Love you sis.
            PS: I think Elaine has had too much wine.

          • Peppa…
            Remember this, because what I’m sharing with you this afternoon is what God is ministering to my spirit since Whitney died, because this old ugly clueless demonic religous world is judging her so selfishly, and that is only because they have nothing but word foundation, but they all (lack) the spiritual increase which can only be given to you by God thru a personal relationship with him. I don’t care what kind of tricks people can turn, God’s word does not lie or come back void. *There is a story in the book of Matthews I believe, I will find it for you, but anyway it talks about 3 or 4 servants that Jesus gave them each some seeds to sew. Long story short: the 2 servants who saved and protected their seeds made God angry and he destroyed them, but the other 2 who squandered and used their seeds up, “God blessed them”….wink!!! Our seeds are our life, gifts, and anointings. Its dangerous not to live and to get caught up into the spirit of religion. Whitney played no parts in any of those rolls. She walked in her destiny, and I’ll floor anybody who says different, because my spirit never lies to me…wink!! Blessing Blessings Blessings to you and family…

  2. Whether it’s about the good things or the bad, to deny ANY part of OUR history, meaning US History, makes us appear weak, as we will come off as being a bunch of arrogant and ignorant crybabies that are unwilling to even learn about our country’s history and incapable of learning from mistakes.

    • Tess, you say, “…we will come off as being a bunch of arrogant and ignorant crybabies…” and actually I believe that you have arrived to that point already, well ahead of any of us.

      • Spencer…
        You mean to tell me that clueless, dumb-ass bitch Tess is still hanging around trying to “ROB and STEAL” votes from Obama!!! Wow Spencer!!! This bitch just might be related to George Bush’s empty minded family…

  3. this is what happens when a self-hating Negro gets a small lil piece of the rock, he just acts a fool

  4. When was the last time the Democrat party helped the black community other than to set them up on some sort of financial aid or program where you had to be a black or a minority to qualify? Are blacks better off now than they were 40-50 years ago? If so, why is the unemployment rate higher than ever for blacks? Why are there more black babies born into homes with only one parent today (instead of having both a mommy and a daddy who are married) than there were 40-50 years ago? Why did peoples morals change? If things are going so well for black people, then why are so many of them poor and angry? Usually when people are happy, they are not complaining nor bitter because their lives are going so well. And they aren’t bitter towards others who lives are going well. Do you even know how much debt Obama has put our country in? Do you know how much he has borrowed from China? Do you know and understand that in order for our government to pay back China, they are going to have to raise our taxes and if you don’t have a job, just who then is going to be stuck paying the bill? Is it fair to think that as long as you didn’t cause the problem that somebody else has to pay for it? Until you truly understand what Obama is doing to our country and why, you will be stuck paying the bill or worse, without a job and on welfare and food stamps. I don’t know about you but I’d rather have a job where I can move up and spend my money how I want and make as much as I want. I don’t want to live on welfare and food stamps and I don’t want most of my paycheck taken to pay Obama’s taxes that he is going to impose on all of us. But if you think that’s great, then by all means, vote for the man and enjoy your handouts and gloomy life on the welfare.

    • Tess, cut the crap you are NOT some black woman trying to speak up for the Republican party. You sound more like some old white freakish dude wanting black people to see it your way and not vote for President Obama. It won’t work, peace out.

    • Tess:
      I will tell you when the last time Democrats helped the Black community. It was when Barack Obama decided to bail out the Automotive industry, which is doing better today, than it ever did in the history of its existence. That same automobile industry, that your party the republicans, wanted to allow to fail, to go into controlled bankruptcy. People in Detroit, did not need that, but Mitt Romney, knows how to make millions for himself, so this is what he wanted to happen, so he could capitalize off of it, like he did with BAIN. Now he is gasping at the success of the President. Oh and by the way TESSY ole boy or girl (which ever the heck you are) the Dems are doing for Blacks whites Asians Hispanics and everyone, NOT JUST THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

      And yes, there are tons of Black people who are better off now than they were 40-50 years ago, As are Whites Hispanics and everyone else. And there are those who are not. What is your point. There are White people and Black people who were worse off than they are now, when the economy was extremely profitable. People’s morals changed because of many variables, it has nothing to do with government. People like you blame your social and family value being downgraded on the govt. Get over it, you and only you are in control of your morals. When you get in front of the Lord, what are you going to tell him. Dear Lord father, I have sinned all of these years, because govt made me do it. Govt didn’t make me be moral God, please let me in. Give me a break cry baby.

      So many black ANNNND Whites and others are poor, because of lots of reasons. You must have forgotten that Bush had eight years in the white house. And if you think that the unemployment rate got to the point that it is today in less than four years, then you are a dumber BRICK than I thought you were. Things don’t just jump to a high level of unemployment. They gradually get there, from years and years prior. Save your crappy logic for the conservatives who are in your Amen corner. I go grocery shopping in an all-white neighborhood, because it is easy to go straight from work. And all I ever see are white men coming to pick up their wives in luxury cars who just finished purchasing groceries with a govt issued entitlement cards. So it seems as if everyone is entitled and there are THOSE who abuse it OBVIOUSLY.

      As far as debt is concerned, BUSH put us in major debt waaaaaay before the President was able to sign any bills. But the difference between Bush and Obama (other than rugged good looks and alarmingly high intelligence) is that Barack Obama did it to help citizens. Bush did it to kill anyone who stood in the way of him controlling countries with OIL. Trillions of dollars a month???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME YOU SILLY RABBIT. And you have the nerve to talk about the president making a debt to help people who need help. Shame on you hateful you little person you. And no, I don’t know how much the govt has borrowed from China. But whatever they borrowed I am glad they did, because it was for people in need. Unlike your ole boy Bush, who did it to kill people overseas as well as American soldiers sent to die for oil.

      Taxes are raised for a lot of reasons, I am glad he is not raising them, to fund another war, like your party wants. Save your breath REPUBLICAN, nobody is buying into your rhetoric. Maybe just maybe, if you all did not try to make the COUNTRY think that the bad economy is because of Barack Obama, they’d listen to some of the things you all had to say. Some of what may even be good ideas. But when you si there and try to pin everything on three years of govt, and expect an entire country to forget eight years of bat azz crazy govt spending on a war that to this day nobody knows why it happen, then you are as BAT AZZ CRAZY as Bush was. I don’t personally know any Black person on welfare nor food stamps. I see a few every now and then, and they do not look like they are lazy people, but people who need a boost. Hopefully they will be able to be more stable with the rise in the economy as it has been risen in the last three months.

