YouTube Video ‘S–t Black Girls Say’ Goes Viral

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A New York director’s video poking fun at black women has bcome a YouTube sensation – and made many female viewers angry about the skit.

Elijah Griffin’s “S–t Black Girls Say” starring a black comedian in drag is only two weeks old and has already clocked more than one million views.

On Facebook and Twitter pages black women are debating whether the farce is funny, flippant, or both.

“When your work is provocative it will offend others. We don’t mean any harm,” said Griffin, 25,. “It’s not a social commentary on how real life is.”

Highlights of the video include Houston, Texas comedy actor Billy Sorrells, 29, dressed in drag going through her boyfriend’s phone, patting her itchy weave, and telling her beau to “pack your PlayStation and get out.”

The spoof is a spoof of another YouTube hit “S–t Girls Say” featuring white actor Graydon Sheppard and a cameo by 1980’s celeb Juliette Lewis.

That video currently has seven million views since its December 12th debut, and prompted Griffin’s friend, Hollywood writer Lena Waithe to suggest the parody for black audiences.

“We were just trying to amuse ourselves. We didn’t expect it to be viral,” said Sorrell whose describes his character “Peaches” as “a cross between a woman and a gay man” sporting a goatee.

“People need to laugh. When we laugh, we see each other better,” Sorrell said.

But black women advocates don’t see the punchline.

“While those images are funny to those of us who are well- educated, some young people don’t know how to filter the message,” said Benita Miller, founder of The Brooklyn Young Mothers’ Collective on Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill who counsels teen moms.

“Young people don’t know what is real or what is imagined,” Miller said. “When you work with young women they take on these characteristics.”

Farah Tanis, executive director of Black Women’s Blueprint in Downtown Brooklyn, pointed out that anytime someone posts something online, they can’t control their audience.

“You put something on YouTube, the whole world is watching,” Tanis said. “I don’t think it is a man’s place to offer this type of representation of black women.”

Despite the controversy, Griffin is not fazed.

“To all those people offended out there – it is a simple joke,” said Griffin. “It’s made for people who are easy going.”



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  1. did not laugh one time…not funny at all!

  2. No, it was not funny, but the sad thing about this is IT IS TRUE!!!

    • So you know all black women?!!! Would it be funny to make a video of a black man behind bars acting like a animal and then say it was true? As a black woman…..i do no act, look or talk like that! Just because this idiot has hoodrats in his family that act like this, doesn’t make it so for every other black person! Coon and nigger mentality taking over!

  3. This was not funny, not offensive, not a lot of things. Maybe I just missed an opportunity to be offended.

  4. This Shit is Stupid and not funny, maybe Hollywood would make him the next cross-dressed black actor Since White America like the video so much.

  5. I thought it was funny but it doesn’t accurately portray all black women/girls…just the ghetto ones. None of my black female friends act anything like that because they aren’t ghetto but I see that type of behavior all the time. I didn’t find it offensive either. And by the way…I’m black.

  6. Niggers favorite word ————> Muthafucka

  7. SHUT UP!!! Da*m can’t black people ever take a joke? Ya’ll need to chill.

    Did white people lose their minds over Beverly Hillbillies? (yes, I’m old!) but the answer is NO – THEY LAUGHED and black folk laughed with them. And what about every week on SNL? There are hundreds of actors portraying stupid white people – look at Charlie Sheen, (that was real life and I didn’t hear one black person question why he didn’t go to jail but TI and everyone else did – THAT’s what you should be complaining about), but anyway, no one bats an eye.

    When a brother does something funny why isn’t it the same? ‘Cuz y’all hypocrites that’s why and ALWAYS COMPLAINING we don’t see enough black people in film or tv.

    Everything a black person does doesn’t reflect on the entire black population in the universe. I am an individual person, this guy is an individual person impersonating people he and his ‘boys’ have seen (and we have too).

    The slapping the hair weave thing ALL YOU BOUGIE BLACK WOMEN DO IT TOO so don’t pretend it is just ‘hood rats’ and anyway, how can you think it’s ok to say ‘hood rat?’ That’s not offensive? See how stupid this whole thing is?

    IT’S A JOKE and not a documentary on the life and times of black people in America since slavery folks. Get a life, and a sense of humor.


  8. That is exactly how black female act and the one on here saying they do not act like well you r acting like it right now LOL. we all have our moments, i am not ghetto at all but some of the things that he point out in the video i have said those things, especially back in high school day which we all did. so please do yourself a favor and stop acting like you r proper…you might not act like that now b/c u grew up but at one point you did talk like that yes i know all black females before you ask LOL

  9. lol i found this a bit funny, people you have to stop being so uptight and laugh a little. Even though it does not portray all black women it portrays some black women

  10. I completely agree, DD!!!! If it don’t apply let it fly! Geesh, people are so sensitive sometimes and I don’t know who they are polling because I was never asked if I was offended by the skit and fyi, I wasn’t!!

  11. You have brought up a very excellent details, regards for the post.

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