      So you continue with your same ole rhetoric that the GOP are feeding you. It has not worked in the past and it will not work in November.


    • Tess…
      That’s right you dumb evil-ass clueless old white hoe, “I’m Back Bytch”… and as long as I see evil and hatred in the whitemans eyes for my black people, you will never get any love or respect from this sister. You will never be nothing but an old sneeky dirty bytch to me…MOI

    • Tess…
      I don’t even waste my time reading your post, I only see a bunch of words blocking my damn view, jibberish jibberish jibberish, nothing but some damn jibberish all the f&%$@ time. Does your filthy white sneeky clueless-ass ever get tired… Your cause is totally lost here STUPID, get the picture!!!

  5. Tess, it’s your fault you made me have to profile you I was forced to pull your ho card now maybe you’ll go back to your white brothers and tell them that it didn’t work.

  6. Your rants confirm that you are racists yourselves. Blaming “whites” for your problems instead of finding out for yourselves which people (regardless of race) are good and which ones are bad. Both good and evil walking our earth come in all colors, with different religions and politics. Obviously you can’t see past your own noses while even a blind person may seek the truth and see the bigger picture. Some whites hate all blacks, some blacks hate all whites. That’s not only ignorant but ver narrow-minded. And then there are those who hold things against people in today’s world for the sins of people from long ago. More ignorance. Notice I’m not saying that you are stupid. Being ignorant means you do not know any better, that you are maybe not aware of the facts. Being stupid means you DO know better but do it anyways. I don’t think you are stupid because from all the comments on here, even from the ones using foul language, I can see that you are starting to seek the truth and facts by talking to each other and reading up on history and…that’s a very good thing! It is very wise for people to seek out information and facts before making decisions. From there, it is up to you to decide what to believe and what is best for yourself. No one can live your life for you and we should certainly never let a politician live it for us by dictating what we should or should not do.

    Anyways, hate me or not but I do give you credit for being strong enough to communicate with each other over history, truths and information that is out there. Communication is key! Just going off on someone calling them names isn’t effective. Might make the person you call a name angry or feel hurt but that’s all. However, when you start communicating and seeking more information about what is going on around you and in the world today, you accomplish something. If not for a political party or your community or a single movement, you’ve accomplished something for yourself. And that is empowering yourselves so that no one else can overpower you. To sum it up, we may not agree or even like each other but that’s part of life. It doesn’t mean tho that we can’t accomplish something for ourselves and together, that’s exactly what we’re doing by commenting and conversing here. Have to admit, I do not like the name-calling but that’s really all it is, name-calling and no one should let that interfere with their own journey thru life. God bless everyone here! We all have much to thank the Lord for and today is proof!

    • TESS…
      I will tend to you later on this evening you stupid Stank clueless witch… I have better things to do right now then to hangout with your dum “I don’t get it ass”….MOI

    • Tess, you are a very very ignorant person aren’t you? What are you going to do Tess? Single-handedly speak to every Democrat in America in order to persaude them to vote the way you plan to vote? Do you know what the true definition of stupidity is? It’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. You keep posting the same thing to us over and over again and you still get the same results. Now what does this tell you about yourself?

    • TESS….
      Lett me tell you a thing or two, only if you have ears to hear, because you have already proven that you don’t have ears. We don’t hate you, we hate what you represent, what hate what your trying to sale us, and you already know this. So please stop acting clueless as if your dumbfounded to every word that I have expressed to you. I have german and jewish relatives whom I love very very dearly, now think about who your communicating with.
      I am born out of a generation of teachers, professors, educators period, and I am a PK kid, so far from you that you wouldn’t even imagine, matter of fact you can’t even comprehend me or even whom I belong to. Anyway none of that matters. Tess I can discern your spirit, and I know that your not an evil person, but you are very very very confused / lost is what you really, and I feel very sorry for you. Your brainwashed period. I belong to nobody but God, and I am a heavenly body living inside a piece of flesh, which just happens to be black, and I’m (PROUD) of. You are promoting people who represent the epitome of evil, and you expect us to sit back and pretend like we can’t see the wolves in front of us, who are killing our babies, and our children, holding our men captive in prisons for crimes they didn’t commit, discrimination on jobs, extermination of our race period. I don’t need to break all this down to you, and I will not allow you to break through my walls, so don’t even look at this post as an open doorway, it ain’t… Quote: Paul said I wear many shoes….

    • Tess,
      You are relentless to say the least. You are a very preachy preachy type of person. But the thing is that while you are constantly telling people to seek the truth, it has obviously escaped you. You seem to think you have all the answers. You’ve listened to FOX and other right winged media. You’ve look at these stats and are so convinced that your party is right and the democratic party is wrong.
      That is fine, but we do not and will NEVER agree. Now if you feel that we are lost or whatever it is your pompous people like to call us, then fine. All I ask is that you keep it to yourself.

      I never understand why Republicans continue to try to convince others to believe what they believe. Just like Rick Santorum, he is the worst. All he needs to do is to run his campaign on what he feels is a morally sound base. But to try to spend so much effort making people believe as he does is only further dividing this country in my opinion. Politicians should not bring religion into politics. Religion is not what is going to get you to Heaven anyway. Spirituality is what matters. There are too many denominations for this guy to be trying to force people to believe in what his teachings are. That is meant for his offspring.

  7. Obama is simply using and taking advantage of the Democrat part. This is why I will be voting for whomever becomes the Republican nominee, just to make sure Obama is not re-elected. I don’t like Obama because he’s black (that doesn’t make sense because I’m black too) and it’s not because I don’t like Obama because he runs for the Democrats. I don’t like Obama because he was raised by Communists, agrees with Communists, has members on his Cabinet who are Communists and he has close ties to the Communists. So keep in mind, if you don’t have the guts to distance yourself from Obama and vote for him knowing what he is a part of, then you are voting for a Communist and may as well be one yourself. http://www.keywiki.org/index.php/Barack_Obama_and_the_Communist_Party

    • Tess, did you take your meds today?

    • Tess

      I am more convinced now that you are a madd white woman or a madd white man. And even if there is the slimmest chance that you are white, you are definitely brainwashed by white people. Not because you’re a Republican, because I have two close friends who are Republicans. We debate and agree on certain things and disagree on other things. But you are a bit tickled in the brain. I am starting to think you are getting entertainment from this going back and forth. I don’t know, maybe you are bed ridden or in a wheel chair or something (not making fun if you are) and just need entertainment. Either way, this is my very last post to you.

      I believe that you TRULY believe that the President is not right for this country. You can say whatever you want to validate your reason, we will NEVER agree. And I think you know we won’t ever agree, yet you keep posting the same stuff. Which leads me to the conclusion that the real purpose for you being here is to be entertained. You have not paid me a dime, so I will no longer entertain you,.

      Curtains Closed!

      • Spencer and Peppa…
        Tess is not acting alone on this. Most of this crap is being done out of irritation, although it didn’t start out like that. It was done for the purpose of recruiting votes for the Republican Party at first.
        Tess, Heather and the homo’s are really all the same group of people. Its just some people have more time on their hands then others do. They actually believe they are in some way controlling us thru these post. To them its about who’s more superior. You have to remember how their mind set operates, vers ours. They know we are not actual haters, but its all about the game to these people, and yes they are brainwashed, but many of them are descendents from the (BLOODLINE), weather they understand it or not. Its embedded in their DNA and no matter what anybody says, you cannot change the way these people think and feel, its who they are. Every seed of man on the face of this earth did not come from God, and that is the word… I said a lot of raw ugly shyt to those repubs and most of them left except for one. The homo’s left because I could actually see them in the spirit, I was getting to close to home, scared them off due to something their not familiar with / aka: spiritual gifts / eyes to see somethings people don’t want you to see. If somebody was talking crap to me 24-7 like I was throwing down on them, I would have left the house long time ago, because I know how to choose my battles, some are not worth the time and space. Tess could very well be a disabled person sitting in a wheelchair behind a desk with absolutely nothing else to do but hangout on the PC.
        This whole ordeal reminds me of some darn regenerated machine with a brain who can talk back, stranger things are happening in these last and evil days, so don’t fool yourselves… You guys have a blessed day…wink!!!

  8. I meant to say- even if there is the slimmest chance that you ARE NOT WHITE, you are brainwashed by them

  9. @Tess, the Sell Out and Very Lonely Old Negro Woman from Somewhere Next to Mississippi and Raised by a Couple of Sharecroppers Who Taught You to Just Love Those Racist Redneck White People to Death or the Balding Middle Age Twice Divorced Because of a Hidden Lifestyle Conservative White Guy with a lot of time to waste and probably wishes he was a black woman, whichever one you really are allow me to give the motivation to stop trying to get us to vote Republican and then hopefully (I said hopefully) shut the hell up!! Here is a secret that the media is not reporting just yet, but the top Republicans of the GOP all agree that there is no way in hell that any of their sorry ass candidates could ever beat President Obama. First, let’s just forget about Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul because they have already lost and it would be a waste of time even talking about those two idiots. That means the remaining two candidates, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are the ones that hope to run against President Obama during the General Election. Second, here’s why Santorum will not beat President Obama. He is unelectable, Why? Because he has very extremist views on woman issues, especially on birth control and abortion that was settled in the U. S. over forty years ago but this dimwit wants to start the argument all over again. He loves to wear goofy looking sweater vests which does not project the image of a leader of the fre world and believe it or not will turn off the majority of voters. He wants to completely stop the use of birth control pills and must have forgotten that married women use birth control pills too. Tess or Billy Bob, whoever you are, women comprised 53% of voters in the 2008 presidential election, and President Obama won 56% of 2008 votes cast by women. The Republican Santorum cannot win the 2012 presidential race because he will never beat Democrat President Obama in attracting women’s ballots. He called President Obama “Hitler” yesterday, and by doing that he has also galvanized the Democratic base which is something no Republican should ever do at this time. Okay, now let’s deal with Mitt “Waldo” Romney the other so-called front-runner of the GOP. The top Republicans have already established in their hearts and mind that Romeny is the wrong man for the wrong time, for several reasons. The multi-million that says he doesn’t care about “…poor people…” wants to president during a time when 46.2 million Americans live in poverty, the highest number in 52 years. 48 million American adults did not work one single week in 2011, almost entirely due to extremely high unemployment rates across the country. 49.9 million American adults and children had no health insurance coverage in 2011, the highest rate in U.S. history and 900,000 higher than in 2010. Four million American families lost their homes to bank foreclosures from 2007 and early 2012, and the foreclosure rate is projected to continue unabated in 2012 and let me add that all of this was brought about by the Bush administration before you try and blame President Obama. Did you know that Mitt Romney, owns three homes collectively valued at $20 million, and yet he believes that no special relief should be offered to these families.”… don’t try to stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom,” is what he said, in other words, I’ve got mine and so I’m not worried about the orher Americans struggling to keep their homes. Mr. Romney can’t even fend off Rick Santorum, an extremist lightweight who lost his 2006 Senate reelection bid by a whopping 17 points. If Mr. Romney can’t counter the ignorant, stupid arguments of the creepy weakling Rick Santorum, how in the hell can he beat the extremely intelligent and highly effective incumbent President Barack Obama? Right now (at this very moment) Karl Rove and the Koch brothers are working on a plan to draft Jeb Bush or Mitch Daniels or Chris Christie to replace these two jerks, but the truth is it far too late for them to make any kind of difference. And so Tess or Billy Bob or whoever you are here is my prediction. President Obama, aided by a recovering U.S economy, the white Democrat and minority vote will cruise by very easy to probably a landslide victory in 2012 over either Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney. You say that “…will be voting for whomever becomes the Republican nominee, just to make sure Obama is not re-elected.” That is YOUR prerogative, but I just gave you several reasons why you will wasting your vote and you don’t even have to thank me. Another very idiotic comment from you is, “I don’t like Obama because he was raised by Communists, agrees with Communists…” President Obama is a Capitalist and not a Communist, you have been listening to way too many conspiracy theorists. He is a Christian, and believes totally in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior something a true Communist or Muslim would ever do (especially publicly) if President Obama were Communist as you suggest I guarantee you that the CIA, the FBI, and especially the news media would have exposed him by now. I believe that you are one of those people I’ve heard so much about that is trying to bring back “McCarthyism” in America and because we now have a black president you find this to be your golden opportunity to present your stupid “…he’s a Communist” nonsense. In closinng, Tess or Billy Bob or whoever you are, you can stop posting all this stupid nonsense of yours on this site because it will continually be called out on it and unappreciated. President Obama will be re-elected, the top Republicans knows this, the Democratics know this, and even your dumb ass knows this and so you are wasting your time, I can only guess that you enjoy debating with us because you simply think it’s fun, but we are really tired of you and if this is what you are trying to acheive than I guess you won on that part, but it’s still stupid as hell.

    • Spencer,

      My brother…Oh Merciful God who art in Heaven. You delivered what in my opinion may be the best post this site has ever seen. You are so on point with everything you said from the Extreme Santorum, to the Mutt Mitt Romney to Barack Obama and even to this Tess person. I wish I could properly convey to you, just how encourage you made me with this post. I say we ignore anything else this Tess person says. I want to bring out the racism in this person. The way to do that is by ignoring them and that would infuriate them to the point of using racist or stereotypical posts.

      Watch And See. Either that or they will disappear.

    • Spencer…
      This post needs to be a (HEADLINER) in the daily news paper all over the world, especially on Fox News, and all other channels own and operated by Fox Corp. Great Post my brother…

      • Lady Dee & Peppa, thank you for compliments concerning my post. The problem is, there are some white people (not the majority) that think they have an entitlement in America. I don’t know why they think this, it has always been a mystery. They think that everyone should bow down to them, and be willing to accept living under their authority. They are losing their clout, they will very soon be a minority themselves, and having a black president constantly reminds them that their day in the sun is just about over. This is why idiots like Tess keep spreading lies about President Obama and the Democratic party. I’ve never met any of you face to face but I think that you are both the most beautiful sisters I’ve had a chance to be acquainted with in a long time. Keep on standing up for your race and our president!

        • Spencer,

          You are right about those whites who probably wanted to slit their wrist, when slavery was so-called abolished. They feel that since they had the intelligence ((BACK THEN)) to conquer country after country, that they are entitled to remain in power over every other nationality. Yes, they are becoming the minority in numbers. But they still hold the power and I know that they’d rather have an all out race war, before they allowed nature to do her thing. Problem is for them, that before a race war happened killing millions of African Americans and other minorities, my father shall intervene.

          Have either you or Dee seen the movie Apocalyptic. I saw it Friday and it reminds me of what would probably happen if the evil people of this country were to try to enslave or kill a mass amount of people. Wow the KARMA I’m gonna find a way to give you my e-mail address so that I can e-mail you a picture of me. you won’t be dissappointed. And I know my sis Dee, is just as bad. We are sisters who are gorgeous inside and out. And that’s why they hate us so much.

          • Peppa…
            I have your email address, and I’ll add it to my address book tonight. I will keep intouch with you, matter of fact I will email you tonight..

          • Dee,

            Ok sis, because some of the things we need to discuss off of this site, where REPUBLICAN TRAMPS can see our strategy.

        • Spencer…
          Thank you my strong Brother, bottomline everything in the end works out in our favor according to Gods call and purpose and plans. There is an ending to all this madness, and it is soon to come, like you said brother Spencer: The sun is going down, and the days are numbered….Amen Blessings to you and your family

  10. Hello Peppa! I’ve been missing you how are you doing? I hope that you’re family will remain strong during your time of bereavement. I really don’t believe that this Tess person is black, no black person would be so desperate about getting these obviously racist and satanic Republicans elected. He or she keeps hollering about Communism and this alone shows me that we are dealing with a total nutball. No one that practices communism would dare publicly call himself or herself Christian. It is not in their nature. You are right we need to stop responding to this guy who calls himself Tess, because this is really what he’s looking for. He knows President Obama will win and so this is his warped way of fighting bak I guess.

    • Hello Spencer,

      Every time I really want to post, something is going crazy with the domain here at the shop. My IT dept. just finished working on it, so I am up and running again. My family is in god spirit. We sent our precious home in style I must admit. And I want to thank you and Dee for your love and support and prayers. We are blessed by some many people it’s truly amazing. I doubt very seriously if Tess is a black person as well. But like I said on the very slim chance that he/she is, they are definitely brainwashed. Even if they really felt that the Repubs were the best thing for the country, the way they try to paint black people should be enough for her or any other black person to denounce the party for those points alone.
      And of course Tess knows that the President will be re-elected. This is probably one of the reasons Tess is lashing out so much. Out of sheer anger. They have nothing negative on this Squeaky Clean president, so they HARP on conspiracy theories and bank of fear mongering. They will get a few hundred thousand votes from those silly cotton behind the eat confederate whites in SC,AL,MISS…But that’s about it. Most intelligent white people who have somewhat broadened their horizons, gotten out and seen more than just Jim Bo, Becky Sue and Peggy Lee, can see right through the race baiting and it honestly insults their intelligence.


      Peppa is Back
      And I Thanks You!

  11. Why did Obama vote 3 times as a Senator against the “Born Alive Act” and wants babies who survive an abortion to die and not be given any life-saving treatment? http://blackgenocide.org/planned.html

    These babies were set aside, dying in pain but Obama doesn’t care. He even said that he wouldn’t want his own daughters “punished” with a baby! So I guess if his daughters get pregnant, it’s alright for them to hate their own baby enough to kill it. No one wants a President who thinks like that!

    • Hey stupid ass Tess! Whatever you say or think about Obama, he’s a hell of a lot better than those dam Republicans. You’re stupid ass can’t blame Obama for abotion, it was going for years you dam idiot! Obama is going to be re-elected and what then ho?

      • Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Disiree.

      • Ok Spencer…Dee…Desiree from now on PLEASE LET’S STOP CALLING THIS TEA PARTY RACIST TESS. SINCE WE DON’T KNOW HIS REAL NAME, LET’S CALL HIM Jim Bob, because it is an insult calling him Tess. Jim Bob knows that he is fighting a losing battle, he knows that no one is listening to what he says, so he already know he is defeated. From now on, what Jim Bod will do is to post rhetoric, like a child does in school, when they want to get under someone’s skin. I am laughing at Jim Bob, because he is in so much pain and he is so angry. I am sorry Jim Bob, but it is your party’s fault for showing so much racism and hatred for a man simply because of his skin color. You and your party of racists have lost this battle, but I am sure down the line one of you racists will get lucky and win an election. Not any time in the near future, because the democrats are riled up and we have you largely to thank for it. Had it not been for the overwhelming racist attacks against the president, the liberals may have sat back and not been infused to push for the win. So I guess in some ways I thank you Jim bob for your tolerance of racists. Keep your head up old man, your DAY is coming, What that DAY will Intel is up to my Lord and Saviour. But it’s COMING.

        And I Thank You!

        • You Go Peppa lol lol lol….

  12. So instead of admitting Obama is wrong for doing the same bad things that you hate some of the white folks for doing, you use the excuse that whites were doing it first so you think it’s okay that you do it too. So you think two wrongs make a right? And it’s okay to make up excuses for doing bad things? Did your parents teach that? Face it, Obama thinks it’s okay to kill a baby if you don’t want it. In fact, did you know that President Obama supports Planned Parenthood and gives them money even tho the founder of Planned Parenthood said “blacks are like human weeds and should be exterminated” ?? Are you now going to say that it is his “white” side that likes abortions or his “black” side?

    By the way, being a Communist is not illegal these days but that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to be a Communist. Do you even know what a Communist really is? Do you know what they do to people?
    I doubt any of you do because if you really did know, you would not be liking Obama.

    If Obama isn’t into Communism, then why was he in-charge for 4 years of Communist Bill Ayers organization called the “Chicago Annenberg Group” and why did Bill Ayers have fundraisers at his home for Obama? Because they are friends, that’s why! By the way, Bill Ayers blew up Federal buildings and killed innocent people. It is sick that President Obama is friends with him or do you not care to even know about that?

    • Seriously, I think that the Secret Service and the FBI needs to keep tabs on you dude, you’re beginning to scare me with this intensed hatred for President Obama. Now I am sure that you aren’t some black woman who calls herself Tess, you are more like some right-wing tea party whacko or a member of some racist right-wing militia group living in the backwoods of Alabama. I’ve never met a black woman with those kind of sick views in my entire life, you need to use your real name next time you post because you’ve been called out. Black people even Uncle Toms like Allen West and Herman Cain don’t go as far as you’re going against the president. Still, your pointless barbs doesn’t change anything we will all make sure that President Obama is re-elected. And hopefully the Secret Service will make sure you stay in your place by keeping a close eye on you because you really do have a serious problem dude.

  13. Peppa,

    I just wanted to say how very sorry I am for your loss. The world lost a beautiful and very talented lady.
    You entered my mind as soon as I heard the news. best to you and your family. Even though we don’t agree or see eye to eye on everything. I bid you peace and just wanted you to know how very sorry I am for your families loss.

    No need to reply as I won’t be back in. I just wanted to tell you that.


    • Heather,

      I thank you for your words of condolences. And my family also thanks you. And I ask that you also pray for our President, that he will be able to lead this country out of the situation it is in from years of bad leadership.

      Be Ble

  14. Spencer, Lady Dee and Peppa are collectively too too powerful!!! I love you Intelligent Black People!! God Bless!!

    • Thank you Caz….wink!!!! Just handling our business when it comes to evil ass fools….

      • You’re welcome, Lady. Keep that fire burning!! Take care.

    • Awwwwww, thanks so much Caz. My cousin’s name is Caz as weell. I appreciate your kind words. We all do.

  15. And please don’t stop!! We as Strong Black People really need your voices in this time of pure madness!! They have completely lost they’re minds at this point!! God help them!!

  16. If Obama is anti-Communist, then why did he mention Frank Marshall Davis, an avowed Communist, so many times in his book and refer to him as a “close friend” and called him “Pops” ?




    • Jim Bob,
      Nobody is listening to you and no one is going to click on any link from some racist white man. Even if the president did say those things, it does not make him a communist. I love many people who are atheist, but I am faaaaaaar from an atheist. Racists like you always try to make someone out to be something, just because they don’t HATE like you all do. He is not like you, he does not HATE someone because of their views. If they are good people, he can disagree with them, but still admire other parts of their brain.
      Nice try though Jim Bob.

      Try Again Bill

  17. Perhaps if any of you folks have lived in a Communist country before, like I once did, you would be able to recognize the warning signs and understand just how quickly a nation goes from Socialism to Communism. “Social Democracy” or “Socialism” are just nice words for the first step in implementing Communism, usually by a political leader, government or president. Study up!
    The country of Laos first implemented Socialism and the Pathet Lao moved in to patrol. Soon after, it was taken over by Communism. Fortunately, I was able to leave and come home to the USA about 48 hours before the Communists took complete control. I feel very fortunate to have been born and raised in the USA and having once lived in a Communist country, seeing firsthand what happens to people forced to lived under oppressive rule. It’s a very dark, hard and depressing life for them. I try to educate people about how fortunate we Americans really are and the importance of protecting our freedom. I find many of Obama’s policies, views and even the words and phrases he sometimes uses to be warning signs. Why? Because I have lived thru it and know how recognize how Communists think and do. Please read about Laos.



    • The last thing anyone has to worry about is this country becomng a communist country. Relax.

  18. Tess, why don’t you shut the hell up and go somewhere else and post your nonsense. If you lived in a communist country how do we know that you’re not a damn communist? Haven’t you noticed that everybody so far thinks that you’re some kind of idiot? It is obvious that President Obama will be re-elected and none of the racist GOP candidates has a chance of beating him. You say Obama will lead to Communism, well I say that the GOP will lead to segregation and more racism and so I guess we are screwed either way. But please stop being so damn stupid, you can’t expect or convince blacks to vote for racist. And President Obama will get about 99% of the black vote, so please stop making a fool out of yourself. Stop lying about who you are, you’re name is not Tess, and then stop lying abut living in a communist country and even if you did live in one, nobody really gives a damn.

    • LOL Charles,

      Please don’t let this person whoever it may be or whatever their name may be upset you. This individual is obviously only here now to continue to post links and if you notice they are no longer even responding to what you all post. I believe they already know that no one’s mind will be changed, so they are either here to annoy you, or because they are just completely obsessed with spewing Anti Obama rhetoric. Either way. I am convinced more now than ever that they are not concerned with the country as much as they are opposed to Barack Obama. If they were, they would not seem like a system posting things, as opposed to someone discussing matters. They may say they tried to, but got resistance. And I say, all you can do is tell people your story and move on. But at this point this individual is sounding like an EXTREME person, who does no good for anyone.

  19. Wow I surely feel the hate here. If Obama was white would you vote for him??
    do you know who the democrated party started? It started when southern plantation slave owners who didn’t want there life style changed. They started a group called democrats it was to fight for the right to keep they way of living.
    The Klu Klux Klan was the terrorist arm of the democrat party by frances rice.
    simple sambo and ignorant mammy by frances rice
    the democrat party the party of government dependency and poverety
    democrats the party of the rich.
    The 13th amendment banny slavery the 14th admendment guaranteeing equal protection of the laws. 15 th admendment according black americans the right to vote. all three were acomplished by the republican party despite fierce opposition from the democrats.
    black republicans co-funded the NAACP. every right that has been bestowed upon blacks was intiated by the republican party.
    In 1954 brown v. board of education descision , chief justic earl warren had been a republicans governor of calif and the party1948 vice presidentail nominee warren sent to little rock Ark to overcome opposition by the democratic governor to a court order to desegregating the public school.
    1957 it was the republican national committee who as eisenhowers attorney general wrote the 1957 civil rights acts and the 1965 voting rights act.
    twho year before anti slavery activists had established the grand old party to the pro slavery agenda of the democratic party. on march 20 1854 several dozen men and women inPipon Wis called for a new politcal party to be called the republican party.
    stephen douglas a democrat who woned a slave plantation . Lincoln summed up the our party differences witha the democrats.the republican party on the contrary (t0 the democrats) hold that this government was instituted to secure the blessing of freedom and that slavery is an unqualified evil… republicans will oppose in all it length and breadththe modern democrats idea that slavery is as good as freedom.
    april 16 clebrates emancipation day is when lincoln signed a lway granting freedom to all slaves. but no one ever mention is the fact that the was was a republican initiative passed despite unanimous democratic opposition.
    phillip reid was the craftsman who forged the statue of freedom which sits atop the dome of the U.S. Captiol.
    by frances rice with the complicity of the lberal media, democrats use identity politics and intimidation to keep black corralled on the democratic party economic plantation. the democrats key startegy is to paint the republicans party as a racist party and the latest ploy is to focus on the number of black republicans at the gop convention. little or no media coverage was given to the appearances and speeches of black republicans at the GOP.
    democrats talks diversity, but deman blacks as holdout or traitors who stand up against the staus quo and do not adhere to the socialist agenda of the democrats.
    By ignoring the accomplishments of black republicans past and present democrats their media allies perpetuate the false notiion that the republican party is anti- black. In reality the democraticparty has hijacked the civil rights record of the republicans and wrongly accused the republicans of being racist.in the face of this people have the gall to blame republicans for there being so few blacks who identify with the republicans party.
    no mention is made by the liberal media about the fact that democrats have been running our inner cities for the past 40 yearsof socialist policies of the democrats have turned those communities into ecnomic and social waste land. Yet black continue to vote for democrats and incredibly blame republicans for te deplorable conditions in black communities created by the democrats. to undersstand what Sen. Barack Obama hasin mind for the rest of America just vitist any urban black community in this country including Chicago where Obama was a community organizer. If Obams messianic message of hope and change is so powerful, why are the poor people in chicago still poor?

  20. Slavery: democrats fought to expand it-republicans fought to end it.
    The civil war: democrats seceded from the union to perserve slavery
    segragstion: democrats opposed divil right- repulbicans championed civil rights.
    Dr. Martin luther kind Jr. was a republican
    democrat president franklin D roosevilt “new deal harmed blacks”
    republican president Eisenhower achieved desegregation of the military.
    republican senator everett Dirkson:The key to modern era civil rights.
    prseident lyndon johnson was not a civil rights advocate
    president John. F kENNEDY was not a civil rights advocte
    democratic smeared Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    senator barry Goldwater was a libertarian not a racist
    Nixon southern strategy was not a acist appeal
    Myth: republicans today are racist
    hurrican Katrina: democrats use this tragedy for partisan political gain
    republicans do not disenfranchise blacks
    the democratic party is the party of socialism
    president Bus walked the walk for black amerians
    democrats talk tolerance, but practice intolerance.
    vice president joe biden and president bill clinton are racist
    president Barack Obama pratics politics of poverty.
    writen by black republicans.

  21. also the man in congress who was a KKK man is a democrat. it wasnt the republicans who were hanging black by the neck from trees it was the democrats.
    go ahead and vote for Obama because he is black but because he is black doesn’t mean he is qualified for the job.

  22. New day”’

    • Hey Lady Dee,

      Yes it is a new day. I wish someone would tell these republicans in this thread to stop wasting our time with their nonsense. I don’t see any of them talking about all those right winged ding bats like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’reiley calling women sluts and prostitutes, because they want to make sure their insurance covers contraceptions, which can be very costly. These ding bats allow their religious beliefs to take over what has nothing to do with their religion.

  23. First of all Susie, the next time you want to post a long message to us, please make sure you proof read. I almost went blind trying to decipher all your misspelled words and run on sentences. Moving on….I am so tired of you repubs trying to shove down our throats, that the democrats started the KKK and they were against the abolishment of slavery. We all know that… But we also know that those same democrats who did all of that, ARE NOW REPUBLICANS. We know about the switching of parties, something that you so conveniently left out. You also left out every good thing that President Barack Obama has done for this country. Including bailing out the Automobile industry which is flourishing now. The same industry that your republican nominee to be Mitt Romney wanted to allow into bankruptcy, so that he could capitalize on as he did with all the companies under BAIN. And Chicago may still have a lot of poor residents, but they were DIRT POOR when Bush was in office, why did you not mention that. The problem is not that we ignore Black Republicans, the problem is that Black republicans feel the need to look down on black democrats. Calling us brainwashed and wanting to live off handouts etc. They refuse to accept the fact that it is because of the struggles of black people before them, that they are able to live a decent life. They claim it is all hard work and because we live in a free world where everyone is created equal. HOG WASH. So don’t come into this thread thinking that you have posted some new revelation, it has already been said by your other republican brother Jim Bob. Until you can be fair and denounce all the crap the Repubs put this country through, your words are wasted.

    And I Thank You!

  24. How come if a republican calls a women a slut, your in a uproar , but it’s ok for a democrat to call a women a twat, fu-king cunt,bitch and make fun of someone one down syndrome baby????

  25. Peppa , oh yea the president did a great job bailing out GM now there laying off 1,300 hundred workers because no one wants to buy a volt because they catch fire. He gave billions to green energy and they all failed. He gave billions over seas to some electric car failed. Gave billions to brazil for they can supply themselves with oil.
    Kinda funny how he tells us to tighten our belt but spent over 10 millions of the taxs payers money to pay for there lavish vacations. His wife spent 500 dollars on underwear?
    Gas has more than double since he has been in office. Also the middle class taxs break is gonna end , we will will be paying more in taxes . When gas prices go up the overall cost of everything we needs get more expensive. Our president said he wants our price high so we will want to buy this electric that catches fire, plus it way to expensive for the average American.
    Now he gave some our oil rich land to Russia???

    Now that this is on my mind , do you love America? Our president is a socialist and suppose that fine with you. He has over stretched his powers. He has trampled the constitution he is trying to stop free speech and many rights we take for granit. If

    If Obama was white and doing what is doing to our freedoms every body would be upset. But since he is black you give him a pass.

    • Suzie,

      Shut up. You sound like a damn fool. You expect people to read your dumb posts and believe them to be truth. Also, you spew these posts, but leave out details, trying to make it seem like the president is just spending money because he wants to. no reason at all, just spending. He woke up one day and said hmm, I think I’ll spend millions today. GET YE IN ACK OF ME satan. You are a liar and there ain’t a bit of truth in you. And as far as the payroll tax ending idiot, who is blocking that. YOUR PRECIOUS REBOOBLICANS are. because they will not sign unless the money comes from cuts to people who need it, as opposed to the rich tax breaks being cut. GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN, where Billy goats lie. Maybe they will listen to your crap.

  26. Peppa, who is this Susie woman? Another one of the out of touch Republicans from the nut factory? Wow, she’s worse than old Tess (or Billy Bob) isn’t she?

    • Yes Spencer,

      And she posts like she is saying something that hasn’t been said a thousand times already. If I hear that the democrats started the KKK one more time I am going to start my own damn BBB lol. By the way, did you see the President address the media this afternoon around 1:30. Wow is all I can say. he is so sharp and so on point. And they are out of their league. He told Mitt Romney in so many words. I am the president not you. Stay in your lane. It was so good brother. I think I just might have some Champaigne when I get home.

      • Obama doesn’t write his speeches , if you want to thank someone thank the person who it. All Obama does is us his TelePrompTer and reads off what some else wrote.

        Also if you think you matter to Obama your wrong your your just a gullible useful idot. Obama caters to white liberal men like George soro and white tv host. I love it how he claim he is a Christian and takes a one million donating from a atheist group. Can’t be a Christian and believe in infanticide .

        Don’t bother responding to because this place is nothing but a bunch of black racist. You can’t get past his color to see what he believes and stands for. He is destroying this great nation and voting for Obama is voting for the destruction of America.

        • Oh SusieAnna, Oh don’t you cry on me. You come from Racistbama with a banjo on your knee,

          Don’t worry, I am going to respond because I know your white arse is right here PERCHED reading my comment. Now sit there like a nice little white woman and be educated. We don’t give two flying figs what no white racist person feels about our President. Yes we are proud that he is black and we are even more proud that he is the president of the United States. You all hated him, before he even took the presidential oath, because he did not look like your fathers. Why didn’t you ask white republicans why they voted for white men in the past. I hate it that you all are having such FITS about a Black man. It has always been the one thing that plagued you people. Your ancestors enslaved ours and then when that was stopped you wanted to go to the next phase. Well sorry my dear Susie Anna, but the buck stopped way back when. Back people are no longer willing to allow racist people to dictate who we should support. You can post a million links saying why the democrats are this and what the president did, but anything coming from a conservative source is skewed. Just listen to Newt Gingrich and how he lied on the president last night about gas prices and why he wanted them to be lowered. Your party are a bunch of corrupt racists and no matter how you try to deny it and turn it around, it will never change. So get back on your broom and fly back to Kansas, before a house falls on you, like it fell on Heather. Unless you and Heather are one and the same person. I wouldn’t doubt it. Both of you started off and ended the same way. Frustrated Much????

  27. No Peppa I missed it, but it ain’t over pretty soon Romney is going to ask for the plate number of that pick-up truck that just hit him everyday nowonce President Obama gets through with him. And Rush Limbaugh has helped us by being the ignorant racist that he always is with that “slut” comment of his. I’m just enjoying watching these Republicans make fools out of themselves. This lady Susie sounds pretty stupid where did she come from?

    • Spencer,

      I don’t know where she came from. I will just call her what Rick Santorum called Rash LIMPbug an entertainer. So I will just be entertained by her. But the one thing I will say about these republicans who post on liberal sites…THEY REALLY THINK THEY KNOW SOMETHING WE DON’T. I mean they truly in their heart of hearts feel that we are these lost little people following around the president who is leading us into Socialism Central. It is so funny at how arrogant these people can be. Either they are arrogant or illiterate to think that because they read something that can easily be doctored, that it is law. They need to take their red noses out from FOX news for a while to join the rest of the country. I could see if the country was doing great when Bush or any of the other repooblican presidents were in office, then they’d have a base or a leg to stand on. But their party loused up the country yet they STILLLLLLL expect us t follow them. LMAO, so like I said, it’s all entertainment for me. They always say what the president did, but never offer the details. It’s because they don’t know the details, because all they do is sit back and wait for negative things to be said about him and they suck it up. They are lost. look at Rash LIMPbug. He said the Ms. Fluke wanted tax payers buying her contraceptives. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. not once did she say anything about tax payers. She said she does not want the BUFF bill to pass, because it would mandate for employers to deny contraceptives as covered under employees insurance. But this dope on the radio, thought she wanted tax payers to pay for it. Republicans try to make EVERYTHIGN about tax payer money. Tax payers haven’t paid for any more now than they did in the last 20 years.

  28. Susie, let me help you out you poor child, every president has a speech writer. In fact, speech writers are part of his staff. Reagan, Bush 1 & , Bill Clinton all had their own speech writer and none of them have ever written their own speeches. All the things you mention in order to try justify that Republicans are not racist is out of date. The Republican party that you are talking about died with Dwight D. Eisenhauer back in 60’s. The Republican party of today are a bunch clueless white racist who seems to think that they have some kind of entitlement in America. This is why they keep attacking President Obama, because everytime the see him or hear his voice he stands as a constant reminder that their day is over. Just like Tess, I don’t think that you are a real woman either. In fact you just might be the same guy that called himself Tess. You have a right to think whatever you want about President Obama and the Democratic party but you are really wasting your time here on this sire. I can tell by your postings that you are not an educated person and this is the reason I will go light on you, but please don’t force me to have to read you your rights later on if keep insisting to post your stupid comments.

    • Yes maybe I should slow down my train of thought and proof read what I wrote, but that doesn’t make me stupid. You can be book smart lack common sense. I research my information and find the main street media is very liberal biased. They sugar coat coat what Obama does. They also don’t report the facts either.
      Using religion ha ha your funny get behind me Satan. Kinda funny when Obama thing he praises is not Jesus. One day we will be judged, all will be exposed. God said vengeance is mine.

      • Tess I mean Susie, your thought is not the only thing that you need to slow down. And since you like to research your information why don’t you research and explain why you think your candidate can beat President Obama? Here’s why I believe President Obama will win and I didn’t do any research because I don’t have to. The Republicans still don’t have a front-runner, Mitt Romney should have beaten the rest of the clowns by now. If he is having such a hard time with these weak kneed characters how in the hell can he stand toe to toe with Obama? The Republican party has burned bridges, and there is a wide gap among voters for them. President Obama will recieve at least 99% of the black vote again, because you people have constantly insulted this president and blacks in general. He will receive the woman vote and I don’t think I really have to explain to you why. None of the GOP candidates have the courage to call Rush Limbaugh out on his “she’s a slut” comment and this will not help them at all. There is a wide-gap in the latino vote, which is largest vote among minorities today. More latinos are leaning towards Obama because of Arizona, the immigration issue and the Republican’s attack against the first Hispanic on the Supreme Court Justice appointed by President Obama by the way. The only platform that the Republican’s have right now is to make President Obama a one-term president; you and I know that this won’t do. Americans want to hear about what they will do to improve the poor economy left to us by George W. Bush. Just yesterday President Obama called them all out and told them to stop playing games and placing our military in danger by playing politics with something they don’t know anything about. Obama told them in so many words that I am the president and you people are just clueless wannabes with absolutely no knowledge in foreign affairs. President Obama helped women receive equal pay for equal work, he killed Osama bin Laden when Bush said just let him go. Obama saved the auto industry when Romney said let them go bankrupt. He made the U. S. respected again due to Bush/Cheney making us a joke around the world. President Obama has a billion campaign machine, there is no one with the ability to stand up against him effectively in a debate and I could go on and on but my fingers are getting tired. Now, Tess I mean Susie, I want you to do your research and prove that I am wrong. Don’t use any of Rush Limbaugh’s and Fox News talking points. Don’t use the old dried up 2008 Republican rhetoric, I gave you some fresh points so please give me some back. If you can’t do it then you need to follow Peppa’s advice and “shut the hell up” good bye.

        • Spencer Spencer Spencer my brother my brother my brother. I swear if I had contact with the President, I would alert him that he needs to hire you to be his campaign manager. You are so deliciously intelligent and always give me what I am looking for in a retort to these people who try so desperately to prove the president wrong. And I would also like to ask Tess, uh excuse me Suzie something. Why have you not talked at all about what the Republican candidates have done for this country. All you can do is talk about what you read about the 1800s and the past few hundred years. What has Bush done for this country. What had Romney done, what has gingrich done, what has Santorum done, what has Ron Paul done.
          I’ll be waiting.

      • Don’t play dumb Susie,

        You’ve been here before. You didn’t just stumble across this website all of a sudden. And do you know how I now this. because this story about Allen West is an old story, at least three weeks if not more. How did you happen to come to it. You are the same person who slithered on this story when it first came about. So can the dumb act. We have already said what we needed to say to you silly rabbit. When one of your screen names stops, here comes the next. My goodness, how many e-mail addresses do you have. Barack does not care about you all trying to question his religion any more than he cares about you all questioning his citizenship. He laughs at you all. He is in the WHITE HOUSE and he is BLACK. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. I know that kills you. let me repeat it. He is in the WHITE HOUSE and he is BLACK. it’s like a knife turning in that big back of yours isn’t it. A BLACK MAN, with a big ole ROCKET, is in the WHITE HOUSE. And Michelle is making excellent love to her gorgeous BLACK husband who is the most powerful man in the world, in the WHITE HOUSE.

        And I Thanks You!

    • Spencer,

      As usual you are spot on. These republicans are desperately trying to turn black people against democrats. I for one don’t trust most white people, Repubs or Dems, because they all can be racist. but I am not going to be gullible and allow the obvious racist of the two, to turn me against a group who in my opinion at least understand the difference between the rich and the poor. Last night Mitt Romney said he was going to lower taxes for the Job Creators. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL… Translation his Rich White Supporters. They are going to crucify Mitt when he loses. All that money they wasted on his stupid little campaign. These people cannot stand the fact that a Black Man is in the WHITE HOUSE. They are cringing.

      Spencer, I hate to sound crass, but one of the main reasons racist whites hate you black men, is because the power tool. And I know you know what I mean. This is also why Becky and them crave brothers.

      • Actually Peppa what you are saying has historic background. For example, there was a 14 year old boy named Emmett Till that was killed back in 1955 for simply speaking to a white woman. If they were scared of a young black teen-ager it means that they had (and still have) a question about their sexual ability against black men in general. Not to sound too racist but the only thing a white woman can do for me is introduce me to a black woman. Because I have always believed that the black woman is the most beautiful woman in the world and I would feel that way even if I were some other race. I don’t think that Tess and Susie are real white women, I think they are some white guys or guy who likes identify themselves with being a woman and the Internet helps them do it without being exposed.

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